Mobile websites have great potential but need special attention

Summary: With more than 1.08 billion Smartphone users, businesses are likely to treat Mobile website development with seriousness.

A whopping 1.08 billion Smartphones are live in this world, which are powered with advanced browsing abilities. With internet access on the go, mobile websites become an important tool that business owners should be interested about. Unlike websites which are optimized for high speed broadband with a specific page layout and formatting, mobile websites demand an enhanced coding structure to build light weight web pages that can engage mobile users.

There is a huge potential in the mobile internet market. Data reveals that 87% of the total Smartphone users have used internet on mobile for mostly to search a local business. More than 90% of the users use the internet to socialize on Smartphones and 81% of the total users use them while watching television. The most appealing fact about these devices that that these users are not tech junkies and this helps mobile websites to easily target a large number of users.

Off shore Mobile app development companies who often provide services for mobile website development also accept the booming trend of ‘broadband as well as mobile versions’ of websites. With the advent of technologies like HTML5 the bridge that existed between broadband and mobile websites are diminishing. Mobile app development companies also credit the innate abilities of iOS and android devices that come with geo-tracking, QR code reading etc. These technological features works great with mobile internet users rather than broadband users and will likely give a great boost to mobile website development in the coming times.

OpenXcell Technolabs is an Indian company providing top notch expertise in mobile website development and iphone app development services with expertise in technologies like HTML5.


Openxcell unveils exciting Christmas offers

Web development company term refers to the development of websites, applications and designing. Nevertheless, the growth of the industry has enabled web development companies’ to provide an assortment of services that have now become the segment of I.T industry such services include internet marketing, advertising, multimedia service and more. Yet the services vary from company to company. Since the evolvement of the technology and the usage of the internet has revved up, web development industry started thriving throughout the world.

Openxcell is a web development company that offers the complete web solutions and services. The significant aspects of Openxcell’s business include E-commerce development, SEO services, and mobile application development. Every year many companies from different field/industry come up with promotional offers, mostly on occasions that have something attractive to offer. Same way web development companies offer promotional packages only in the time of Christmas. This year Openxcell has come up with two packages that are only available for a limited period of time. Those two packages would be SEO and E-Commerce.

SEO Package

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but a sort of internet marketing that helps your business groom in a unique way. It is the process that makes your website visible throughout search engines. This service can be divided into two divisions paid and unpaid. The most effective and widely used and preferred division is unpaid, which is also known as Natural SEO. There also several subdivisions of this service that we will see later. SEO service improves the hierarchy of your website in search engines which lead your business toward your goal. For e.g. now when you search for your need on Google such as a product, service or anything Google boast all the pages relevant to your need through keyword that has been typed to search. Google will come up with myriad pages after a search; now your odds of moving on the second or third page to see more options are very less than visiting the websites that are on first page. Same way the odds of more people knowing about your company and doing business with you is more likely when your website will be top in rank.

The promotional SEO package that we are running is called Booster plan. As mentioned above that there are subdivisions of SEO service now we will see what those are. SEO service is mostly depended on two sorts “on page optimization” and “off page optimization”. Basically, there are three segments that our Booster plan consists of and that would be On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization and Reports.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is SEO aspect followed by every SEO service provider. In this segment changes are made in code and design level that aids search engine spiders to read the page effectively and index them – resulting high page rank. Search engine evaluates the higher page rank of your website based on page consisting better informative and better exhibits; this evaluation is done from search engine’s point of view not human.

Off Page Optimization

Off page Optimization does not include any internal website changes. This factor helps boosting the rank of a website without controlling coding or design. It refers to the creation of back links, social media, forum posting, press release and more. This process populates the link and increasing the number of pages in the search engines.


Our report segment ensures the updating of the changes on a daily basis such as what all change has been made or worked against your website. Moreover, the report consists of Pre Optimization, Initial Keyword Ranking, Submission Detailed and Monthly Keyword Ranking.

This was our SEO service package now we will move to another promotional offer of E-commerce solution. Our E-commerce package includes the complete solution from a shopping cart to product catalog/blog and onpage optimization. Onpage Optimization is an additional advantage that you will get in our E-commerce package, as mentioned earlier it will help increasing the hierarchy of your website in search engines. The amendments of development may vary depending on the sub packages. The over all E-commerce solution will include Shopping cart, Administration, Payment gateway, Shipping and order management, Security & encryption, Product catalog/blog and OnPage optimization.

Squidoo lens creation has become today’s vogue to enhance one’s hierarchy in search engine

As everybody knows that SEO is evaluated by deeming tons of things and there are numerous ways of making a website SEO friendly. It would be needless to say though SEO is chiefly based on more backlinks and pages so to increase this, nowadays different ways are being generated through which search engines trigger and get acquainted with a website seamlessly. Squidoo lens creation is today’s vogue that propels the website and results-high page ranking. Unlike other platforms, it just does not aim to support the backlinks but also serve the assortment of purposes. It is a web 2.0 social media that consists its own internal lens owners through which you also get some traffic.
Squidoo lens act as a single web page that is very useful to update articles, profile, add pictures, video, backlinks and links where you want to redirect your customer. When I say you can show the direction to a customer of a particular website or walk anywhere it simply means that Squidoo offers do-follow links process. Squidoo links are also triggered and determined by search engines seamlessly. From smaller to giant companies Squidoo is being used by all to acquaint people about product, service, and company or provide any acknowledgement to spectators.

While creating a Squidoo lens Openxcell aims to server the purpose of more backlinks, higher ranking, more traffic, more sales, and google friendly-links, all this at affordable price.
There are couple of different packages that a Squidoo lens creation includes which various based on one’s need.

To make search engine trigger your website at the top it requires unique techniques

I won’t go much deep or start with anything like what is marketing, why it is important or how to go about. It is a generic thing that everybody knows. What I’m here to discuss is about the sub categories of marketing, which way of marketing suits your business and how you can be rest assured that the particular way will suit your business. There is no doubt that internet is an ethical way of marketing since the major advantages like cost efficient, worldwide presence and more makes the choice of most of the people to go for.

Among various sub categories of Internet marketing Forum Link Building and Blog Commenting are two ways that help boosting up the rank of a website.

Forum Link Building

Forum Link Building is a way of building more back links that helps propelling a website in high ranking. When your website or blog consists of more back links the more chance of being at the top increases. This is one of the algorithms of search engine that every company follows anad tries to build many back links as much as they can. These links are generated in blogs, websites, social networking sites and more.

Blog Commenting

Blog is a platform that people like to follow if they find it interesting and get involve by commenting, which leads the conversation. And these comments sometimes are posted with links for further conversation. Do-follow blog commenting is an aspect of blog commenting done by companies that offer blog commenting service. Do-follow blog commenting helps generating backlinks in comments, which is another way of increasing more pages – results the high PR.

While approaching an internet marketing company certain things you should know about a company is their experience, work and their capabilities to ensure the money you will spend should provide lucrative results in return. Openxcell is a web development company with specialize in internet marketing service. First we study the requirement of our clients, know the product/service and see the competitors along with targeted market, after the completion of the process we suggest the best way of marketing to our clients and work against.

Getting the things done briskly is want people demands

The usage of wireless internet is increasing more than fixed broadband lines because of being assessable anywhere and anytime. Internet has become the basic necessity of most self employed and employs. The growth of the mobile internet subscription is thriving day-by-day. So the demand of the mobile consisting business features and internet facilities has become the common need. Along a side of that common need looking at the level of growing technology people are now demanding more than what they are getting. And in some or the other way web development companies are fulfilling their need.

At the early age, the speed of the internet was very issue for its users, but gradually the evolvement of technology vanished the speed issue, yet many people faced the same problem. Later, as days go by Goggle’s discovery boast that a dense website is also one of the reasons of the internet being nudged. This led web development companies learn a new thing and provide new service called Website Optimization. Website optimization prunes and shrinks the size of a website; resulting the forging speed. This service showed the optimistic results and was very beneficial for many people.

Same way mobile internet users faced the relevant issue and so on Mobile website search engine optimization service intervened. While implementing mobile website SEO we ensure the content and picture does not shrink, the bandwith load does not reduce and enhance the viewing experience on a small device.

Powering your website by infusing backlinks in your comments helps high PR of your website

Marketing is a way to lead your product/service/company to level where you always wanted to. It is a strategy to boast something that entices customers, so they can take action against it. Direct and Indirect there are myriad ways of marketing, nonetheless, an appropriate marketing is something that directly passes your message to your targeted market. Today the internet has become the finest source to make people aware about something. The internet is a source where from the study to business everything is done seamlessly.

When we use words “Internet marketing” these words also consists of many sub ways of marketing. Now which way will lead your goal can only be judged by an expertise and experienced company. Blog commenting is one of them. Blogging is nothing but a networking activity that people usually follow when they know or heard about them. People jot comments and some ask questions and so on. Blog commenting service is very beneficial for active bloggers who keeps on updating their blog timely. There are two sub categories of high PR Blog commenting Do-follow blog commenting and No-follow blog commenting.

Do-follow blog bookmarking generates backlinks which aids in boosting your website rank in major search engines. No-follow blog commenting helps to populate a link which is saved on the web page to share with others. We, Openxcell ensure to come up with newer posts and generate quality backlinks while posting the comments on your blog. This will not only allow your website to interact with quality traffic but will also ensure high ranking of your website.

SEO algorithms are nothing but a math of Google

As math is solved talking formulas into the consideration in the same way Google has its own algorithms to encapsulate hierarchy of websites in its search engine. The things that Google examines while evaluating a website are Search Engine friendly design structure, Back links and Content. These are three primary things that an internet marketing experts or SEO experts should keep in mind while working on a website. If these three elementary things are vague than a website will never be SEO friendly and will always lack in ranking.

Now let’s see how these three aspects play a vital role in search engine optimization.

Search engine friendly design structure

Until the design was not speculated one of the algorithms of search engine optimization people went on developing high graphic and elegant websites that entice the users by its outlook. However, later as design structure affected the hierarchy of website people started asking for accessibility. The parameters of designing a SEO website include proper involvement of certain items such as heading tags and graphics. If the website is not designed SEO friendly, sometimes it becomes very hurdle to alter the design and layout of a website and make it SEO friendly.


Backlinks are also called as inbound/incoming links that refer to the relevant information/page or even sometimes entire website. This algorithm counts the backlinks a website or web page contains and put them forward the one which has the highest backlinks; because more relevant information is reckoned by search engine algorithms that’s why a website with the highest backlinks achieves more popularity.


While above components makes a site crawl seamlessly with the back support. Eventually content is an ultimate key that pulls up a website based on users query. Injecting the keywords in content that users use to end up their need helps conceiving a website and retains good rank. However, it doesn’t mean that webpages are just filled with targeted keywords, incorporating required keywords and proper way of formulating in a sentence is reckoned accurate.

The search engine optimization for small business is very imperative since it uplifts the business by creating the visibility. Openxcell SEO company ensures all above things are in a right path while developing a website.

Article Submission is the Simplest White Hat SEO Strategy to Grab Online Market

In the online web world three factors are generally emphasized:

  • Search Engine
  • Content Formulation
  • SEO Techniques (Organic/White hat)

Emphatically all these aspects have to be catered if one is aiming high while doing online business. The primary factor is search engine but, practically one can never screw search engine directly however you need to start up with other surrounding factors like SEO techniques that can help businesses to upraise their places in the SERPs.

Talking about the commonest and simplest organic SEO strategy, article submission is the basic form of SEO strategy that is used for getting the effective backlinks and thereby it does promotion of the various businesses. You can never fool search engines and therefore can never submit the duplicate contents to different article directories. Anyway, its fair enough to judge the trade’s reliability, isn’t it! However search engines do appreciate when every time new contents about a particular topic are submitted to different places. Here, you can definitely restructure the existing content and submit to multitude or you can even form different innovative content. Both the options are welcomed by search engines provided your content is not a copied one. Article submission is practiced manually that helps in submitting articles to different article directories mentioning different needed fields.

Article submission is an amazing way to derive the backlinks organically if at all your content is effective otherwise there is no hope to succeed in online world. It is some way troublesome to deal with the search engine strategies but ultimately it is planned for everyone.

Reach Business’ Profitability with Increasing Traffic Conversion Rate

There is absolutely no meaning of scratching your head unnecessarily regarding profit analysis for your business as, profit can be increased only through maximizing traffic conversion into customers, who will buy the services that you offer. This fact is unfortunately something like cracking the jackpot! Something that you always want but it is really hard to grab.

No company, feature and policy can ever guarantee you of 100% traffic conversion however certain procedures can be practiced in order to improve the profitability ration. Believing “something is better than nothing” policy you can surely incorporate various features, which can deliberately improve the website status.

While talking about features, yes of course you can include various proposals or offers to your website to lure the visitors! No one comes to buy on their first visit, that doesn’t mean you can let go the first chance! Grab it and offer something to your visitors in exchange of their email address and full identification. If you are done with this, then call them for revisits with some major offerings so that they at least chase behind your product. However the best solution to suggest you is to involve yourselves in live chat so that you come to know about their needs and my friends, you are supposed to cater the needy. So, finally you caught your customers!

Remember there is no way you can let go any of your chances by missing the first shot because “the other side of the grass is not green”!

Social Media Establishes Virtual Community in your Absence!

There is no need to compromise your sleep and to be awake till late night just to organize and promote your online business. As long as you are indulged in online business then popularizing your website becomes hardly a problem. Nowadays, people have got lot many options through which they can effective promote the sites online.

So, emphatically you can now enjoy your weekends and celebrate the social occasions because as long as Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Video Promotion is existing in real earth, promotion can be easily done by these sites, what you need to do is just get yourself registered into it! While talking about the larger pane, social media optimization is based on organic SEO technique that helps in doing web promotion following the White Hat SEO strategies, which is beloved of search engine. Thus, there is absolutely no need to distribute brochures among localities because people around you will definitely come to know your business through search engines. So, friends sleep healthy and eat good and let people automatically come to know about you!