Top 6 Blogging Apps For iPhone 2017

Top 6 Blogging Apps For iPhone 2017

Blogging is not about writing on different genres. It’s about building a strong connection between a writer and a reader. Earlier, a writer used to carry a pen and a notepad so that he can pen his thoughts and share it online for others to read.

Today, with the evolution in technology, these handy resources are replaced by blogging apps. Top iPhone app development companies worldwide have build commendable blogging apps that have changed the world of writers.

Brace yourself, writers… Unveiling 6 fantastic iPhone blogging apps.

  1. iBlogger: it is a top-rated and highly recommended app for you. Not a free app. It costs $10. It supports WordPress, Blogger, Express Engine and many more popular blogging platforms where you love to publish. Besides this, it also provides features required to write a perfect blog for the audience.
  2. BlogPress: It is an another paid app for you. Available in the iTunes stores at a sales price of $2.99. It provides stupefying features like uploading files, image editing, schedule publishing, tracking location, sharing on social media forms and various others. It also supports major blogging platforms making the publishing task easy.
  3. Adobe Express:  Not a writing app. It is a mini adobe Photoshop version wherein you can create and edit the images at your fingertips. It provides a feature of uploading an image regardless of their location and extension. You can also create a collage of your choice or can opt for automatic collage creation.
  4. Weebly: A well-known blogging platform wherein you publish often. It’s mobile version is quite user-friendly and interactive. It provides you to customise your mobile site your own way using responsive themes. It also helps in monitoring the traction time-to-time basis along with the features to write awesome blogs.
  5. Blogo: It’s a blog editing tool designed for iOS 9 version and above. It provides a wide space to write blogs on the major platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogger. Plus, it also provides the feature to share it on different social media channels or promote it through email marketing. We can conclude it by saying “One stop shop for writing amazing blogs.” It’s a freemium app. One more interesting thing about this app- it has bagged the “Apple Best App 2016”| App Store title.
  6. Page: Not a writing app but editing app. It enhances the blog by checking the grammar and sentence formation issues. It is a product of Ginger Software which you trust the most. You have the space to check each spelling, correct each improper sentence and make it easy to read for readers. It is a paid app costing $3.99.

Summing Up

Writing is not an easy task. It needs a lot of creativity in order the grab the users’ attention. The above apps are exclusively designed considering a writer’s viewpoint.

OpenXcell is one of the renowned iPhone app development companies providing unique solution for every business requirement. Wherewithal, if you have an app idea that is beneficial for writers like you, drop in your requirements at or call us at 1-(888)-777-4269.


Top 6 Lesser-known Start-ups Apps that Got a Huge Success

top-6-lesser-known-apps-that-got-a-huge-successWe are always hearing about success of some great apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush, etc. They sit at the heights where everybody thinks that nobody can beat them. Of course, you can’t beat or take their place, but that doesn’t mean you should stop generating ideas for making a new app. May be your app is not as good as Facebook messenger, but still, with your ideas and creativity you can give users something new to play with. Just like below given apps did.

Today, I am going to share with you top 6 lesser-known apps that didn’t got fame like the toppers, but at the same time, they don’t lack number of users. Below given apps have millennial users (still increasing).

Let’s have a brief look on them to pour some motivation in you:

1. Triller

Triller allows users to select a snippet of any song, act on it and record video using filters to share with your friends and community. Triller comes with a unique and desirable concept for today’s generation. I mean everybody imagines him/herself while seeing an actor/actress performing on some song. Triller makes their dream come true by providing them features that make their imagination come alive.

As a reward of its unique concept and eye-delighting features, Triller received 60,000 reviews on Google Play and 10 million downloads.

2. Kik

Kik is another social messaging app, but it allows you to chat with anyone without having a phone number. Just pick a username and start your chatting, this is how Kik works. Being a social messaging app, it is not the favourite of old age group people, but admired most by young generation. Apart from messaging services, another special quality of Kik is it allows students to ship product features that have a good chance of usage by massive people.

3. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is the most favourite of students as it allows you to create and view posts that are within the limits of your region. At Yik Yak, student users come to share events, courses, notes, etc., with others so that all can have access to common syllabus.

4. We Heart It

We Heart It app hears the voice of women who want to share ideas with others and want to take ideas from others. The app is a slight reminder of Pinterest and Tumblr as it allows you to share your images of art, fashion, celebrities, or anything from your great work or collection. We heart It is the home of 40 million teens which is a proof of its success.

5. is the karaoke of Digital era. It gives access to discover your favourite songs, make your own videos and share with the whole world. You are allowed to upload at maximum 15-second video of your lips synching or dancing on the rythm of music.

6. Kimoji

This one is for the fans of Kim Kardarshains. Here, you will find Kim in different emoticons and you surely love them as the app is full of cartoonish version of Kim.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned are not the toppers like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, still they have enough users to continue their journey for a long. App developers, who are afraid to come up with their app ideas because of the fear of failure, must take these apps as the part of their inspiration. If you have an excellent app in your hands, you will get a good number of users too.

How to Put Your Apps in Secure Mode within BYOD Environment?

How to Build a Secure App Environment with

BYOD makes the things a lot easier than ever before. Employees don’t need to stick with their computers to receive messages for their upcoming work or to get inform about meeting. They don’t need to worry about work when they are having fun outside the office as their work-connected device and enterprise apps help them stay updated with what’s going on and when their virtual presence will be needed.

But a coin always had two sides. If there is a good, there is bad too. Today, after reaching to the stage where a mobile device and apps are compulsion, many enterprises are still afraid of BYOD. According to them, BYOD will break the safety walls and leak the data to those from whom Enterprises are afraid of like hackers, competitors, etc. That doesn’t mean enterprises will steer clear of BYOD. Avoiding BYOD means ignoring to accept the advancement that may turn into a barrier between company and its progress.

So, instead of avoiding BYOD, accept it, embrace it and take following measures to put the security walls.

1. Build Your Own Antivirus

Oh yes, antivirus from third party are doing well and protecting well. But they don’t about each of your system and up to which extent your apps and devices need security. Better to build your own covering all important areas.

2. Different tools for different threats

You need a scanner to scan each ins and outs of your system. Who enters in, who enters out, who remain how much time, etc., you need to know all and keep an eye on. You need a malware removal tool to clean your apps time to time and an online engine to put an eye on outsiders who try to break in your corporate world. Likewise, you need tools for different needs.

3. Hire Security Experts

You need to handle other important business tasks, due to which you don’t have time to look after for hackers all the time. Not either your top app developers or employees as they are busy in fulfilling clients’ requirements. Better to hire security experts who love to trap a rat.

4. Encrypt Your Information

Of course, your antivirus will remain there to save it all, but encryption will keep it blocked from hackers who want to sell your precious information to third parties. Encryption is an added layer of security that your extremely sensitive data need to stay behind the walls.

5. Stay Aware of Online Scams

Tools, checked…..
Antivirus, checked…..
Security experts, checked…..

But what about those mails, online unwanted ads, or others that come without warning from online sites and make a hidden place in your apps or devices. Viruses like this come with all strength to break your security walls. So, security experts will take care of them and you should get acknowledge about them. Knowing a little will keep your device away from threats.


With the increasing capability of devices and apps, the security issues are also growing harder to stop. Take as many steps as you can and stay updated with latest viruses and measures to defeat them. Never stop to take care if you found no one peeking within your BYOD system because you don’t know what hackers are building next to break the walls.

How You Can Earn Money From Dating Apps?

3 Prove Ways To Earn Money from Dating Apps

Match Group, an American Internet Company owning various dating apps including Tinder, OKCupid, and, generated $888.3 million revenue last year and $483.8 million in the first half of this year.

  • Online dating users are spending 12 hours a week on computer based online dating activity.
  • 1 in every 10 Americans are using dating sites or dating apps
  • 66% users have gone on a date with the one they have met on dating site or app
  • 23% have claimed to met with spouse or long term partner on dating sites or app


Trust for dating sites among users is growing at a fast pace. Users began to think that they have more chances of meeting their soul mate on dating apps than in real life. With this trust, more and more users are turning to dating apps to find the exact match instead of waiting for a long. This is how Dating apps are connected to users’ life as well as their emotions.

More interesting thing is dating apps actually works for True Matches. Here are some true Tinder Stories that make users believe in love. So, this is not fairy tale that never comes true.

Back to the topic, how app developers can earn well by making true matches through an app.

As I said, dating apps are connected to users’ heart. And when something is connected to heart, it becomes easy to convince users to pay money for what they love.

Without further ado, let’s see how you can make money with your dating app.

1. Put Barriers and Charge Fees to Remove Them

Tinder remained revenue-less for 2 long years. Later, the company released subscription model and Passport feature. Tinder dating app lets you swipe left or right based on choices. Once you made the choice, you have no option to undo it. This is the limit of Tinder which users can remove with subscription model where they are allowed to undo their choice or check back what they have missed.

Another limit is Tinder offers dating options from your region only. It never offers dates outside the limits of your physical location. Users can remove this limit as well by paying for Passport feature that allows you to look for matches beyond the limits of your location.
When Tinder launched its paid model named “Tinder Plus “, the dating app jumped from No. 969 to No. 26 in iOS highest downloaded apps chart.

All in all, put limits and remove them by being paid.

2. Let Them Select Based on Their Choices

Everybody has its own choices. First suggest matches based on users’ location like Tinder. But make them switch to premium account if they want to receive suggestion based on their own interest like age, height, education, location, etc.

3. In-app Purchases to Reveal the Secret

Amanda, one of the top-earning dating app in South Korea, grab users’ attention based on their worth. New users put their desired characteristics and the app spread the same information to the existing users having a good match with the details. The app charges a fortune (in the form of in-app purchases) to reveal the identity of new user who is looking for similar characteristics the opposite person has.

In short, first excite the existing users by saying that someone is looking for him/her and then, make them pay to reveal who is the one.


These tricks are prevailing well in the market as the apps with such tricks are making real money while earning blessings from those who found their match on apps. However, you can extend such tricks with your own as the market is still looking for well-earning opportunities through dating apps or you can simply adopt the existing ones to make a good fortune.

Top 10 Weird but Useful Apps You Should Try Now

Check Out Top 10 Weird but Useful Apps

Admit it. We have tried tons of apps till now. Some remained with us while some replaced by better apps. Check out some glimpses of apps in flashback. You will find yourself with apps that either useful to you or entertain you. Have you ever tried an app that is quite weird, but using it for you is a compulsion? This happens in rare cases.

Many app lovers or app writers exist who download apps with a purpose to know what the app does. They don’t have any intention to download an app just to fulfil any task. Playing with various types of apps is a part of their life. They have record of all apps – all apps means all apps including the one that sound weird, but can be useful in many ways.

Would you like to know more about such apps?

Here is the collection of apps having strange features, but touched a million hearts and proved to be useful in real life.

Run Pee – Next time You won’t Miss the Best Movie Scenes

The title itself sounds like the app must be something related to pee. Yes it is.

Have you ever found yourself in a need-to-pee during mid-movie? You hold it to avoid missing the best scenes of movie. No more you need to hold it as Run Pee will tell you the best time to pee during mid movie. You can manage your peetime without losing a single best movie scene.

Available for iOS and Android

Paper Racing – Fun way to release your pressure

Not that depression type of pressure, I am talking about pooping pressure.

Yes you heard it right.

Paper racing turns your pooping pressure into a fun. You have to make scores in it by dragging out toilet paper at a fast pace. You can join with other friends to make it a challenge – who runs out paper first?

Available for Android

Bowel Mover – Resist Your System from Blockage

Your internal system that often hits a blockage when you eat something unhealthy.

This pretty app tracks all your digestion and consumption habits to keep your internal system clean.

Whenever you hit a blockage, this app tells you the possible reasons to which you can easily find possible cures.

Available for iOS


Have you got tired of annoying activities of teens? Now, it’s time to annoy them back so that next time they won’t dare to annoy you again. Annoy-A-Teen app lets you deliver specific sounds that will be heard by those annoying you. It won’t hurt you.

Available for iOS

Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now!

Got tired of typing excuses each time when you would not be able to attend social event? This app makes your work easier. With just a few clicks, the app creates fake excuses and sends the same to the one you selected from your contacts.

Available for Android

Crack My Screen – Prank Fun

That’s truly a fun. May be your friends don’t care if they found a crack on your smartphone, but you can bring a flood of anger to their faces by taking their smartphone and install this app. The app will leave a crack on their smartphone which make them believe that you had broken it.

Available for Android

Toothbrush Timer – Next Time You Brush Teeth On Time

How long you brush your teeth? A minute or two. This app lets you brush for 2 constant minutes. Not only this, it will also suggest you to brush on different sides of teeth within mentioned seconds.

Available for Android and iOS

Watching Cute Girl – Your Virtual Japanese Girl Friend

The app gives you on-screen Japanese girl that behaves exactly like your girl friend. She is sensitive. If you touch her, she will be upset. She will make her presence feel by talking to you at any time you want. Don’t talk with her in front of your real girl friend; otherwise she will be jealous of your extremely cute virtual girl friend.

Available for iOS

iNap@Work – Fake Your Work While Napping

You will always hold your sleeps in office because of those who might get signal of your naps with your silence. This app keeps your work alive while let you have a nap.
When you are in a no mood to work or your sleep-needs resist you to work, put this app on work. The app produces sounds that fake your work and also drag you out of naps after specific timings.

Available for iOS

iFart Pro

Featured in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Venture Beat and other big magazines, the app caught attention of many when entered the market.

The name does suggest something relevant to fart, but it is not the way you are thinking.
In fact, it’s a security app. Whenever someone try to snatch your phone, the app generate shocking fart sounds that surely put the thief in confusion. And your phone will be saved from being stolen.

Available for iOS


And there are many apps, you won’t believe, still exist. Some are useless while some sounds funny but serve their purpose at least. Which one you like the most? Let me know through comments.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

AppMania: Top 6 Apps for Women Safety

Top 6 Apps for Women Safety

Girls are well-aware of those horrifying news going common these days. Fear whistles hit the mind when women step out of home after sunset. It’s not safe to go alone anywhere. But also, it’s not fair to put a stop on your dreams just because of fear. You are living in this digital era where everything is possible. You can’t stop the rain, but can take umbrella to face the rain. Likewise, you can’t stop the crime, but can take steps to build security walls.

First and foremost step is to embrace digital technology for security concerns. The whole world is in your hands via smartphones. Don’t use it only for entertainment purpose; use it for security purpose with apps exclusively made for women safety. Here are some great ones build by top app development companies:

1. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

VitU app gives you a power button that you should click two times whenever you are in danger. This will send alert messages to your contacts on every 2 mins along with your updated location details. The message will say “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”

2. Family Locator

Create a circle with those whom you would like to be in contact with. Family locator lets you track their locations in real time. Those who are there with you in app will also be able to track your location in real time. Everybody in circle will receive alert each time when anyone in the group arrive or leave the destination.
Apart from security matters, this app is good to get directions towards your favourite destinations.

3. bSafe

This app is for alone walkers or joggers. May be sometimes you get late due to work or other matters. You may find yourself alone on the path. This app will find you a nearby friend from your social circle who can walk you home. You can create your own social circle that you trust the most.

4. Smart24X7

This app is not limited to your contacts. It will send message to nearby police stations whenever you press panic button. Smart24X7 will also call hospitals or fire station if you found anyone in need of such services. This app is for all including women, men, senior citizen, etc.

5. Women Safety Secured


No press, no click, no button, just shout and your loved ones will receive your voice in few seconds. The app will get alerts with your shout and send messages to your contacts.

6. Safetipin

The most lovable thing about this app is it alerts you whenever you walk through an unsafe place. It lets you know which place is safe to go for. Frequent women travellers will love this app as it eliminates chances of insecurity. Other features of this app are like the same including GPS tracking, contacting circle, alert messages, etc.

Closing Move

My personal recommendation is not to rely on others. When you use to travel outside of city or country, you will often get advice to practice some basic karate moves. If you haven’t yet started that, make your way towards to be eligible to go anywhere your dreams say. Till then, you have these apps as a part of your safety.

10 Things You Should Verify Before Choosing a DIY Mobile App Maker

DIY Mobile App Maker Selection Checklist

For App dreamers – with little to zero budgets for app development – DIY app makers are like God’s Gift. No more you will be called App dreamers as you can step out to fulfil your dream of making an app that can be a primary source of income. Thanks to DIY platforms and their owners offering DIY Mobile App Making services.

Now coming to the point. Do you know even with a DIY mobile app development, you have many choices like the way you have choices with hundreds of mobile app development companies? You have to select a DIY app making platform the same way one could select the app development company as per his needs.

To make up your mind for a perfect DIY app maker, you have to confirm that the selected one has the below given abilities:

1. Don’t Require Coding Skills

It’s good if you have little coding skills, but it’s preferable to look for the one require zero coding knowledge. A platform with zero coding skills is a biggest time saver. Also it keeps you away from confusions. It’s supremely easy to drag and drop with zero-coding-skills DIY app maker.

2. Target Multiple Platforms

May be you have plans to go for a single platform as it is just a starting. But to reach wider audience you must make an approach for app maker supporting multiple platforms. At least, it must be supportable for two biggest app stores called iTunes and Google Play.

3. Offer Preview Mode

You are not going to test each and every task you implemented while making an app. DIY app maker with preview mode help you see whatever you inserted in an app. So make sure your selected platform comes with this feature.

4. Tools as per needs

Your app can be anything: an online shop, a blog, a problem solver, etc. DIY app maker must have tools as per your needs. For e.g. if you want to create an online shop through app, you need tools like menu, submenu, payment section, contact pages, etc.

5. Marketing Tools

No matter, it’s your initial stage towards app world; you necessarily need marketing tools to get your app noticed. With billions of apps available on app stores, it’s tough to catch users’ eye. Therefore, look for a platform offering marketing tools like social media integration, email marketing, push notifications, content sharing, etc., to integrate within your app.

6. App management tools

App is not going to manage on its own. Either you or the one making your app must be there to take a good care of it. At any time, you may need necessary changes to app demanded by situation or users. DIY app maker must avail you facilities of editing, updates, etc. Also, make sure that you don’t require resubmitting your app at app store just because of minor changes.

7. Analytic Tools

You need something to measure your app’s success. Analytics help you measure your app’s performance and user engagement. It also provides you detailed reports of interaction between app and users. DIY app maker with analytic tools will be a great platform to go for.

8. Support

Of course, you will get fully fledged DIY app maker, but once in a while you may need back-end support for a little push. Never rely on app maker that don’t offer support; you may end up in between your app development journey. Select the one that assures support at any stage.

9. App Store Submission

What if you app gets rejected? You don’t know exact reason as you are the person with little knowledge of proper guidelines. Ok, let’s say you read the guidelines and implemented the same properly. Even after that, your app may hits rejection. To be on a safe side, choose a DIY app maker that offers auto app submission facility.

10. Costs

Even DIY app making platforms charge some price in exchange of giving you their platform for app development plus support. Select the one within the limits of your budget.
After getting aware of perfect DIY app maker you actually need, it’s a good time t o jump on Google to find the one.

5 Ways Mobile Apps Made Waves In 2015 & How To Leverage Its Benefits In 2016


First month of New Year is full of goal setting and strategies. All entrepreneurs are busy in making master plans to become a spotlight of 2016. What to do and what not to do? What to include and what to exclude? Everything is on the list to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk factors.

Now, take some time out of your busy schedule and tell me: are you neglecting mobile apps? If no, don’t worry or if yes, let me aware you that 2015 was ruled by apps. The trend will continue in 2016 also.

It’s a perfect time to convince yourself for apps. And to help you with app investment, I have listed here trends spotting mobile apps – revealing the increased value of apps and how to take the most out of it.

1. Apps are omnipresent. You should too.

More than half people across the globe spent their time on digital media. Smartphone users spent their 89% of time with mobile apps.

With your own mobile app, your business will also become omnipresent. An app remains with users wherever they go. Providing app to users equals to providing them a way to reach you anytime from anywhere.

2. App retention and engagement levels are improved to fulfil consumers’ appetite

  • Alone the US has 224 million active monthly app users.
  • The amount of time spend on apps has increased by 21% since last year
  • 74% consumers use their smartphone for shopping purpose

Consumers are going crazy for app. Whenever they have task to perform, first thing in their mind is “let’s check it whether it can be done with app or not”. There-is-an-app-for-that moments help users with their activities. Users’ curiosity for app has drastically improved the app retention and engagement levels.

2016 is the year of apps. Maximum consumers hit the app for accomplishing their tasks. It would be recommended that your app must be present there at app store in case if your audience land there to find an app-way to reach your business.

3. 42% of total mobile sales came from mobile apps. Is yours the one?

500 merchants generated 42% of total sales from mobile apps. If you are the one, you must be among these. As mobile apps are everywhere, they generate sales from everywhere – from social media, push notifications, word-of-mouth, etc. Users play with apps all the time through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. They spread the word of mouth of things they like the most. That’s why; all such media become a way to generate leads directly or indirectly.

You must take maximum benefit of users’ network with an app. Your business app will turn into a topic that users talk about with their connections.

4. App revenues are estimated to grow from $45,37B in 2015 to $76.52B in 2017. Be a part of it.

In-app purchases, paid apps, in-app ads, etc, all are generating revenue beyond your expectations. Future app revenue estimations are also high. Isn’t it a good idea to add revenue expectations with your app too?

If you have a loyal audience, it will take less time to grow further with your app. You can leverage extra ordinary revenue benefits through app. Loyal consumers build word-of-mouth of your app to enlarge the circle of consumers’. And how much time it will take for one consumer to transfer an app to another one. An app easily magnetizes new consumers with the help of existing one.

5. Brands are more interested in Mobile Ad Investment than Online Ads

According to Statista, mobile ad revenue spending is 50 billion dollars in 2015. Estimations say that the figures will reach up to 114 billion dollars by 2018. This is the reason why brands are more interested for mobile ad investment.

Bottom Lines

Statistics are inspiring enough to convince you for app development trends. Make it happen before it gets too late. Find out best app development companies to work on your app project.

5 Apps Daily Bloggers Can’t Live Without


Bloggers have too many tasks per day. They need to keep themselves updated with latest trends, they require finding a unique topic for writing, they write 1000+ words each day, proofreading, editing and lots of things are on the plate. Their real life is a blend of creativity, writing and blogging. Tons of ideas keep their mind busy all the time even in nights.

To see this, sometimes I think how daily bloggers manage their too busy life. Do they save time for their family and other activities too? After an ideal research, I came to know that they save time + manage everything with the help of resources.

Bloggers always remain in touch with their favourite resources that help them live a manageable life. Previously, they were carrying books to note down everything that hit their mind. Later, computer replaced the books. And now, it is mobile which is extremely easy-to-carry.

One day I got a chance to see a blogger’s mobile. I must say: Never miss an opportunity to check-out the blogger’s smartphone. Thanks to that chance due to which I get familiar with some apps looking like gift for bloggers. After that, with quite deeper research I came to know more about apps and their usefulness for bloggers. Sharing the same with you. May be you are the one seeking for such apps.

1. Blogger – iOS, Android

Blogger is a perfect app to publish post on the go. It gives you a home to perform each part of blogging. With blogger, you can accomplish many tasks on your fingertips like posting, editing, image uploading, schedule posts, save in drafts, etc. You can save images to gallery for future use. Adding location information to your blogs is a matter of seconds with Blogger.


2. WordPress – iOS, Android

WordPress is first-to-go choice for many bloggers. Even if I talk about myself, I prefer to publish on WordPress just because it shows good traffic and provides analytics properly. Bloggers can leverage all the benefits of WordPress in smartphone like the way they have on Desk. From posting to tagging, from viewers to analysis and from managing to anchoring, everything can be done with the help of this pocket-size app. In extras, bloggers can take advantage of capturing images and videos with Quick Photo and Video Options.


3. Evernote – iOS, Android

This one is my favourite and others too. Evernote is not only famous among bloggers, but also among professional junkies. I named this app as “management material” because it helps to manage busy bloggers life. One can save anything like articles, documents, photos, etc., for later read. It involves tags with the help of which one can find anything saved in past. You can also use it as a note making app. And my most favourite feature is Snapshot with which I can capture anything that I want to remember.

It reminds me of old-age journals when bloggers wrote down whatever they wanted to remember for future use.


4. Adobe Express – iOS, Android

This works like an Express. Everything at a fast pace. Fast editing, manipulating, cropping, correcting, etc. If you like something that can do the things within seconds, this app is for you. Moreover, it supports almost all blogging platforms. That’s why Adobe Express is a go-go app for many bloggers.


5. Google Photos – iOS, Android

Google Photos acts like a problem solver. It solves your problem of huge file saving as it has a good space to save vast number of images. You have access to Google Photos from all devices. So next time whatever you think you would need at anywhere at any time, you can save the same in Google Photos. It also gives you option to share your saved photos in your circle. And there’s much more within this app that’s worth for Bloggers.


To Sum Up: Well, there are many apps available exclusively for bloggers. Above are the one that I found most in Bloggers’ smartphone. May be you have a different choice. Don’t forget to share it in comments. I would like to know which app is like a God’s grace for you.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.