2017 Top Mobile App Development Trends

top-mobile-app-development-trends2016 is drawing to a close. And as a mobile app developer, I guess you already have an idea on the trends that will dominate the app development space in 2017.

Yes, it’s IOT, AR and VR, bots, DIY apps, to name a few. For a change, even DIY app development will catch the attention of the mobile app development companies.

Wish you to read more on the upcoming app development trends? Go on, here’s an elaborate take on the 4 top app development trends of 2017.

#1. App-enabled IOT devices

Turns out by the end of 2016, people all over the world will use almost 6.4 billion connected gadgets. Even Gartner predicts $2.5M per minute in IoT spending and 1M new IoT devices sold every hour by 2021.

Well, this means Internet of Things (IOT) will have a dominant role to play in the app development landscape, given that IOT solutions typically operate through an app. And the best part of it is, developers don’t have to put their money or mind where their mouth is because development of an IOT gadget is not unlike the usual app development process.

But then, what could plunge the IOT market into crises is the need for third-party services or special devices required specifically with IOT apps. This could lead to mobile app security breaches, in the health care IOT.

According to Gartner, 75% of mobile app security breaches happen because of misconfigurations. With regards to the healthcare market – which is considered to be the most potential IOT markets, with revenues expecting to touch $163 billion by 2020, chances of breaches are higher.

For instance, Johnson & Johnson discovered a loophole in their OneTouch Ping insulin. The Insulin Pump and meter-remote, besides checking the blood sugar,  calculates how much bolus insulin you body requires and then pumps to deliver the dose. Now given that the pump is not even in view, hackers could easily increase or decrease the amount of hormone injected into a patient’s body, killing thousands of patients.

So, while building a custom IoT solution, make sure that your vendor conducts multiple security tests, provides Proof of Concept, and also encrypt communications between the hardware and software levels.

#2. Messengers apps boarded with bots

People spend 85% of their mobile time in apps. And the fact is only 5 messengers apps were heavily used in 2016, of which these three were highly popular – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. In light of this situation, brands have been developing bots for messenger apps in their effort to engage with customers on a new platform. Though quality brand apps may never die out, but then again, it will be messenger apps boarded up with bots, which will gain a lot of traction.

#3. AR and VR Gadgets Run on apps

According to Gartner, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets and apps will be more in demand compared to enterprise apps in 2017.

In fact, 2016 saw several brands unleashing their VR gadgets. In fact, Pokemon Go, an AR-driven mobile game, became a flag bearer of sorts for the AR industry when millions of gamers worldwide went berserk chasing Pokemon all around the globe. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of the game, several industries will be using it to add value to their business and will embed them particularly in their apps.

The VR-driven retail app will give buyers a complete walk-through of the store and at the same time will help buyers browse products through a VR-enabled transmission.

#4. Do-It-Yourself apps backed by citizen developers

The citizen developers, in other words, non-developers who wish develop their own apps, could make use of Microsoft’s PowerApps facility. PowerApps help you build custom apps effortlessly…thanks to some incredible features such as drag-and-drop functionality, ready-made project templates, prebuilt components and so on to boost low code DIY app development. The trend is picking up in a big way and, in all likelihood, would capture the fancy of the businesses, moving forward.

With mobile apps becoming an everyday affair, businesses both big and small who wish develop simple apps could leverage this technology.

Rounding Up

Sure, these app developments are going to catch fire in 2017. If you wish to have a slice of the app development pie, start developing apps in line with above-mentioned trends.

Over to you

I have come up with just a handful of app development trends. Sure, there are many that need a mention here. Go on. Add to the list via comments.

What Do Users Look For In An Android App?

what-do-users-look-for-in-an-android-appGoogle play hosts millions of Apps. Android App Developers upload their apps on Google Play for users. Users discover the apps in Google Play by different means but they download very few of them. The smartphone of a user is a prime space and very few apps are downloaded and used. Android App Developers have constantly wondered about this. They want to know what goes through the user’s mind when he browses the Google Play store for apps. What makes him download an app?

We have been in the app development landscape for long and have a few pointers for app developers. We studied a good numbers of apps and have a list of factors that make an app sticky. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


Android users are very price sensitive. The first thing they look for is the price of an app. Google Play provides most of its apps for free. These apps have their own monetization strategies. Majority of Android App users do not want to pay for the apps. They want it to be free. So if you are an Android App Developer and you have put an app on Google Play, ensure that it is free and have good monetization strategies to see you through for its success.

# Security

Security is one of the major concerns. Users want to stay away from apps that ask for too many permissions and do not seem secure. If you are developing an app for Android users ensure that it is secure and don’t ask for too many permissions.


Your app’s shelf life on user’s smartphone depends on how useful it is for him. It has to fulfil a need which could be anything from providing entertainment for a few minutes to delivering traffic updates. The app should serve a purpose. If a user finds your app really useful, he will stick with it.

# Size of the App

Users prefer Apps that are smaller in size. Big apps take too much space and slow down the device. Bigger apps consume too much data. This is the reason why Apps like Facebook have  Facebook Lite version. So as a developer, if you want people to download your app ensure that it is not too big. If it is big, make a smaller version of your and launch it for users who you know would not go for the bigger version of your app.

# Reviews And Ratings

Positive reviews and good ratings are oxygen for your app. users get influenced by them. They want to go for apps which have been tested and proven to be good. Very few users want to take a chance on apps that have poor reviews and ratings. So, as a developer your best strategy is to launch your app  only when you are sure that it is ready. Test with your beta testers. Launch the app when you know it is good and stable, else you would have to deal with unfavourable reviews.

Winding Up

These are the factors we feel affect the life of an app in a big way. If you want to design and develop an Android App, you should pay attention to its size , security, price and usability. Good apps get good reviews and ratings which sustains them. We at Openxcell have more than 7 years of experience in developing successful Android Apps. If you have an idea for an app, give us a call and our team will get back to you to discuss the viability of the app. Remember – Good apps are successful apps.

Trend Alert for Mobile App Developers: Reflect pages from history in gaming apps

trend-alert-for-mobile-app-developersLet me begin this article with a very generic line. Everything you come across in life always teaches you something, you only need to perceive it. Games can be a great learning tool too. Many full-fledged games have been based on history. Events have been recreated. What began as a concept turned into a major trend in the world of gaming apps. Mobile app developers have banked massively on this entire trend.

Though these games don’t 100% portray the related historical events, but their backdrop, story line and characters have a huge resemblance to serve the purpose. The adrenaline rush that arises from the experience of living the character has what made a majority of such games successful. And not-to-be-forgotten, the graphic designing represents as a backbone for the most important credentials. The sequences of events appear real-like and the life-like characters keep the gamer glued.

Let us take a look at certain console games which set this trend.

– Call of Duty, World of Tanks and Medal of Honour – Have accurate descriptions and situations relevant to World War II. They even have event wise precision of dates.

– GSC World Game: Stalker – Gives a close experience of Russian Chernobyl events.

– Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Briefs us about technological beginnings in the world of biotech, engineering and nuclear advancements.

– Europa Universalis – A detailed account of East European history with a gist of Western European phase.

– Victoria and Hearts of Iron – A close portrayal of people in the medieval and Victorian era through their characters.

– Apotheon – It has a nearly factual description of events depicting the Greek battles and Athenian warfare accounting to the famous Greek mythology.

– The entire Civilization series: Brief account of the development of society and colony formations.

Well, it is difficult to bring him such impeccable graphics for mobile gaming apps. But with the doors being opened to the AR/VR formats, mobile app developers have tremendous potential to bank on. The opportunities for creating something exceptional are umpteen. Moreover, the availability of hybrid developments and cross-platforms, the scope for encouragement is huge.

Currently, in the VR segment, a lot of adventure games have made a mark. A twist in the story and adding more characters to the development of a game will surely make it successful. A lot is yet to be done.

70% of VR gear users belong to the age bracket of 18 to 29. And the good news, 63% the gamers of the ones mentioned above belong to the 18-28 category. Hence, a blend of the technology brews a high probability for a rising new VR trend.

Good luck, mobile gaming app developers.
Hope you are reading this.

Make Your Life Easier With Apps

make-your-life-easierThe number of smartphone users is growing rapidly. By 2019, 2.5 billion people globally will have access to smartphones. We have been spending more and more times on our smartphones compared to the desktops. These smartphones have Apps. This period therefore is a golden period for leading App Development Companies who have been delivering one successful app after another.

App Development Companies with right teams are going to benefit. The ones which have experience in making different kinds of apps will be more in demand. Openxcell, is one of the leading App Development companies which has extensive experience in making all kinds of mobile and web apps. It has a talented pool of app developers.

Apps ease your life. There can be different apps. Apps for games, messaging Apps, Apps for social media, Apps for newspapers and magazines, Apps for online purchase of groceries or medicines, shopping and lifestyle apps and more. Hotels, Banks and Airlines can have their own apps which can help their customers. There can be apps that enable you to use your phone as e-wallet; then there are Apps that help you at work – such apps are getting popular too. Leading app development companies can help you make any kind of app for any kind of platform at reasonable rates.

Apps can be made for different platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, Black Berry and more. The customer decides the kind of app he wants developed. Some customers want apps developed on Android and iOS platform separately. This process is time consuming and very costly. There are several Hybrid platform tools that can help develop the Apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

The talented marketing and App development team at OpenXcell knows the App business inside out. Outsourcing your App development requirements to leading App development companies have never been easier. There are marketing experts who help you coordinate your efforts. You can discuss your budget, select your team and get an app developed at a very reasonable cost. They help you be on the same page of your developers. You can be apprised of the development on your app on daily basis. You can offer suggestions and ask for changes if you are not satisfied.

As one of the leading app development companies in world OpenXcell is proud of its work which it showcases in its portfolio. It has been in business for over 7 years now and has many happy clients. If you have been thinking about building an app, do not hesitate in giving a call to the sales department of OpenXcell. They will discuss the viability of the idea with you and help you understand how the app development process would work. As one of the best app development companies, they would also guide you and help you in marketing your app.  So go ahead make yours and the life of others easier by developing good apps.

Top Tips to Get Your Retail App Christmas-ready

top-tips-to-get-your-retail-app-christmasChristmas is round the corner and I believe your to-do list is ready: Decorations for the living room, additional groceries for the kitchen, Christmas gifts for kids and so on and so forth.

But then, how about a to-do list for your retail app?

Nope! Still in works…buckle up then.  We’ve got just a few fortnights at hand.

Given that holiday seasons are the best times to skyrocket your sales. And that 70% of holiday shoppers are planning to shop on mobile, and that, holiday season drives almost 20 to 40% sales,  compared to the entire year, so, it’s more important, now than ever before, to gear up your retail app for holiday sales.

Other online holiday metrics that matter from Adobe:

  • Online holiday sales to reach $91.6B
  • 53 percent of shopping visits happening on mobile versus 47 percent expected to happen on desktop
  • Christmas time would witness 66 percent of shopping visits on mobile, while Thanksgiving would witness 59 percent on mobile.

Here wade through some top tips to ensure that you retail app doens’t miss out anything that crucial from holiday viewpoint:


Source : MarketingLand

# Add a holiday theme to your app

Well, if you wanna accelerate app downloads during the Christmas holidays, mobile app developers need to  ensure that their app is decked up in a perfect Christmassy theme.  Get your streamers and mistletoes and Christmas trees out of your living rooms to deck up your app walls as well. Also, come up with a new title and description that’s in sync with the festive mood.  Plus, ensure that you are not just about mind-boggling promotional discounts and sales, ensure that your app is equally alluring to the new users.

#  Make it iOS 10 friendly

With the recent roll of iOS 10, adding cool new features to your app should be a piece of cake for you.  This would generate word of mouth publicity for your app and in turn more downloads. Also, ensure that your app is in tune with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

# Install mobile payment option

Embrace it. If you are really keen on pleasing your customer. Go on and embed Apple Pay or Google Wallet features to make payment processes prompt for the user.

#  Focus on fetching more positive reviews

Yeah! This is inordinately important. More positive reviews mean, better app ratings, which means your app will be more and more noticeable in the app stores, thereby increasing chances of download.

But then, how to attract more positive reviews for your app?

Simple….request your happy users to go ahead and post happy reviews of your app. Mobile app development companies could even think of launching special holiday campaigns and suggest satisfied customers to leave a positive review about your app at the app stores.

#  Launch your holiday email campaigns with focus on your apps

Surprised! But the fact of the matter is email are popular even in this age of push notifications. So make sure you introduce your discount offers, exclusively meant for apps, via your old-fashioned emails. Why? Because according to Adobe, emails was the best way for users to touch base with their mobile apps.


Source: MarketingLand


Go on and implement all the strategies immediately. The app store might shut shop in between Dec 22 to Dec 29. In other words, you won’t be able to  make updates in your app during these days. So make it fast and get your app to app store now.

How to Sharpen Your App Development Skills As Per Changing Demands?

how-to-keep-updating-your-app-development-skillsApp development is a constant moving industry. Yesterday, it was limited to smartphones only. Today, or if you look after tomorrow, you will find unlimited sources for which you will make apps. VR, AR, AI, smart watch, smart homes and much more are waiting for your apps. Top app developers have mastered the art of making apps for smartphones, if they want to remain on top; they have to sharpen their skills to face the future challenges.

In today’s era of increasing demands for apps, you may not find enough time to learn a new skill. That’s why you need to learn tricks that keep your skills updated without disturbing your app-earning life.

1. Take a project and start working

App developers are generally habitual to learn first, through books/tutorials, and then start making the app. Being an app developer, you are well-aware of the basics of app. So you don’t need to learn again and again from scratch. Better option to save time and efforts is: directly pick up the project that you have ever developed and start working on it. You may face challenges due to directly jump on work out of your loop, but as you go on work and learn simultaneously, you will find it enjoyable as well as adventurous.

2. Keep an Eye on Experts

Experts are everywhere. You will easily find a group of experts working on different projects than yours. If you want to learn something that is relevant to your field, but you never worked on it, the best way is to keep a keen eye on your experts. What they are doing, how they are doing, what expertise they put in, etc., you will learn all just by keeping experts in check.

3. Dwell in Competition

You can’t compete with experts who are working on a same project since years. Being new to skill, you have to compete with a person equals to your experience or slightly upper. Learn a new skill with your friends and raise a competition of who could apply the skill well. This will tell you progress you have made and how much far you have to go. Also, you will learn a lot from others work as everybody in competition applies its own mind.

4. Create Your Own Business

Your skills will expand only when they put under challenge. Create your website highlighting your work. Get project from there. If clients offer you to do work on projects that don’t come under your territory, then also, try your best to take the job and finish the work.


Today’s conclusion is: efforts and consistency is all you need to put your skills on update mode. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. So keep learning and keep growing to stay on the top.

3 App-less Ways to Engage Your Mobile Users

how-to-engage-smartphone-users-beyond-appsAccording to Forrester’s research, majority of users’ mobile time is spent behind five or fewer apps – most of them are social media and messaging apps. This user behaviour is an indication that it is almost impossible to grab users’ attention through apps.

But as per comScore’s report, more than half of online time is coming from apps. So, no matter how much it seems impossible to catch eyes of mobile users on your brand, you have to strive hard. Your business is not going to spread through web users as quantity is major within mobile.

For approaching mobile users, you have to adopt a different way because apps are no longer determined as core way to get a tight grip on millions of users. You have to walk on trendy app-less ways to iron your marketing tactics.

Here they are:

1. The Chatbot Way

Looking at the impossible way of distracting users from their current favourite apps, the best strategy to follow is: indulge with them through their favourite apps. This is possible through Chatbots that allow you to become a part of daily social media lives of users.

Users spent maximum of their time on Facebook and other social media apps. Building a chatbot will turn into an opportunity to have personal talk with users. Whenever they need any of your service, they find Chatbot an easy to reach you without leaving their favourite platform. Personal conversation will easily take place and you will come in direct contact of those who actually need you.

Chatbots will make your marketing tactics more effective than ever. All your time which is wasted behind approaching customers who don’t need your services will be saved and can be used to impress needy customers.

2. The Voice Assistant Way

Call it a type-less way where users just need their voice with the thing they want – something like Amazon Echo. Voice assistant will totally replace the need of app because users will become more able to perform activities through voice than search, browse and typing.

If you give users an access to digital assistants where they just need to say the service, they will interact with your brand more effectively. With digital assistant, you are giving them the world’s easiest ways to avail service, not on fingertips, but on voice. Through voice assistant, they are having a direct way to communicate with you and discuss their purchase plans. You can give them assistant and advice to win their trust.

3. The Hyrbid Way

In hybrid way, users move from voice to visual communication. Voice is a fastest way to send information while visual is the best way to receive and understand information. Combining Chatbots and Voice assistant, you can adopt hybrid way where users will ask you queries and you will answer them through visuals as well as voice communication. For e.g. on asking, you can tell them that you offer best services along with visuals showing them benefits they will get from your brand.


You don’t need to spend millions on making an app as chances are slim to get handful of users. Rather invest your money on building chatbots and voice assistant services for social media users where you can have direct communication with users without disturbing their social life.

About OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the best app development companies – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech market because of its past track record and non-stop growth. OpenXcell is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.