A New Approach: Mobile Apps Designed & Developed Using Serverless Architecture & Mobile Hub Of AWS

AWS Mobile Hub is a new approach in the mobile technology world which has changed the way developers develop a well-defined application.

Source: A New Approach: Mobile Apps Designed & Developed Using Serverless Architecture & Mobile Hub Of AWS


Why Users Never Pay Second Attention To Your App?

Why Users Never Pay A Second Visit To Your App

Week app marketing, poor app development, common app ideas, bad user experience etc., are the most common reasons for why app developers lose their users so easily. But even after overcoming such troubles, holding a firm grip to users is almost impossible.

There are 3 million apps on app stores waiting for users to come and give a try. Many of them are perfectly doing their job. They have enough abilities to ease the task or solve any of the users’ problems; still their download figures are limited to 1K or 5K. Why so?

Because even app makers don’t know what their users actually want at first app trial

According to Fuzzy Notion, 40% app makers are struggling to understand unclear requirements of users. They make apps based on assumptions which is not always a good idea. It’s extremely necessary to understand whether or not users actually need the app you want to make.

Uber’s idea had an exact match with users’ need. “Get a ride” it is something users’ always in a need of when they are in a hurry to reach somewhere. Waiting for Taxi or Bus or other mediums was a barrier between users and their destination. Uber has completely destroyed this barrier and gave users an all-time option to reach their preferred destination at their convenience.

Now, if I talk about some kind of useless app like iNap@work, an app that produces sounds of mouse clicks and keyboard to let you pretend at work while having a nap. Of course, the app works fine with good user experience and excellent app development work. But, this is something users’ actually don’t need. Nap at work is surely getting one fired no matter if s/he have an app to pretend. CCTV is always there to catch you on.

Another reason is,

Because you put your attention on outcomes instead of requirements

Before making an app, many app makers are turning their attention towards after-results before even starting to build an actual app. They focus on earning potential from the app idea only. It’s good to have some hopes from your app, but don’t make it too high to ruin your problem-solving-app plan. Your app must be a problem solver not the store full of advertisements and other annoying stuff that might make you earn a lot, but keep your users far away.

So, before focusing on app earnings, focus on how you can solve users’ problem or ease their task. Once you succeed in it, you can slowly move onwards app monetization campaign.

Some More Common Reasons for Why Users Ran Away from Your App

  • Playing app marketing tactics at the wrong time, to the wrong user
  • Lack of fresh content. No content means users have no reason to check out the app.
  • Lack of proper A/B Testing. You seriously need users’ feedback to work on your app.
  • Lack of reconnection. You must always find a reason to reconnect with your users. Much like push notifications, alerts, etc.
  • Poor Usability. A 3+ clicks away action won’t going to work as users are too busy and lazy to do so. Make it as easy as possible.

Besides You Would Also Like To know Some Facts or Tricks App Developers Use to Cop Up With User-Relevant App Issues.

  • 49% are using app analytics to gather direct feedback from real users to improve customer satisfaction.
  • 47% are investing in better tooling solutions to support the requirements process.
  • 42% are providing requirements/analysis training for team members.
  • 38% are taking advantage of user stories and collaborative discussions to better understand needs.



Being an app maker, you have to fulfil lots of roles to stay up to the competition and to make a useful app. If you fail to do so, never wonder why users are not interested to pay a second visit to your app.

Challenges You Will Face While Redesigning Your App


With every changing season, changing year and changing trends, our app also need a change. If you continue with those old, earlier designs for a long, your app will look outdated in front of newly entered apps. Don’t be mistaken that no one can create an app like yours. One can create alike app or even better than the current one to steal your users. Hence, it’s time to redesign your app to make it competitive with current trends.

To change the app is not as easy as it seems. It is actually a challenging as well as risky task
(the risk of losing existing users). For first-time app developers, it’s quite easy to select a design or layout as that was their initial stage where they like to keep all simple to see the results. But when it comes on redesign, it takes more-than-usual time to cop up with below given challenges.

Navigation Challenge

It’s time to redesign; it’s time to think beyond simplicity. Previously, it was a simple, understandable navigation. Now there must be a blend of animations and transitions.

Let’s take an example of Cruise Ship Mate Android app by Cruiseline.


I know the second one is more inspiring and eye-delighting. You can barely notify the difference between the old navigation page and the new one. Cruiseline has beautifully described the main navigation page to its users. First one is looking formal and straight while second one is user-friendly – a pleasing blend of information, images and location animation.

From this, you must learn how to upgrade from simplicity to animation without losing the charm of straightforwardness.

Keep in mind: Animation can surely enhance the user experience, but only if it is done right and well. Something which is too much can be annoying and tedious as well. Animations must feel like natural.

Structure Challenge

It’s time to gather paper, scissors, glue, scales, colours and other stationery, because you are going to design the structure of app on paper. Remember something like prototyping – making images of screens (app, web) with pen and paper. In short, it is called preparing rough work on paper to get an actual idea.

App makers often skip this part thinking that they had done it before and don’t need it with redesigning. Not at all – even redesigning needs a tough prototype work. To renovate the whole structure of app, you have to first get an idea of what it should be lookalike.

At first time, it must be a simple jump from one to another. But as your app is already famous, you must give something extra-ordinary to your users. Integrating some transitions and animations during progression from screen to screen will add four moons to user experience. It is challenging, but it will be worth if used in a right manner.

Something like given below:


By clicking that “+” button, I will get option to jump on another screen. Quite fun and easy as well.

Content Challenge

How will you show app’s content? That old only-words way or something decorated with images or videos. Showing content in a different way other than words is an effortful matter. First of all, you have to think how your users will love to see your content. These days, on Facebook, video content is going viral. You have to analyze whether your will like to see words in images or video format. If yes, then you have great options like the Cruiseline did. Here’s the example.


From Words to images with smart detailing.

User Profile Page Design Challenge


Even your users deserve a good change in their profile page. You can offer them customize options like they can change the theme, add background image, etc. Or make changes to users’ profile like shown in the above image.

Needless to say, your work is going to be twice than it was at first time mobile app development. Keep following your users while making another app for them; this will minimize your fear of losing them due to redesign.

10 Things You Should Verify Before Choosing a DIY Mobile App Maker

DIY Mobile App Maker Selection Checklist

For App dreamers – with little to zero budgets for app development – DIY app makers are like God’s Gift. No more you will be called App dreamers as you can step out to fulfil your dream of making an app that can be a primary source of income. Thanks to DIY platforms and their owners offering DIY Mobile App Making services.

Now coming to the point. Do you know even with a DIY mobile app development, you have many choices like the way you have choices with hundreds of mobile app development companies? You have to select a DIY app making platform the same way one could select the app development company as per his needs.

To make up your mind for a perfect DIY app maker, you have to confirm that the selected one has the below given abilities:

1. Don’t Require Coding Skills

It’s good if you have little coding skills, but it’s preferable to look for the one require zero coding knowledge. A platform with zero coding skills is a biggest time saver. Also it keeps you away from confusions. It’s supremely easy to drag and drop with zero-coding-skills DIY app maker.

2. Target Multiple Platforms

May be you have plans to go for a single platform as it is just a starting. But to reach wider audience you must make an approach for app maker supporting multiple platforms. At least, it must be supportable for two biggest app stores called iTunes and Google Play.

3. Offer Preview Mode

You are not going to test each and every task you implemented while making an app. DIY app maker with preview mode help you see whatever you inserted in an app. So make sure your selected platform comes with this feature.

4. Tools as per needs

Your app can be anything: an online shop, a blog, a problem solver, etc. DIY app maker must have tools as per your needs. For e.g. if you want to create an online shop through app, you need tools like menu, submenu, payment section, contact pages, etc.

5. Marketing Tools

No matter, it’s your initial stage towards app world; you necessarily need marketing tools to get your app noticed. With billions of apps available on app stores, it’s tough to catch users’ eye. Therefore, look for a platform offering marketing tools like social media integration, email marketing, push notifications, content sharing, etc., to integrate within your app.

6. App management tools

App is not going to manage on its own. Either you or the one making your app must be there to take a good care of it. At any time, you may need necessary changes to app demanded by situation or users. DIY app maker must avail you facilities of editing, updates, etc. Also, make sure that you don’t require resubmitting your app at app store just because of minor changes.

7. Analytic Tools

You need something to measure your app’s success. Analytics help you measure your app’s performance and user engagement. It also provides you detailed reports of interaction between app and users. DIY app maker with analytic tools will be a great platform to go for.

8. Support

Of course, you will get fully fledged DIY app maker, but once in a while you may need back-end support for a little push. Never rely on app maker that don’t offer support; you may end up in between your app development journey. Select the one that assures support at any stage.

9. App Store Submission

What if you app gets rejected? You don’t know exact reason as you are the person with little knowledge of proper guidelines. Ok, let’s say you read the guidelines and implemented the same properly. Even after that, your app may hits rejection. To be on a safe side, choose a DIY app maker that offers auto app submission facility.

10. Costs

Even DIY app making platforms charge some price in exchange of giving you their platform for app development plus support. Select the one within the limits of your budget.
After getting aware of perfect DIY app maker you actually need, it’s a good time t o jump on Google to find the one.

How to hire Great Developers? Let’s Learn it from Facebook

app-developers-teamIn her interview, Julie Zhuo –Director of Product Design at Facebook – shared several strategies of Facebook that make the site unique than others. Among such, what caught my attention the most is Facebook’s hiring process.

Developers are the base of app development. They can either make it up for success or fall to pieces. People with fresh app ideas need app developers that deeply understand what the idea is and how to connect it with business. They must think thoroughly about strategy, users’ need and revenue opportunities. From designing to UX, marketing to earning and business to customers – everything relies on a single app. Then why not to spend some quality time in searching for app developers to make a worthy app.

When it comes to hire app developers, it would be a good idea to learn procedures from record-breakers like Facebook. Julie Zhuo helped a lot to steal something from Facebook’s hiring process.

Part 1

Don’t look for developers, look for great apps and the developers behind
When an app or game like Whatsapp, Candy crush saga, Xender, etc., got a hit, we became curious to know who was there behind to build these great ground breaking apps. Follow the same human behaviour. Start your search for apps (if possible, relevant to your app idea). Find out who had built the masterpiece.

Build Relationships
You are not going to find best developers at a single pitch – it’s rare. But you must have a word with each one comes on your way. May be you don’t find them handy at first meeting, but what’s the loss to keep them in contact. Their contact will take you to another contact which you find more suitable for app development job. Another reason to build relationship is: you may need them at any stage.

Reach to Broad Developers’ Network
Each developer has its own mastery in a different development subject. A single developer might not help you out with the whole project as there are many stages like design, development, UI, etc. As I have already given you a tip to build relationship with developers, your next tip is to keep expanding your network – may be you need a whole team to work for different aspects of app.

Part 2

  • Talk About Work They have Done Before

Facebook puts candidates on-site to see their work and show the same to other team members. This might be not possible for you, but still you can see their work and talk about the same with developers. You have their apps; you can ask as many questions as you like to see check their skills.

  • Look for Passion, Not Graduation

Not every graduate-from-a-top-university is suitable for your development projects. Developers graduated from an average college can also be a perfect fit for your needs. Passion matters more than Graduation. So, always look for passion instead of graduation data.

  • A Problem Fixer

After that passion-graduation-point, you must be thinking of how you come to know that developer is passionate. Developers often collide with hacks which they love to solve. To test them, give them a problem you are facing with your app idea. Their solving skills prove their passion.

  • Play with their minds

Tell them to depict the story of how they will design your app like essentials of mobile app as per your business needs. Remember one thing, he/she can’t tell everything at first. Developers need time to think well about an app. This is just a trick to analyze his/her capacity.

By applying all the above given tips on developers, you will find the one or a team or may be an app development company you get most impressed from. All the best.

Handpick your iPad app developers to march into futuristic mobile devices

iPad is the futuristic computing device and its potential must be tamed by SME’s as well. Read more

iPad has a created a dominance in the tab market. Thanks to its approach of presenting a whole new way to use tabs that rejuvenated the users. Part of the achievement can also be attributed to other manufacturers who jumped into the tab spree without contemplating the perceived value of their devices which they later sold at prices equivalent to glass and plastic. The iPad is going to become the most preferred device for organizational usage in the coming times however small and medium businesses are refraining themselves from going mobile and utilizing the iPad due to the development cost involved.

Well, let us tell you that the development cost to hire an iPad app developer can be high if you hire a fixed team of developers however there are iPad app developers who give you the authority to handpick your preferred team of developers. The foremost goal to provide such flexibility is to create an optimum group of developers that you handpick to balance your budget and the development talent you need to realize your app idea. This proves mutually beneficial to the client as well as the app development company. The client gets value for their money by trimming the development cost while the app development company can utilize the rest of its developers for some other projects.

According to a recent article featured on techcrunch it is implied that mobile web users across the United States have tried to go through the menus of various restaurant in their websites. But due to incompatibility of website with mobile devices they terminated their sessions. Infact, most of the restaurants and other small and medium businesses have a latent requirement to reach mobile users who are using iPads, iphones and android devices but due to incompatible mobile websites which does not support HTML 5, they are losing out a potential chunk of customer.

The fear of mobile app development cost must be eliminated and people should embrace future computing devices like the ipad to harness the potential customers in the market. And the one who wins makes the first move.