10 Things You Should Know About Amazon Mobile

The company planned and executed various strategies that brought Amazon Mobile at the top.

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Live smart With Home Automation Apps

live-smart-with-home-automation-appsInnovation spans every nook and corner and to make your home spaces comfortable and convenient, mobile apps are delivering new automated facilities which lets you to personalize and simply plan and control several things remotely right from your mobile phones. Smart home is one of the promising areas in the Internet of Things.

Latest innovations in Smart Home Spaces are enabling us to interact better with technology and devices to make our life at home more simple and convenient. Mobile apps are designed to act as a hub to not only control but also keep you informed. Earlier products like Televisions, Vacuum cleaner etc were designed to be in compliance with apps, but today we see several products are designed considering IoT. The growth of Smart Home Automation systems market is attributed to several factors such as expanding IoT market, efficiently embedding mobile Apps and solutions and large number of companies expanding their product capabilities to include the facility of home monitoring from anywhere in real-time.

What’s latest?

Smart mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the news today???? Mirrors are not just to check your looks, they can be more productive. Apps are here to help this happen. Interactive experiences are built right on to your mirror. A simple mirror can be your latest notification hub. While you admire your looks, you can get the latest news, access social media, weather updates, upcoming calendar events, time and much more. The concept is straight out of sci-fi movies. Several companies have already started establishing their name in smart mirror market. To name a few are Lavie by Lenovo, Panasonic’s virtual image. Even Google’s top engineer Max Braun has come up with the same concept along with voice search interface.

Smart Furniture

Apps can now control your furniture too!!! Yes, this is the new fad where apps are designed to deliver truly individual experience at the click of a button. These apps are connected with specific company’s products and can be used to individually control seats of the sofa, the reclining positions etc. So, if you feel like having a foot-rest while watching your favourite TV program or would like to extend your seat depth, you can do that at the press of a button. Apps like these are designed to be intelligent to save several seating positions of sofa, cocoon chairs and other associated furniture. Aladin Sofa Control App is one such app.

Smart security

Apps can now help you watch your home and detect sound and movement 24/7 from anywhere in the world all real-time.  Nest, Logitech, Netatmo are few companies who have already explored this market and have launched their sets of security cameras that are associated with apps. These apps when downloaded can alert the owner when it detects motion, smoke or any conspicuous sound. These products are smart enough to recognize family members (works on the feed). Few of these apps can give a small recap video clipping of the entire movement that happened in a day. Smart eh!!!

Smart Electronics

Smart electronics include products that enable its users to control home appliances remotely in real-time. Whether you are at home or not, it does not matter; you can still operate your appliances through apps. Just say, schedule, check and protect all your electronic appliances via apps. Belkin’s WeMo is one such app that helps you control your lights, appliances etc with just a click.

These are the few picks. Many more are there in the home automation front which will help us live smarter.

To Wrap

B2B spending on IoT technologies, Mobile Apps and solutions will reach $267B by 2020, according to a latest report. As far as Smart home area is concerned, products are designed to include the ability to be in compliant with apps that can help in remote monitoring and management. More and more customers are getting familiarized with the facility of integrating with products in real-time remotely.  Mobile App Development Companies are working on cloud apps. To smartly connect to these apps, big players like Google, Apple have come up with voice assistants that can help you in connecting with these apps. So, go ahead to give your commands, tasks and instructions to integrate various services; remotely monitor and manage your home, security, temperature, lighting, media and many more with just few smart home automation apps. You just have to download apps that enable access to systems at home. Moreover, digital assistance like Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Echo, and Sony Experia Agent are all rising to play their role to connect you with these apps and control everything smartly. Many less things to worry about now for you…. Time to live smart….

3 App-less Ways to Engage Your Mobile Users

how-to-engage-smartphone-users-beyond-appsAccording to Forrester’s research, majority of users’ mobile time is spent behind five or fewer apps – most of them are social media and messaging apps. This user behaviour is an indication that it is almost impossible to grab users’ attention through apps.

But as per comScore’s report, more than half of online time is coming from apps. So, no matter how much it seems impossible to catch eyes of mobile users on your brand, you have to strive hard. Your business is not going to spread through web users as quantity is major within mobile.

For approaching mobile users, you have to adopt a different way because apps are no longer determined as core way to get a tight grip on millions of users. You have to walk on trendy app-less ways to iron your marketing tactics.

Here they are:

1. The Chatbot Way

Looking at the impossible way of distracting users from their current favourite apps, the best strategy to follow is: indulge with them through their favourite apps. This is possible through Chatbots that allow you to become a part of daily social media lives of users.

Users spent maximum of their time on Facebook and other social media apps. Building a chatbot will turn into an opportunity to have personal talk with users. Whenever they need any of your service, they find Chatbot an easy to reach you without leaving their favourite platform. Personal conversation will easily take place and you will come in direct contact of those who actually need you.

Chatbots will make your marketing tactics more effective than ever. All your time which is wasted behind approaching customers who don’t need your services will be saved and can be used to impress needy customers.

2. The Voice Assistant Way

Call it a type-less way where users just need their voice with the thing they want – something like Amazon Echo. Voice assistant will totally replace the need of app because users will become more able to perform activities through voice than search, browse and typing.

If you give users an access to digital assistants where they just need to say the service, they will interact with your brand more effectively. With digital assistant, you are giving them the world’s easiest ways to avail service, not on fingertips, but on voice. Through voice assistant, they are having a direct way to communicate with you and discuss their purchase plans. You can give them assistant and advice to win their trust.

3. The Hyrbid Way

In hybrid way, users move from voice to visual communication. Voice is a fastest way to send information while visual is the best way to receive and understand information. Combining Chatbots and Voice assistant, you can adopt hybrid way where users will ask you queries and you will answer them through visuals as well as voice communication. For e.g. on asking, you can tell them that you offer best services along with visuals showing them benefits they will get from your brand.


You don’t need to spend millions on making an app as chances are slim to get handful of users. Rather invest your money on building chatbots and voice assistant services for social media users where you can have direct communication with users without disturbing their social life.

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10 Characteristics of Progressive Web Apps that Can Compete Against Mobile Apps

why-developers-are-afraid-of-progressive-web-appsWhat is progressive web app? A website built like app. A website that gives users an exact feeling of being an app. Users can install these apps, receive push notifications and can use them offline too. The only difference between Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and native apps is PWAs won’t be able to have access to all features of smartphones just like native apps.

With the rising technology, abilities of PWAs are also increasing at a high speed. And with the losing interest of users among apps, demands of PWAs are at high peek.

Data says that 50% of total smartphone users download 0 app per month which means zero progress in app download data. This is a sign to move on other technologies where PWAs and Instant Apps have fair chance to get adopted.

One thing we all clear about is web app won’t be able to deliver experience like native apps. But I repeat, technology is growing at high pace bringing permanent solution for brands that are willing to catch users’ attention at any cost. This cost also includes adoption of PWAs.

PWAs hold the power of website as well as app. According to top app development companies, PWAs have 10 characteristics to compete against mobile apps.

Here they are:

1. Top-Notch Performance

PWAs are wrapped up in latest technologies with efficient content and fastest speed because of which they perform better than other apps.

2. Security

Being served through TLS connections, PWAs are totally free from hacking, attacks, spoofing and other types of insecurities.

3. Working Offline

In spite of having web-like qualities, PWAs can work on offline mode too which is unlikely with Android Instant Apps. PWAs load content faster than websites and store that content at offline mode. So, whenever users need the content, PWAs can show the same at offline mode and at slow speed whereas website generally show errors when internet fail to work.

4. Home Screen Addition

Compared to bookmarking a site on browser, adding the particular page to the home screen is a lot easier. PWAs allow you to add apps on home screen so you can visit them every now and then easily.

5. Push Notifications

You can’t receive alerts or push notifications from a website. This area is under the cover of apps only – but no more. PWAs also hold the power of push notifications.

6. Improved Conversion and Retention Rates

Live example is: Flipkart recently released PWA version of app after which the company notified 70% increase in conversion and retention rates. That means users have started liking progressive web apps more than native apps.

7. Combination of App and web

Website doesn’t seek permission of users to get update and apps are well optimized for mobile screens – both these qualities are possessed by progressive web apps.

8. No Need to Get Through App Store

Just like website, you don’t need an app store to publish your progressive web app.

9. Search Engine Access

PWAs and its content have access to search engines as you can optimize all your content and keywords just like your website.

10. Quick Fix

Well, there is no need to take users’ permission for updates and no need to wait for weeks to get permission for app stores – all this makes you able to fix bug and release updates quickly.

Final Thoughts

Now, I got the idea of why developers are afraid of PWAs and their gaining popularity – because they carry the qualities of both an app and a website. App developers need to learn how to make PWAs as soon as possible because brands are thinking of extending their business through PWAs.

BlueStacks opens the way to run Android Applications on Windows Desktop

Have anyone heard about BlueStacks? This revolutionary app company and  is  proving to be boon for the windows userbase. Bluestack will help supporting Android applications on your windows desktop. It’s one of recent update for windows users.

Since, Microsoft, plans to make it more difficult to dual boot OS on windows 8 system and make it possible to switch operating system on Windows RT tablets and phones. The extreme invention BlueStacks will be looking one and only way to run Android applications on Windows 8 tablets, smartphones and PC’s. As PC-giant ASUS has signed deal with BlueStacks to include it’s own Android App player on the company’s next generation PC.

As we all know that Wine is one of most popular emulator so, BlueStacks really works like wine because of it doesn’t emulate the actual hardware of a device. Instead, BlueStacks just emulates Android Davlik to server as a bridge between the application and Windows API’s (Application Programming Interface). BlueStacks can easily access the system’s graphics hardware to accelerate the program’s graphic processing.

As BlueStacks has also the related Application which one is Cloud Connect, this one lets you sync Android Apps from your smartphone or your tablet to your PC running BlueStacks App Player. As BlueStacks has its own Application Store, but as usual people really like to find a way to install other applications. Cloud Connect is very useful but this one is easy road for malware and in the same case, if you haven’t been paying attention, there is lots of Android Malware on the loose. So, it proves that BlueStacks is one of the great featured options for the windows users to use Android Applications.

BlueStacks is really one of stunning and risk free way for the careful Android downloads. It’s really one of most elegant way to use Android Applications in Windows desktop, PC, tablets, and phones. As the same company plans to bring it’s technology to Mac OS X as well.

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Qualities of a mobile app developer

Demand of iPhone applications are on a high. There are so many offshore mobile development companies which provide iPhone, android, iPad and windows app development. Among these theiPhone App Developer is one of most appealing and demanding services targeted towards iPhone users to make their devices more useful, entertaining and incredible. We can also adopt business app by hiring the mobile app developer.

We employ industry standard mobile apps experts who are perfectly engaged in this service and have vast experience. The demand for application programmers are increasing and it is serving a universal purpose by providing quality application for Smartphone users across the globe.

Hiring a mobile app developer is not an easy task. The App developers should be efficient to understand queries and requirements to create a useful application. So, it is important to enquire and assess the professionalism, experience and skills of the mobile application programmers.

We always ensure that we create and maintain an elite group of mobile application programmers. We have created path breaking applications across all mobile platforms. We have always remained as one of the most cost effective off-shore mobile app developers and have added immensely to our client delight.

Mobile Application Development bridging personal and professional life

As the study shows that Mobile application development is penetrating into each aspect of every person’s life with more than 5.8 billion mobile subscribers across the world. Mobile app development, backed by creative ideas is one of most promising ways of staying connected with people across the globe. Exclusively for businesses, the most beneficial part of mobile application development is that it gives global businesses the massive scope of being creative about how to connect with potential consumers.

Mobile application development is clearly going on the high. Stunning mobile platforms such as Apple’s recent iOS 5.0 and Google’s Android are strong signals to a potential surge in mobile app development arena. We can choose the either of these most promising technologies as per our requirements.

Mobile app development also creates a great source for effective marketing. Marketers can easily use these apps to keep consumers informed and build strong relation with them while on the go. They can also update consumers by mobile alerts and an in app notifications. These are really the most basic mobile tools to upgrade consumers. According to a latest survey, consumers now access their Internet option more on their mobiles than PC’s or laptops.

We can easily connect to other people on social networking sites with the help of the advanced mobile apps. We can operate Google maps in our mobiles to search any place, product or anything we need. We can easily get mobile app according to our requirement. As Mobile app development really changes the way we live life, it’s really smarter than ever before. Mobile apps really provide one of rein free criteria to live our life globally.