5 Types of Location Tracking Apps You Can Use

5-types-of-location-tracking-apps-you-can-useIdeas run the world. Someone years ago  felt the need of location tracking apps and now you can find different kinds of location tracking apps in the Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Many Mobile App Development Companies located across the globe have invested their time and energies in developing useful location tracking apps. All these apps work on Geo-location API on the concepts of Geo-fencing and tracking of time. What are the different kinds of location tracking apps? Let’s find out about a few.

#Apps to track Your Kids

There are several location tracking apps in the market that help you keep a track of your kids even when they are away at schools or in parks. Apps track the kids on the basis of the signals emitted. Either the child carries a GPS tracker with him or has a smartphone with him. Parents who are always worried about the well being of their kids once they are out of their sights can use such apps.

#Apps to Track Your Employees

There are apps that can help you see what your employees are working on. Some apps can help you track time. You will know when they are goofing or when they went out of office campus. You can monitor which project of theirs takes how much time and if your employees are managing their time well.

#Apps to Track Your Car

Parking remains a perennial problem, whether you are out for a movie, a dinner or a concert. You try and find a parking spot and proceed for your movie or concert. When you come back, you are in for some really anxious moments. You are somehow unable to find your car from the rows and rows of cars parked there. There are apps that geo mark the location of your car on the map and when you access them can take you to your car.

#Apps to Locate Your Devices

You are at a vacation and you come back to your hotel room to find your iPad missing. What do you do? You search the room. You complain to the hotel desk as soon as you can. But you know you can start a bit of sleuthing on your own. How? By checking on your smartphone, the apps that have the location of all your devices; you had the foresight to install the device tracking apps in advance to secure your devices.

#Apps to Locate your Friends

Generally most of the time during the day, we are away from home – on the move. How do you then keep a track of your close friends? How do you then find out where they are?  You would love to get together if they are close by but how do you locate them without messaging them? Use apps that are designed to do this. Simple. Yes, there are apps that can display the location of your dear friends all the time. They enable you to stay connected so that if on a Friday night you are all in the same neighbourhood, you can all come together and grab a beer.

We at Openxcell, have several of such location tracking apps in our portfolio. You can check out apps like G.P.Us Friend and Come Get Me which are based on the principle of location tracking. We have expert teams of developers who can build the kind of app you want – based on your idea. They are experienced, skilled and know the right technologies.  So do not hesitate. If you want more information about app development you can call our sales teams who would be glad to help you out.

Live smart With Home Automation Apps

live-smart-with-home-automation-appsInnovation spans every nook and corner and to make your home spaces comfortable and convenient, mobile apps are delivering new automated facilities which lets you to personalize and simply plan and control several things remotely right from your mobile phones. Smart home is one of the promising areas in the Internet of Things.

Latest innovations in Smart Home Spaces are enabling us to interact better with technology and devices to make our life at home more simple and convenient. Mobile apps are designed to act as a hub to not only control but also keep you informed. Earlier products like Televisions, Vacuum cleaner etc were designed to be in compliance with apps, but today we see several products are designed considering IoT. The growth of Smart Home Automation systems market is attributed to several factors such as expanding IoT market, efficiently embedding mobile Apps and solutions and large number of companies expanding their product capabilities to include the facility of home monitoring from anywhere in real-time.

What’s latest?

Smart mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the news today???? Mirrors are not just to check your looks, they can be more productive. Apps are here to help this happen. Interactive experiences are built right on to your mirror. A simple mirror can be your latest notification hub. While you admire your looks, you can get the latest news, access social media, weather updates, upcoming calendar events, time and much more. The concept is straight out of sci-fi movies. Several companies have already started establishing their name in smart mirror market. To name a few are Lavie by Lenovo, Panasonic’s virtual image. Even Google’s top engineer Max Braun has come up with the same concept along with voice search interface.

Smart Furniture

Apps can now control your furniture too!!! Yes, this is the new fad where apps are designed to deliver truly individual experience at the click of a button. These apps are connected with specific company’s products and can be used to individually control seats of the sofa, the reclining positions etc. So, if you feel like having a foot-rest while watching your favourite TV program or would like to extend your seat depth, you can do that at the press of a button. Apps like these are designed to be intelligent to save several seating positions of sofa, cocoon chairs and other associated furniture. Aladin Sofa Control App is one such app.

Smart security

Apps can now help you watch your home and detect sound and movement 24/7 from anywhere in the world all real-time.  Nest, Logitech, Netatmo are few companies who have already explored this market and have launched their sets of security cameras that are associated with apps. These apps when downloaded can alert the owner when it detects motion, smoke or any conspicuous sound. These products are smart enough to recognize family members (works on the feed). Few of these apps can give a small recap video clipping of the entire movement that happened in a day. Smart eh!!!

Smart Electronics

Smart electronics include products that enable its users to control home appliances remotely in real-time. Whether you are at home or not, it does not matter; you can still operate your appliances through apps. Just say, schedule, check and protect all your electronic appliances via apps. Belkin’s WeMo is one such app that helps you control your lights, appliances etc with just a click.

These are the few picks. Many more are there in the home automation front which will help us live smarter.

To Wrap

B2B spending on IoT technologies, Mobile Apps and solutions will reach $267B by 2020, according to a latest report. As far as Smart home area is concerned, products are designed to include the ability to be in compliant with apps that can help in remote monitoring and management. More and more customers are getting familiarized with the facility of integrating with products in real-time remotely.  Mobile App Development Companies are working on cloud apps. To smartly connect to these apps, big players like Google, Apple have come up with voice assistants that can help you in connecting with these apps. So, go ahead to give your commands, tasks and instructions to integrate various services; remotely monitor and manage your home, security, temperature, lighting, media and many more with just few smart home automation apps. You just have to download apps that enable access to systems at home. Moreover, digital assistance like Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Echo, and Sony Experia Agent are all rising to play their role to connect you with these apps and control everything smartly. Many less things to worry about now for you…. Time to live smart….

Trend Alert for Mobile App Developers: Reflect pages from history in gaming apps

trend-alert-for-mobile-app-developersLet me begin this article with a very generic line. Everything you come across in life always teaches you something, you only need to perceive it. Games can be a great learning tool too. Many full-fledged games have been based on history. Events have been recreated. What began as a concept turned into a major trend in the world of gaming apps. Mobile app developers have banked massively on this entire trend.

Though these games don’t 100% portray the related historical events, but their backdrop, story line and characters have a huge resemblance to serve the purpose. The adrenaline rush that arises from the experience of living the character has what made a majority of such games successful. And not-to-be-forgotten, the graphic designing represents as a backbone for the most important credentials. The sequences of events appear real-like and the life-like characters keep the gamer glued.

Let us take a look at certain console games which set this trend.

– Call of Duty, World of Tanks and Medal of Honour – Have accurate descriptions and situations relevant to World War II. They even have event wise precision of dates.

– GSC World Game: Stalker – Gives a close experience of Russian Chernobyl events.

– Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Briefs us about technological beginnings in the world of biotech, engineering and nuclear advancements.

– Europa Universalis – A detailed account of East European history with a gist of Western European phase.

– Victoria and Hearts of Iron – A close portrayal of people in the medieval and Victorian era through their characters.

– Apotheon – It has a nearly factual description of events depicting the Greek battles and Athenian warfare accounting to the famous Greek mythology.

– The entire Civilization series: Brief account of the development of society and colony formations.

Well, it is difficult to bring him such impeccable graphics for mobile gaming apps. But with the doors being opened to the AR/VR formats, mobile app developers have tremendous potential to bank on. The opportunities for creating something exceptional are umpteen. Moreover, the availability of hybrid developments and cross-platforms, the scope for encouragement is huge.

Currently, in the VR segment, a lot of adventure games have made a mark. A twist in the story and adding more characters to the development of a game will surely make it successful. A lot is yet to be done.

70% of VR gear users belong to the age bracket of 18 to 29. And the good news, 63% the gamers of the ones mentioned above belong to the 18-28 category. Hence, a blend of the technology brews a high probability for a rising new VR trend.

Good luck, mobile gaming app developers.
Hope you are reading this.

Make Your Life Easier With Apps

make-your-life-easierThe number of smartphone users is growing rapidly. By 2019, 2.5 billion people globally will have access to smartphones. We have been spending more and more times on our smartphones compared to the desktops. These smartphones have Apps. This period therefore is a golden period for leading App Development Companies who have been delivering one successful app after another.

App Development Companies with right teams are going to benefit. The ones which have experience in making different kinds of apps will be more in demand. Openxcell, is one of the leading App Development companies which has extensive experience in making all kinds of mobile and web apps. It has a talented pool of app developers.

Apps ease your life. There can be different apps. Apps for games, messaging Apps, Apps for social media, Apps for newspapers and magazines, Apps for online purchase of groceries or medicines, shopping and lifestyle apps and more. Hotels, Banks and Airlines can have their own apps which can help their customers. There can be apps that enable you to use your phone as e-wallet; then there are Apps that help you at work – such apps are getting popular too. Leading app development companies can help you make any kind of app for any kind of platform at reasonable rates.

Apps can be made for different platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, Black Berry and more. The customer decides the kind of app he wants developed. Some customers want apps developed on Android and iOS platform separately. This process is time consuming and very costly. There are several Hybrid platform tools that can help develop the Apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

The talented marketing and App development team at OpenXcell knows the App business inside out. Outsourcing your App development requirements to leading App development companies have never been easier. There are marketing experts who help you coordinate your efforts. You can discuss your budget, select your team and get an app developed at a very reasonable cost. They help you be on the same page of your developers. You can be apprised of the development on your app on daily basis. You can offer suggestions and ask for changes if you are not satisfied.

As one of the leading app development companies in world OpenXcell is proud of its work which it showcases in its portfolio. It has been in business for over 7 years now and has many happy clients. If you have been thinking about building an app, do not hesitate in giving a call to the sales department of OpenXcell. They will discuss the viability of the idea with you and help you understand how the app development process would work. As one of the best app development companies, they would also guide you and help you in marketing your app.  So go ahead make yours and the life of others easier by developing good apps.

3 App-less Ways to Engage Your Mobile Users

how-to-engage-smartphone-users-beyond-appsAccording to Forrester’s research, majority of users’ mobile time is spent behind five or fewer apps – most of them are social media and messaging apps. This user behaviour is an indication that it is almost impossible to grab users’ attention through apps.

But as per comScore’s report, more than half of online time is coming from apps. So, no matter how much it seems impossible to catch eyes of mobile users on your brand, you have to strive hard. Your business is not going to spread through web users as quantity is major within mobile.

For approaching mobile users, you have to adopt a different way because apps are no longer determined as core way to get a tight grip on millions of users. You have to walk on trendy app-less ways to iron your marketing tactics.

Here they are:

1. The Chatbot Way

Looking at the impossible way of distracting users from their current favourite apps, the best strategy to follow is: indulge with them through their favourite apps. This is possible through Chatbots that allow you to become a part of daily social media lives of users.

Users spent maximum of their time on Facebook and other social media apps. Building a chatbot will turn into an opportunity to have personal talk with users. Whenever they need any of your service, they find Chatbot an easy to reach you without leaving their favourite platform. Personal conversation will easily take place and you will come in direct contact of those who actually need you.

Chatbots will make your marketing tactics more effective than ever. All your time which is wasted behind approaching customers who don’t need your services will be saved and can be used to impress needy customers.

2. The Voice Assistant Way

Call it a type-less way where users just need their voice with the thing they want – something like Amazon Echo. Voice assistant will totally replace the need of app because users will become more able to perform activities through voice than search, browse and typing.

If you give users an access to digital assistants where they just need to say the service, they will interact with your brand more effectively. With digital assistant, you are giving them the world’s easiest ways to avail service, not on fingertips, but on voice. Through voice assistant, they are having a direct way to communicate with you and discuss their purchase plans. You can give them assistant and advice to win their trust.

3. The Hyrbid Way

In hybrid way, users move from voice to visual communication. Voice is a fastest way to send information while visual is the best way to receive and understand information. Combining Chatbots and Voice assistant, you can adopt hybrid way where users will ask you queries and you will answer them through visuals as well as voice communication. For e.g. on asking, you can tell them that you offer best services along with visuals showing them benefits they will get from your brand.


You don’t need to spend millions on making an app as chances are slim to get handful of users. Rather invest your money on building chatbots and voice assistant services for social media users where you can have direct communication with users without disturbing their social life.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

4 Ways Virtual Reality Can be a Big Help to Grab Maximum Consumers

4-ways-you-can-indulge-virtual-reality-with-your-businessFirst, let me define you what it is, in case you don’t about Virtual Reality: VR is a digital creation of real world. That means you can experience any world digitally using VR technology.

Virtual reality is gaining grounds in almost all industry. Various industries are inventing different ways to use VR for giving users the experience they want and convert them into their customers. With the help of Devices like Oculus Rift, it has become easier for brands to give consumers digital experience of connecting with their business.

You should also find out the way to impress your users through virtual reality and you should learn such lessons from below given brands and their VR tricks.

1. Marriott Oculus Get Teleported

Marriott Hotels give a virtual tour to its hotel guests with the help of Teleporter – a virtual reality device built by Marriott Hotels. Using this VR device, they give their customers a tour to the different places of world. But only VR device is not playing the role here. Before I explain you other things, you should have a look on a video below showing how Teleporter is giving a virtual tour to Marriott’s Guests.

As you can see in the above video, people are actually having fun in their virtual tour. Along with VR device, they are also leveraging the power of air, smell, spray and a moving ground. Based on this new concept of Marriott’s, it is clear that only a single device is not enough to give users experience of visiting a different world. Along with seeing and hearing, users must feel a different place and a different environment. Mixture of all this is called Teleporter created by Marriott Hotels. You can also call it an unbeatable way to impress your customers.

2. Within Game of Thrones

Game industry is the first to take leverage of Virtual reality devices. Framestore VR studio did the same with Ascend the Wall Campaign. In this campaign, visitors have the chance to feel the grounds of Game of thrones. They will get themselves in-between the battle ground of Game of thrones. I think the below video will explain you better.

3. Bring Words to Life

Heard about Magazine that made it easier to customize the vehicle as per your need and also see how it rides that is also without leaving your comfort seat.

Vespa’s scooter ad allowed user to have VR experience through a magazine. In this magazine, you can customize your scooter and also have the experience of its riding.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-cola is distributing VR devices along with drinks. Using this device along with mobile, users can visit various corners of the world from the comfort of their home.


As you see, all the above mentioned are top brands who used Virtual Reality as a way to give their customers a different and real experience. They are brands, they don’t need to attract customers, and still they are inventing new ways to impress their customers. You can also implement something like this to get a good hold on your targeted audience.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

Top 6 Lesser-known Start-ups Apps that Got a Huge Success

top-6-lesser-known-apps-that-got-a-huge-successWe are always hearing about success of some great apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush, etc. They sit at the heights where everybody thinks that nobody can beat them. Of course, you can’t beat or take their place, but that doesn’t mean you should stop generating ideas for making a new app. May be your app is not as good as Facebook messenger, but still, with your ideas and creativity you can give users something new to play with. Just like below given apps did.

Today, I am going to share with you top 6 lesser-known apps that didn’t got fame like the toppers, but at the same time, they don’t lack number of users. Below given apps have millennial users (still increasing).

Let’s have a brief look on them to pour some motivation in you:

1. Triller

Triller allows users to select a snippet of any song, act on it and record video using filters to share with your friends and community. Triller comes with a unique and desirable concept for today’s generation. I mean everybody imagines him/herself while seeing an actor/actress performing on some song. Triller makes their dream come true by providing them features that make their imagination come alive.

As a reward of its unique concept and eye-delighting features, Triller received 60,000 reviews on Google Play and 10 million downloads.

2. Kik

Kik is another social messaging app, but it allows you to chat with anyone without having a phone number. Just pick a username and start your chatting, this is how Kik works. Being a social messaging app, it is not the favourite of old age group people, but admired most by young generation. Apart from messaging services, another special quality of Kik is it allows students to ship product features that have a good chance of usage by massive people.

3. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is the most favourite of students as it allows you to create and view posts that are within the limits of your region. At Yik Yak, student users come to share events, courses, notes, etc., with others so that all can have access to common syllabus.

4. We Heart It

We Heart It app hears the voice of women who want to share ideas with others and want to take ideas from others. The app is a slight reminder of Pinterest and Tumblr as it allows you to share your images of art, fashion, celebrities, or anything from your great work or collection. We heart It is the home of 40 million teens which is a proof of its success.

5. Musical.ly

Musical.ly is the karaoke of Digital era. It gives access to discover your favourite songs, make your own videos and share with the whole world. You are allowed to upload at maximum 15-second video of your lips synching or dancing on the rythm of music.

6. Kimoji

This one is for the fans of Kim Kardarshains. Here, you will find Kim in different emoticons and you surely love them as the app is full of cartoonish version of Kim.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are not the toppers like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, still they have enough users to continue their journey for a long. App developers, who are afraid to come up with their app ideas because of the fear of failure, must take these apps as the part of their inspiration. If you have an excellent app in your hands, you will get a good number of users too.

Why Swift is a recommended language for iOS app development?

why-swift-has-more-potential-forSome popular swift myths are: the language is not mature, it is hard to learn than other languages like objective C, it is not popular, it has less community, etc. These are not myths, actually these are facts, but that doesn’t mean Swift is an incompetent language.

Swift comes with great potential; after all it is called as an upcoming language of iOS. Being a new programming language, Swift is not receiving much attention from iOS app developers plus Objective C is doing better in iOS world. These are the reasons why developers are not ready for Swift, but this language comes with a great potential that you all need to know to take your initial steps with it.

Here are some unelaborated advantages of Swift:

1. It’s Simple, but Innovative

Swift takes half the time than others in app development. It’s simple to understand and learn. Additionally, being a new programming language, you will learn new things to take a step further in app development world. Swift is considered as most interactive and friendly language which can be learned easily by professionals as well as amateurs. That means those, who are new to app development era, can give a fresh start to their career with Swift.
Quantity of citizen developers increasing day by day as many have dream of making a successful app, but due to lack of money they can’t hire top app developers. For them, Swift is a welcoming language because it is an open source language and easy to learn.

2. It comes with an Opportunity to Explore

Swift is a flawless combination of old programming languages and modern concepts. It gives you opportunity to develop an app with new approach. You have access to create something which is yet not exist. Even if you have any app idea which is already there on the app store, you can present your idea with a different design and features if you develop it with Swift.

All in all, Swift brings something new to integrate with your app so you can present old concepts with new approach.

3. It can create Flawless Product

Swift is made to eliminate some critical mistakes related to unsafe codes. It possess qualities to make you able to create a more safe and user-friendly app. In bonus, it automatically manages its memory.

Key Takeaway

Of course, Swift is new to market, but approaching a modern concept can open the close doors of app development success. Swift brings an opportunity to create something new which hasn’t yet hit the market. You can quickly learn it and also, quickly start developing app with it.

4 Reasons Why Google and Apple Turned into Big Brands

4 Reasons Why Users are Fond ofWhen it comes to search – Google, when it comes to smartphones – iPhone and Android, when it comes to tech future – Apple and Google. We never consider anything further than these brands. They are all we have in mind when we are thinking of searching, buying smartphones, etc. For this, we give credit to brands they have become today. But, in this article, we will focus on reasons for why they are so big and why we consider them first…

1. They Adore Users

First and foremost reason is they take care of users like their own children.

Remember the days when Google launched the tablet-only version of Android – ver 3.0. It was not the hit like other Google products and also received a bag full of negative reviews. But it didn’t stop Google to launch another great set of tablets highly praised by all. Google embraced the criticism and launched the product loved by its users.

They are brands doesn’t mean that they haven’t made any mistakes. Like others, they have pass through lots of mistakes before making a perfect pleased-by-user product. They embrace the criticism, accept it and work on it. They never left the ground no matter how many times they fail.

2. They Nurture their Partners

It was at the time of Apple music launch (last year) when Apple and Taylor Swift had a dispute regarding lack of compensation – Apple music was offering on newly introduced music streaming services. To this, Apple promised to compensate Artists well considering them as a key partner to bring Apple music services up.

That is how they treat their partners.

3. They Treasure their Developers

Google feed its developers with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee and juice bars are always there to keep employees awake, refreshed and active. Working at Google is no less than living a life of future because Google always work for future while remaining in present. Here are some comments from Google Employees:

“Google facilities save time and money, and helps build relationships with customers.”
“Never in life have I met so many people with a Wikipedia page than in last year” – Quora Comment by Google Employee.

4. They Constantly Collect User Data

Collect user data and recognize what users want in which way – this one is a precious trick to get close to customers. Google and Apple are always serving the things that users’ want. Of course, they sometimes fail to do the same, but oftentimes, they have what users’ need. They called as masters of users’ need because they constantly collect data to recognize changing habits, behaviour and daily life of users on basis of which they keep on introducing products that could ease the life.

Final Thoughts

Users, developers, partners and data, these four are the centre of brands. If they take care of all the four, they can confidently take successful steps. And if they fail to reach success even after cherishing them all, they try harder to keep up users demand, but they never quit.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Go for Paid App Model

4 Reasons to Stop Charging Upfront App Fees

Users pay 24% more on in-app transactions than upfront app fees – research by Gartner, US based technology research and advisory firm. According to Stephanie Baghdassarian, research director of Gartner, app users spend $9.20 on in-app transactions and $7.40 on paid apps, in every three months. Studies also say that 62% individuals have increased their in-app transactions while paid apps individuals are only 55%.

This means users are more convince to pay for app after using it rather than paying for app without using it.

Only statistics are not the reasons, there are many others that you should know to stop charging upfront app fees. No matter whatever app you are building, how much you invest in it or which top app development company you have choose to work on your project, charging an upfront app fees means showing a no-entry board to users. Want to why?

1. Because users are more convince with familiar apps

They know Candy Crush very well. They have played with Candy Crush since months. They have tried a lot to pass the levels. Sometimes they stuck, sometimes they easily pass, sometimes they wait for new lives. Candy Crush has developed a firm trust among users. If users stuck anywhere, they can easily get some more moves to pass the level, only if they are ready to pay some bucks. And users have actually paid it and received victorious results.
Why users easily convince to pay for Candy Crush? Because they are familiar with it. Additionally, they have 100% trust for the game. Similarly, once the app becomes familiar, it turns easy to get users pay for in-app transactions. On the contrary, it’s almost impossible to make users pay for app they are not aware of.

2. There is an app for everything

Yes, there is an app for everything. Or better I should say, “there is a free app for everything.” So, you must reconsider your plan for upfront app fees. If you charge it, make sure users will instantly jump for another app like yours and they surely found the similar one that is also for free. You don’t have any reason to stop your users on your app landing page. Instead, you have the reason to make them run instantly with your “paid” tag.

3. They Can’t Trust an Unknown App Immediately

Sure, you must have applied marketing skills to spread the word of your app. You must have a handful of users before launching your app. But all these doesn’t mean that users will download your app at real cost. They must be knowing what features are there within, but they won’t agree until they experience the insights of app. All your marketing will get ruin once users come to know that you have charged the fees to download your well-marketed app.

4. You are not a brand

Are you? If yes, and that is what you are using as a strong reason to charge app fees, let me remind you: even brands are not charging direct fees for app as they know they will lose their users as soon as their competitors hit the market. Talk about the big brands like Microsoft, Facebook or some big games like Candy Crush, Subway surfer, etc. One common thing they all have is they offer free apps. So, you don’t even have a brand reason to go for paid version of app.


Have you changed your plan after knowing all this? Of course you must have. Now that we are all clear with this upfront-app-fee thing, you can consider other alternatives like in-app purchases, in-app advertising or freemium as well. These are all options of successful apps, you should go the same way to make your app appear on the surface.