Here Is The Strategy To Grow In Your Restaurant Business

Boost Your Restaurant Business Today

In the present era, most of the people are stuck with their Smartphone’s. Today, everyone wants everything at their fingertips. Might be shopping, booking a taxi, ticket, hotel or order food from the restaurant etc. No doubt, these days mobile apps are providing numerous benefits to the customers as well as for businesses.

As per the research, there are more than 35% people in the world who are dependent on the restaurant for food. To reach these people food industry has set up a different level so that they reach them and provide attractive offers and good services. Hotel and restaurant have boomed their services in the form of mobile apps.

Ordering food online is in trend now, where people love to order their favourite food from the best place they want to. If you are running a hotel or restaurant mobile app development can help you to reach another level in your food industry. Here are some of the benefits of a mobile application for the restaurant business.

Menu Card:

There is an inbuilt menu card that consist a list of varieties of food along with the information of prices. From here the customers can choose his favourite food and within a single click, he can place an order for it.

Alternative Choices Of Restaurants:

There are many food industry mobile applications such as Zomato, Food Panda etc. Through their mobile app, they are giving the customers multiple options of restaurants. Here the user can choose the restaurant from where he wants to order the food based on the category, location etc.

Comments and Ratings:

Customer has been given the option to rate and give some feedback about the services of the restaurant and quality of the food. So, that the other customer read them and select the best restaurant to get better services and food.

GPS and Location:

With the help of GPS, the customers will be able to select the restaurant nearby them to order the food. There is no need to provide the address to the service provider as the application will automatically trace the address and deliver the food to customers easily.

Easy Payments:

Customers will also be able to make the payment easily for the food they have ordered. As the app can contain options for easy payments such as credit card, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery (COD) etc.

Hope now you have understood how the mobile app strategy can run your restaurant business on top. Through a single app, you can get in touch with millions of customers for your food industry. So what you are waiting for – hire mobile app developers and let users have your food services in their pocket and get connected to you in one touch from their Smartphone.

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10 Things To Know Before You Think Of Scaling Your Business

It’s 2017. And, everyone may have started planning new strategies to scale his business and upsurge the growth bar. Hold on! Hold on! Scaling business considers everything amidst you and your company.

Customers, company professionals, focus area, services you provide, competitors, approach you use to run your business, everything.

You have definitely heard a few of these quotes while starting your business, if not, scroll down…


“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else.” ~ Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves” ~ Steve Jobs, Apple

Source: 10 Things To Know Before You Think Of Scaling Your Business

Top Tips to Get Your Retail App Christmas-ready

top-tips-to-get-your-retail-app-christmasChristmas is round the corner and I believe your to-do list is ready: Decorations for the living room, additional groceries for the kitchen, Christmas gifts for kids and so on and so forth.

But then, how about a to-do list for your retail app?

Nope! Still in works…buckle up then.  We’ve got just a few fortnights at hand.

Given that holiday seasons are the best times to skyrocket your sales. And that 70% of holiday shoppers are planning to shop on mobile, and that, holiday season drives almost 20 to 40% sales,  compared to the entire year, so, it’s more important, now than ever before, to gear up your retail app for holiday sales.

Other online holiday metrics that matter from Adobe:

  • Online holiday sales to reach $91.6B
  • 53 percent of shopping visits happening on mobile versus 47 percent expected to happen on desktop
  • Christmas time would witness 66 percent of shopping visits on mobile, while Thanksgiving would witness 59 percent on mobile.

Here wade through some top tips to ensure that you retail app doens’t miss out anything that crucial from holiday viewpoint:


Source : MarketingLand

# Add a holiday theme to your app

Well, if you wanna accelerate app downloads during the Christmas holidays, mobile app developers need to  ensure that their app is decked up in a perfect Christmassy theme.  Get your streamers and mistletoes and Christmas trees out of your living rooms to deck up your app walls as well. Also, come up with a new title and description that’s in sync with the festive mood.  Plus, ensure that you are not just about mind-boggling promotional discounts and sales, ensure that your app is equally alluring to the new users.

#  Make it iOS 10 friendly

With the recent roll of iOS 10, adding cool new features to your app should be a piece of cake for you.  This would generate word of mouth publicity for your app and in turn more downloads. Also, ensure that your app is in tune with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

# Install mobile payment option

Embrace it. If you are really keen on pleasing your customer. Go on and embed Apple Pay or Google Wallet features to make payment processes prompt for the user.

#  Focus on fetching more positive reviews

Yeah! This is inordinately important. More positive reviews mean, better app ratings, which means your app will be more and more noticeable in the app stores, thereby increasing chances of download.

But then, how to attract more positive reviews for your app?

Simple….request your happy users to go ahead and post happy reviews of your app. Mobile app development companies could even think of launching special holiday campaigns and suggest satisfied customers to leave a positive review about your app at the app stores.

#  Launch your holiday email campaigns with focus on your apps

Surprised! But the fact of the matter is email are popular even in this age of push notifications. So make sure you introduce your discount offers, exclusively meant for apps, via your old-fashioned emails. Why? Because according to Adobe, emails was the best way for users to touch base with their mobile apps.


Source: MarketingLand


Go on and implement all the strategies immediately. The app store might shut shop in between Dec 22 to Dec 29. In other words, you won’t be able to  make updates in your app during these days. So make it fast and get your app to app store now.

How Prisma Got its way to Success without marketing


Where top Indian app developers are trying hard, considering everything from development to marketing to turn their app a success, Prisma got its way easily without marketing. At least, this is what I heard from rumours. But being a writer and a constant reader, I know that app success is not an overnight thing. Users look at app success as childs play while only the makers know how they have achieved it.

Back to the topic, it is reported that most of credit for Prisma’s success goes to its work, not any marketing or promotion sources. And it is true, because users claim to like Prima because of its art work, not any promotional strategy.

With this in mind, we will discuss here things that got Prisma and its makers a favourable result.

Photoshop-like Work

Where Photoshop fans are working for hours to create an artistic version of real world, Prisma does the same with a simple click. Not exactly photoshop work, but it is the best option for those who want to create an art that looks close to photoshop created. That is the prime reason, why Prisma is a favourite of many.

Real Art

Not Photoshop, but close – right. Prisma is not just a random app to turn your photos into a fun. It actually creates an impressive art version of your images. Prisma is not only a work of developers; it is an exertion of world’s renowned artists including Marc Chagall, Edvard Munch, Vasily Kandinsky, etc. With Prisma’s magic, you are not getting your random cartoon images; you are actually getting an art of world’s great artists that is also for free.

Works from Scratch

Prisma not just transforms your image; it literally works on your image from scratch. Just like an artist do. An artist will paint the image from scratch, same goes with Prisma too. As you know, there are loads of image-editing apps floating at the app stores, but none of them got immediate attention like Prisma. According to Moiseyenkov’s (Prisma Creator) statement, Prisma received 1.6 million downloads in less than two weeks of it launch date (June 11, 2016). As difficult as it is to grab users’ attention for app, Prisma proves that users still care for worthy apps.

AI Integration

How Prisma creates a new image from scratch? The answer is: Convolutional Neural Networks. These complicated words have deep meanings if you search a little bit deeper on them. For now, the simple meaning of this technology is it enables app to build a whole new image instead of covering an existing image with layers. The technology is a part of Artifical Intelligence. This technology is the base of app due to which users like it the most.


Basically, Prisma is a well-blended mixture of modernization like AI and real art of world’s famed artists. These two things along with perfect development is what caught attention of many. Marketing must be a part of it but only a little because the idea is capable enough to grab a lot.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Go for Paid App Model

4 Reasons to Stop Charging Upfront App Fees

Users pay 24% more on in-app transactions than upfront app fees – research by Gartner, US based technology research and advisory firm. According to Stephanie Baghdassarian, research director of Gartner, app users spend $9.20 on in-app transactions and $7.40 on paid apps, in every three months. Studies also say that 62% individuals have increased their in-app transactions while paid apps individuals are only 55%.

This means users are more convince to pay for app after using it rather than paying for app without using it.

Only statistics are not the reasons, there are many others that you should know to stop charging upfront app fees. No matter whatever app you are building, how much you invest in it or which top app development company you have choose to work on your project, charging an upfront app fees means showing a no-entry board to users. Want to why?

1. Because users are more convince with familiar apps

They know Candy Crush very well. They have played with Candy Crush since months. They have tried a lot to pass the levels. Sometimes they stuck, sometimes they easily pass, sometimes they wait for new lives. Candy Crush has developed a firm trust among users. If users stuck anywhere, they can easily get some more moves to pass the level, only if they are ready to pay some bucks. And users have actually paid it and received victorious results.
Why users easily convince to pay for Candy Crush? Because they are familiar with it. Additionally, they have 100% trust for the game. Similarly, once the app becomes familiar, it turns easy to get users pay for in-app transactions. On the contrary, it’s almost impossible to make users pay for app they are not aware of.

2. There is an app for everything

Yes, there is an app for everything. Or better I should say, “there is a free app for everything.” So, you must reconsider your plan for upfront app fees. If you charge it, make sure users will instantly jump for another app like yours and they surely found the similar one that is also for free. You don’t have any reason to stop your users on your app landing page. Instead, you have the reason to make them run instantly with your “paid” tag.

3. They Can’t Trust an Unknown App Immediately

Sure, you must have applied marketing skills to spread the word of your app. You must have a handful of users before launching your app. But all these doesn’t mean that users will download your app at real cost. They must be knowing what features are there within, but they won’t agree until they experience the insights of app. All your marketing will get ruin once users come to know that you have charged the fees to download your well-marketed app.

4. You are not a brand

Are you? If yes, and that is what you are using as a strong reason to charge app fees, let me remind you: even brands are not charging direct fees for app as they know they will lose their users as soon as their competitors hit the market. Talk about the big brands like Microsoft, Facebook or some big games like Candy Crush, Subway surfer, etc. One common thing they all have is they offer free apps. So, you don’t even have a brand reason to go for paid version of app.


Have you changed your plan after knowing all this? Of course you must have. Now that we are all clear with this upfront-app-fee thing, you can consider other alternatives like in-app purchases, in-app advertising or freemium as well. These are all options of successful apps, you should go the same way to make your app appear on the surface.

Why Slack is an Ultimate Choice of Every Organization?

Why Slack is Every Organization

Business people are surrounded by plenty of notifications, mails, tasks, discussions, and other work relevant matters. They discuss on various topics with their colleagues. Reminding all such discussions and decisions is not a trivial matter. Employees waste half a time in concluding what the discussion actually meant. Of course, they can remember a few, but not all.

At such situation, Slack is a godsend for fed-up employees. Slack takes care of all; you just take care of task completion on time.

Today, the fastest growing business app, Slack is an ultimate choice of many organizations. Launched in Feb 2014, the app has grown with 750,000 daily active users. Non-Slack users often wonder what makes the app actually addictive among organizations. Here I am with the answer.

1. It is Colourful

Who don’t want to enjoy the hints of colour at office? Colours are sign of encouragement. They prevent you from getting bored at workplace. Slack knows how to keep users engaged and entertained by providing them a variety of colours. The app provides various themes to choose from as per your choice. Each theme offers a different set of colours to tone up your chat. Emoticons, image uploading, and other visual details remain there to support your conversation.

2. It is Responsive and Enjoyable

I don’t mean to responsive web design. I want to tell that Slack response perfectly to your each in-app action. It makes you feel like a head honcho of your company. When you type in chat box, an auto-editor remains there rectifying your words in real-time, so that you never regret because of minor English errors.

When you upload a file, it tells you with a pop-up “you are uploading a file and it will accessible to those in the team”. It will also teach some shortcuts to immediate upload. This is how Slack offers you an enjoyable experience.

3. It builds here & now environment

The word “slack” generated from idiom called “slack off” which means to reduce gradually. Slack is actually made to reduce your work. But the app changed the whole meaning. In organizations, Slack users often use the sentences like “slack that file” (send that file to me on slack), “can you slack that to me?” or many others. Slack is here and now (available on the go). Available on web, desk and mobiles. So, instead of saying “send me the file on skype”, it’s easier to say “slack me the file”. We are using Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail on a regular basis. But they haven’t yet taken place where we can say “Facebook the file”, “Gmail the file”. If we say something like this, it will look dumb as far as I know.

4. Your Data Saved to Dropbox

Feel relax if you are sending file through Slack. Your files are safe and secure in Dropbox. Slack incorporates Dropbox to save your file and keep them forever. Even after 10 years, you will be able to download that file through Slack.

5. Multiple Channels

Slack keeps you connected with other services like GitHub, Travis, Help Scout, etc. It means each piece of your code is saved at one place.
All in all, if utilized in a right manner, Slack can be your holy grail for many tasks including chat, discussions, group discussions, document safe, and others.

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OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

How Users Behave-Like With Your App? And Why?


App owners never be assure about user behaviour. Users’ are different with frequent changing moods. Your targeted audience (users’) can be young, adults, housewives, business people, etc. All think differently about your app. They can take any action within app at any time. But their changing behaviour many times gets affected by the app itself.

App developers are always in search of reasons for what make their users stick with app or stay away of app. They know how their users behave with app, but they forget to keep in-check how their app behave-like with users.

Users’ app decisions are mostly driven by app. A good app stays for a long in users’ smartphone while a bad app reflects instant uninstall decision of users. Likewise, many other users’ decisions are rely on various app factors. Let’s have a brief on each of them along with users’ journey through app.

How users reach to your app?

  • Through Word-of-mouth (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.)
  • Through Social Networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)
  • Through News or Press Releases (Techcruch, Mashable, Google Alerts, etc.)
  • Through Search Engines
  • Through Search on App Stores
  • Through Your Company’s Website
  • Through Ads (If placed anywhere)

These are common options through which users’ generally land to the app page.

Why Users download your app?

  • They found it useful
  • They read great reviews & ratings
  • They will get deals/discounts through app
  • They viewed impressive screenshots or video
  • They found exactly what they were looking for


Why users don’t download your app?

  • Bad reviews & ratings
  • Boring screenshots or video
  • Showing errors during download/installation process
  • Found similar but more interesting app than the current one
  • Undefined app icon

Why users put your app in their smartphone for a long?

  • Found it beneficial
  • Found it entertaining or fun
  • It eases to achieve some of their tasks
  • It has easy to learn one-touch features
  • It is a flawless app


Why users immediately uninstall your app?

  • It is buggy
  • Complicated designs
  • Take more than usual time to complete a task
  • Irrelevant or insufficient information
  • Fail to meet users’ expectations
  • Irritating pop-ups
  • Battery consuming
  • Redirecting to mobile pages

Why they make in-app purchases?

  • Heart-winning deals or money saving discounts
  • Personalized alerts
  • Appreciable customer service
  • Redeemable in-app points
  • Rewarding Loyalty Programs


Why they refuse to make in-app purchases?

  • Long or complicated payment process
  • Out-of-mind checkout process
  • Incomplete product information
  • Available coupon codes are not working
  • Prices are comparatively higher

Closing Move

These are a few reasons due to which users either love to be with your app or stay out of it. You need serious analytics to improve what’s impressive and to eliminate what’s poor. Realtime in-app analytics will help you determine what’s exactly your users are looking for.

To Invest Or Not To Invest In Mobile Games And Apps


Mobile app businesses are no different from other trades. While there are a lot of factors that can be listed to show the similarities, VCs generally look at the investment and consolidation potential of a mobile business model. As far as apps are concerned, the evaluation is often looked from the perspective of specific categories.

Before I tell you about investment in various categories, you should understand what is investment potential and consolidation potential.

Investment Potential: Possibilities of profit you can make from users (money making capability of apps)

Consolidation Potential: how far your mobile game or app can go (stay power of apps)


In the above image, you can see mobile games and apps are categorized on the basis of their stay power and money-making capability.

Now, get a close look and notify which types of apps have major investment and consolidation opportunities. They are: mCommerce, Wearables, App Store/distribution, Business, and Education. These apps demand low investment with a return promise to be long-lasting.

Let’s get closer. Can you see our favourite category: mobile games are showing poor possibility of consolidation potential and quite a fair-shake of investment potential. Mobile game investors earn entertaining dollars from players. Then why the chart is showing mobile games as a risky part of investment?

Of course it’s risky until you have a unique concept like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga. You must have played any of these games and must be aware of how rich they are in terms of: concept, story, game play, graphics, power ups, number of levels or stages, etc. Anyone with such a big concept can take risk with mobile game development.

To invest in mobile games is risky, at the same time they offer major opportunities of investment potential if connected with bigger concept and effective marketing strategies. Candy Crush Saga is an ongoing game. No matter if player completes 400 levels of Candy Crush Saga, he (the player) has further options to play with next version named Candy Crush Soda Saga. Likewise, one can keep going with game by adding more levels to it. To continue the game for long, investment must be needed, but make sure you will earn more than what you invest. Profit is there as long as players are there.

At last, compare all the apps on the basis of investment and consolidation potential, you will get your answer of where to invest or not.