New Version, New Features. This is what Android Oreo is All About

Android Oreo

Google recently launched the beta version of Android O in the Google I/O 2017 developer conference. This time it is planning to give a complete new look to this upcoming version. The navigation, the experience, the app icons, new emojis, Oh Gosh! Isn’t that amazing?

It seems Google is all set to make people fall in love with this Android Operating System. So, what’s there in the bag? Of course, Yes! The discussion is about features.

Here they are… The enthralling, the elated and what else which word is that Umm… The jubilant. The writer herself is so excited that she is expressing her excitement using the synonyms of fun and happy.

Anyways, back to the point. The Features.

Fluid Experiences: With the launch of this new version, Google has come up with a new way of being more productive in our daily routine. No single tasking, It’s multi-tasking. Yes, you heard it right… Now, our fingers will move on our favourite apps at a single time long pressing the home screen.  For instance; while watching a video on youtube you can click on another app of your interest and enjoy the view of both.

Have you heard of Tensor Flow? Tensor Flow is an open source library for machine learning developed by Google Brain. It was developed for internal use before it got released in Apache 2.0 open source library.

Tensor Flow Lite is a new scaled down tool by Google which uses LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) to enhance the experience. Android O has a new framework from Android which comprises some components of AI and its hardware accelerates the features of the neural network.

There are a few refreshing tools within this category which include picture-in-picture [PIP], navigation dots, smart text selection and auto-fill.

Picture-in-Picture [PIP]: This feature allows users to go to the homescreen and tap on another app while watching a movie or playing a game on your Android device. This is how it works.

Android O Picture-In-Picture Feature

Tapping on the home screen while watching the video will place the video in the small popover. This enables your second task for instance; doing Whatsapp in parallel with your first one.

Notification Dots: It seems the users will get to know the next step when the notification pops up on the device. Notification dots is a new feature. With the release of the final version of Android O, the Android app developers can notify users about the availability of action. Long pressing the notification will display the action in detail.

Android O Notification-Dots

Smart Text Selection: Google Team has done an amazing research work. And, this feature is the proof. It will bring a relief to users adaptive to copy and paste scenario. As per the research, the task of text selection is cumbersome. This magnifying new version has made the life of users simpler and smarter with the use of AI components.

Android O Smart Text Selection

Autofill: Forget memo, forget message, forget gmail where you used to save your credentials as a cache memory. This new feature remembers your username and password in some cases to quickly sign-in to the apps on your device.

Vitals: A Guard to protect your phone and enhance your user experience. This feature will improve the battery life, security and OS optimization. Besides, there is no need of Antivirus software as Google Play Protect will scan all the apps you install from the play store.

Wrapping Up

This is going to be a much awaited version of Android not only for users but also for mobile app development companies. This is for sure. GoodBye Nougat, Welcome Oreo. There is a lot more wrapped in this new version of Android. Don’t miss the read.


What Do Users Look For In An Android App?

what-do-users-look-for-in-an-android-appGoogle play hosts millions of Apps. Android App Developers upload their apps on Google Play for users. Users discover the apps in Google Play by different means but they download very few of them. The smartphone of a user is a prime space and very few apps are downloaded and used. Android App Developers have constantly wondered about this. They want to know what goes through the user’s mind when he browses the Google Play store for apps. What makes him download an app?

We have been in the app development landscape for long and have a few pointers for app developers. We studied a good numbers of apps and have a list of factors that make an app sticky. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


Android users are very price sensitive. The first thing they look for is the price of an app. Google Play provides most of its apps for free. These apps have their own monetization strategies. Majority of Android App users do not want to pay for the apps. They want it to be free. So if you are an Android App Developer and you have put an app on Google Play, ensure that it is free and have good monetization strategies to see you through for its success.

# Security

Security is one of the major concerns. Users want to stay away from apps that ask for too many permissions and do not seem secure. If you are developing an app for Android users ensure that it is secure and don’t ask for too many permissions.


Your app’s shelf life on user’s smartphone depends on how useful it is for him. It has to fulfil a need which could be anything from providing entertainment for a few minutes to delivering traffic updates. The app should serve a purpose. If a user finds your app really useful, he will stick with it.

# Size of the App

Users prefer Apps that are smaller in size. Big apps take too much space and slow down the device. Bigger apps consume too much data. This is the reason why Apps like Facebook have  Facebook Lite version. So as a developer, if you want people to download your app ensure that it is not too big. If it is big, make a smaller version of your and launch it for users who you know would not go for the bigger version of your app.

# Reviews And Ratings

Positive reviews and good ratings are oxygen for your app. users get influenced by them. They want to go for apps which have been tested and proven to be good. Very few users want to take a chance on apps that have poor reviews and ratings. So, as a developer your best strategy is to launch your app  only when you are sure that it is ready. Test with your beta testers. Launch the app when you know it is good and stable, else you would have to deal with unfavourable reviews.

Winding Up

These are the factors we feel affect the life of an app in a big way. If you want to design and develop an Android App, you should pay attention to its size , security, price and usability. Good apps get good reviews and ratings which sustains them. We at Openxcell have more than 7 years of experience in developing successful Android Apps. If you have an idea for an app, give us a call and our team will get back to you to discuss the viability of the app. Remember – Good apps are successful apps.

Everything About Android-Auto App Developers Need to Know


Hello app developers,

It’s time to extend your android app development skills.

Don’t tell me you didn’t hear about android auto. And if you really did, it’s time to turn motions into actions. Now, your next target is app development for android auto which will totally be a different (and a tad similar) experience than making apps for smartphone.

Android Auto is a collision between Android smartphones and cars. Or call it a connection between Android OS and cars build by apps. Something similar to Apple Carplay. The technology was introduced back in 2014. Till now, the idea has developed well in 2016 with APIs available to make apps for Android auto.

Back to the point, we were talking about making apps for Android auto. For this, you need to know some important things which we are going to discuss in this article.

There are Two Types of Apps

Not only apps, you have to focus on two types of apps when you are making them for Android Auto. One is Audio App and next is Messaging app. Audio apps are made with the purpose to let users hear anything they want on their travel like music, podcasts, news, etc. And messaging apps are going to alert users about arrival of notifications, messages, etc. With messaging apps, users are even allowed to send replies using their voice which will keep them focus on road. APIs to make these apps and starter’s guide is already available at Android centre.

Not All Versions are Supportable

To make apps for Android auto, you have to start from Android 5.0 (or above version) starting from Lollipop and Marshmallow. Older versions like KitKat or Jellybean don’t have any access to Android Auto. Seems like users have to buy new Android smartphones if they want to form a strong interaction between their cars and smartphones.

Supportable Cars

Don’t you dare to think that you can make app for any car. Like Android’s versions, you also have to check out cars having system shaking hands with smartphones. The car must support Android auto to interact with your auto-enabled apps. At present Android Auto has 38 manufacturers to co-operate including Audi, Ford, Mercedes Benz, VW and Volvo.

Sharp Connections

Connection between apps and cars can take place in any form like via bluetooth, USB or may be internet. So when you build apps, make sure your app can connect easily without any risk of breaking down at any point.


You have to keep all the above details in mind while making apps for Android Auto. Also, don’t forget to follow your excellent android app making ritual which includes better user experience, user interface, inspiring designs, easy to understand navigation or everything that is considered as a sign of perfect app. When you make apps for Android Auto, you have to take a good care of things that keep users focus on road while enjoying such features.

Android Instant Apps – Save the Shrinking Future of Apps and App Developers

Android Instant Apps Bringing a New Hope for App Developers

According to Forrester, users spend 84% time of each month in five or fewer apps. According to comScore, most of users aren’t looking for new apps.

That means the five or fewer apps are the one existed since years and users don’t bother to replace them with new apps as they are satisfied with the existing ones. This data is a serious matter of worries for apps and app developers. Even after making a high profile app and putting approved app marketing tactics, app developers barely make a space on app store surface.

But soon this big problem turns into a smaller one due to the lights of hope thrown by Android. I am talking about one of the Google’s biggest announcement made on Google I/O Keynote. No, no, not the Google Home, not either an Allo App, my words are for Instant Apps.

What is Instant Apps?

Instant Apps are something that redirects you from website to mini apps which you don’t need to install to see the in-app contents. It works like: when you open URL of any website, you will reach to the app of particular brand instead of website and you don’t need to install that app. Something like web app, but again I repeat you don’t need to install it. The app will open instantly just like a website or faster than this, that’s why they are called “Instant App”


Now the most important questions: how these apps save the future of apps and app developers?

1. Never-Used Apps will Become Handy

Some apps are permanent like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Email apps, while some or many apps are temporary. Of course, users need temporary apps, but only for once in a month. They never keep or install apps that have a little use. That is the reason why many useful apps remain untouched.

With Instant Apps, users don’t need to install least use app, still they are able use it once in a month or whenever they need. This is how even untouched apps becomes useful for users.

2. Preventing the Need of Websites

Mobile Web browsers are not yet able to provide best mobile user experience. This thing is only covered by apps. But to install each and every app for minor purposes is also not a preferable thing for users. Here is where Instant apps seem so useful with best-ever user experience, eliminating the need of websites and app installation as well.

3. A Lift to Mobile Ads

Pop-up insecure websites are ruining the mobile experience while Ad Blockers are blocking the way to earn through mobile ads. And Google makes a lot of money from its ads. Android Instant Apps can turn the things normal again. The app won’t redirect users to any other insecure website. Also, Instant apps are able to provide web experience to users with ads alongside. This is a huge earning opportunity for Android app developers.

4. Good News for Older Android Platforms

While making apps, app developers focus on the recent or latest OS versions. According to data, only 4.6% of Android smartphones has the latest Marshmallow OS. That means most of Android phones are still using the old OS versions. It also means that the old platforms won’t take the advantage of new apps.

The case is not same with Instant Apps. Google’s Instant Apps are addressed to support even the oldest platforms back to 2012’s Jelly Bean.

Google has taken the Instant App move at the right time. To convince users for new app download is a back-breaking task because of which many app developers started losing the hope to earn anything from their apps. Instant Apps brought that hope back while providing a high earning opportunity for developers. Let’s see how developers master the art of earning through Instant Apps.

Why Android and Medical Device App Development Can Make a Good Match?

Why Android is a Prime Choice for Medical Device App Development

All fields are growing faster after the emergence of smart world. But one sector is still not growing the way others are doing. It is medical world. Medical field is the one that never take a step ahead for trend until the trend is recognized and approved worldwide. Now, smartphones and other smart devices have reached to everyone’s hands, it’s time for medical sector to finally step into the shoes of smart world.

However, we have seen the baby steps of medical care through various apps like apps for communication between patient and doctors, health & fitness apps, heart rate monitoring apps, etc. But they are small steps. As everything like watch, TV, cars, and others moving to smart era, it is the right time for medical world to move for the same. And to take those big steps, medical care gave prime importance to Android and android app developers.

But why? Let’s find it out.

Android is a Rich Face of UI and UX

Have you ever used or saw any of the medical devices? Like the popular one: heart monitor machine. Most of medical devices are like these; call it somehow boring and hard to understand, unless you are a doctor or the one with good knowledge of all such things.

All in all, I want to say that these devices are out of average minds. While Android-laden devices are something one can understand from scratch. It won’t take much time for users to understand medical devices with Android OS. That is because Android is a rich source of excellent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Android is Open Source

Being an Open Source software, Android is a choice of huge number of developers. Android supports quick bug fixing, stable development environment, fast working development tools, easy debugging and testing solutions. It has everything to create a decent medical app to turn the users on.

Android is a hub of Skilled Developers

Not only Android is called a hub of good number of developers, it is also known for its community of skilled android app developers. So, you don’t need to put special efforts in order to search out a proficient team of android developers as you reach them easily from any corner of the world.

Android is Cost Effective

Android is Cost effective. That’s why it reached to the hands of all including the poor and the rich ones. Medical care is something anyone will be in a need at any time. No matter, if s/he is poor or rich. If s/he has Android, s/he has an easy access to reach professional medical services within no-time at all. And going for Android thing is not a big deal as it is affordable enough.

Android makes communication easier

Communication takes a centre stage in medical care. Everyone seeks an online doctor who can guide patients in their emergencies. And Android is one of the best source of communication due to its advance networking capabilities. Android’s ability is determined by its Java tools that each time open the door for new possibilities for data exchanges.

Other Side of Coin – Challenges with Android

Androids are available in bulk. And the key requirement of medical services is to offer real time services. Anytime anything can hit up a failure due to massive traffic from the same device. Overall, users can’t rely completely on devices for the sake of services. It may not available in emergencies.

At last, it seems that pros are more than cons when it comes to Android medical app development. However, it is also essential to cop up with cons so that more and more can head over to smart world’s way. After all, it is a medical care everyone needs on their fingertips. Developers are trying their best to remove the barriers to make the way clear and safe as well.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Technology Rocks The World

The Pebble Blue look of Samsung Galaxy S3 is really looking wonderful. The slim body of this cell is really heart touching and the Smartphone runs on Android 4.0. Samsung is going to launch the same Smartphone in the third week of this month in the United States. Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a default user interface. The Second phone of this leading brand will come with Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) after Galaxy Nexus.

With some solid and attractive features the S3 comes with 4.8 inch HD Super Amoled (1280*720) display. It’s really awesome! The camera of this phone is really superb. This phone provides “Burst Shot” feature which one allows users to capture twenty continuous shots. The 8 Mega Pixel camera provides the ability, clarity and speed to users. We can easily record HD video with the 1.9 Mega Pixel front facing camera which is bundled with 64 gb micro SD slot.

S3 is also studded with excellent multimedia features. Samsung Galaxy S3 provides “Video Hub” and “Game Hub” options to users to access different social games and high quality TV and movies. It also has the most standard and quality features like Recording and Playback in Full HD, Recording Snapshots, Bluetooth4.0, Burst Shot & Best Photo, WiFi HT40,NFC, GPS and many more features. Samsung is really going to unveil elegant technology because of the battery power of this Smartphone really ensures a minute talk time of 11 hour and 40.

Samsung Galaxy is the cutting edge device in the present time and has outperformed iPhone’s performance already. The exceptional and exotic features of this phone are really looking impressive and incredible. It’s really one of the most buzzing cell phone of this world has ever seen.

OpenXcell Technolabs is a premier android app development company. It has a talented team of expert android app developers having expertise in developing custom android applications.

BlueStacks opens the way to run Android Applications on Windows Desktop

Have anyone heard about BlueStacks? This revolutionary app company and  is  proving to be boon for the windows userbase. Bluestack will help supporting Android applications on your windows desktop. It’s one of recent update for windows users.

Since, Microsoft, plans to make it more difficult to dual boot OS on windows 8 system and make it possible to switch operating system on Windows RT tablets and phones. The extreme invention BlueStacks will be looking one and only way to run Android applications on Windows 8 tablets, smartphones and PC’s. As PC-giant ASUS has signed deal with BlueStacks to include it’s own Android App player on the company’s next generation PC.

As we all know that Wine is one of most popular emulator so, BlueStacks really works like wine because of it doesn’t emulate the actual hardware of a device. Instead, BlueStacks just emulates Android Davlik to server as a bridge between the application and Windows API’s (Application Programming Interface). BlueStacks can easily access the system’s graphics hardware to accelerate the program’s graphic processing.

As BlueStacks has also the related Application which one is Cloud Connect, this one lets you sync Android Apps from your smartphone or your tablet to your PC running BlueStacks App Player. As BlueStacks has its own Application Store, but as usual people really like to find a way to install other applications. Cloud Connect is very useful but this one is easy road for malware and in the same case, if you haven’t been paying attention, there is lots of Android Malware on the loose. So, it proves that BlueStacks is one of the great featured options for the windows users to use Android Applications.

BlueStacks is really one of stunning and risk free way for the careful Android downloads. It’s really one of most elegant way to use Android Applications in Windows desktop, PC, tablets, and phones. As the same company plans to bring it’s technology to Mac OS X as well.

OpenXcell Technolabs is a premier android app development company. It has a talented team of expert android app developers having expertise in developing custom android applications.

Secret ingredient for a successful BlackBerry app? Talented BlackBerry app developer

Get high value of your investment by engaging an expert app developer. Read on to find out how talented BlackBerry app developers can make your app a money spinner.

Here is a check list of what your BlackBerry app should have for it to be a commercially successful app – interesting app idea, pixel precise designing, intuitive user interface and outstanding user experience. However, for your app to be a commercial hit, engaging an expert BlackBerry app developer will do the trick for you. You will be surprised at the multiple benefits you get by hiring the right talent for your app.

Masters of their field: The success of your app eventually boils down to its ability to make for a great user experience. The one who knows in and out of BlackBerry app development is definitely your best choice. To have a seasoned developer working with you on one-on-one basis will go a long way in helping you to develop the app just as you visualized it to be. Here is a word of advice. Watch out for similar work samples like that of yours. This will get you confidence in the capabilities of the developer and also help the developer to exactly understand your requirements.

Faster launch to the market: This is perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring a skilled BlackBerry app developer. They can serve you as your saviors if you are shot down with a tight deadline. The developer singularly works on your project and so the revision cycles move faster allowing you to get any changes made right away. You get more time to test your app for a bug free user experience.

Pocket friendly prices: If you choose to outsource app development to the Asian continent especially, BlackBerry app developers India you can avail finest work quality while saving huge. You may wonder, ‘why someone will provide expert services at low price?’ Here is how it goes. The currency difference between the western countries say, US and eastern countries such as India is more than forty times. By keeping their margin slightly low, the Indian app development companies stay competitive in the world market yet profitable. For the western clients, it is a win-win situation. They get their app development done at low prices and satisfactory work quality.

Get maximum value of your investment: No doubt you can have an in-house team for your BlackBerry app development. However, the overwhelming overheads of infrastructure, electricity expense, sourcing the right talent and providing employee benefits will eventually dry out your profits. Offshore app development dramatically reduces your initial costs and also help your app to get more downloads by staying ahead of the competitors. This way you enjoy a bigger share of your profits.

OpenXcell Technolabs BlackBerry app developer team has the expertise and experience to turn even the most complex app ideas into commercially successful apps. Choose us for your next BlackBerry app development project. View our BlackBerry portfolio on


The Android app development companies in India offer amazing applications to its clientele, but how come they achieve this? Well! They are Android app developers the actual heroes behind the success.

I was asked to attend a conclave on the subject of “app developers in India”. Many skilled professional appeared with their area under discussion. I realized how important the Smartphone is in today’s life, especially when people need to communicate and stay linked with their friends and families intuitively. It was more like the advantages of having a Smartphone. I was on high thought how mobile app development companies achieve such a painstaking task to help their clientele. At the end of the conclave I realized the success behind these companies is their hard working developers. I did not calm my queries. Now I wanted to know the platform which is better of all and that developers opt for their profession. After the keen study of market I came to know the siren lyrics for Android app developers.


The advantages these developers enumerated to me were;


The development tools are very easy to use. They provide developer to enhance the feature by offering the rich browser support. It has the best options to create a network between the applications. It is portable and gives an amazing experience between the application and the final user. It is easy to create and has many options to distribute applications to the clientele, for example, selling through third party stores. This is one of the main reasons that have grown the business and sale of Android app development companies.

It is cost & time effective. Both local and offshore clients get cost effective services from the professional highly skilled developer, especially when client asks for Android app developers from India. Another important reason of its cost efficiency is that it is an open Source platform. The development life cycle helps developers to divert their mind from only implementation and concentrate on understanding clientele need.

Developers have freedom to play with their inventiveness. Developers are free to let their imagination route on Android SDK for creating useful applications. Moreover, they are facilitated with the replication of codes to develop more creative features for the application. They fetch requirements quickly but precisely and offer absolute customized Services. The development technologies are highly advanced. Operating System is very swift and has very low chance to crash down that means more stability.

After realizing the advantages that have written above, I would recommend you to hire a company which deals in Android app development and has some skilled and creative Android app developers. Moreover, I would say to approach some Indian company as it assures you time bonding services within your means.

If you are looking to hire professional and highly skilled Android app developers in India, OpenXcell Technolabs is the best choice. It is a leading software development company that provides all its services to all over the world in very affordable price. Visit:

Android app Developer- A mixture of creativity and technicality

To get a successful Android app developer is somewhat a mixture of creativity and practicality. Let us know the advantages of Android that made developers choose this platform for career.

Android market is hot in full swing and becoming one of the most favorite app development tools amongst the developers. What makes developers choose Android app development as a career? Let us have a peek on some of the reasons;

This open source platform is based on Linux Kernel that promises performance stability and security which helps developers to use most of their time understanding clientele needs. It is very smooth and has fewer chances to crash down, that is the reason why porting of the application becomes hassle free. Its swift facts gathering provide accurate information.

Unlike other smart phones Android lets you choose your Hardware.
Development tools are easy to use that fits your budget. Moreover, Android app can be created with the help of professional Android app developer as well as average developer. An average developer may push your money and time in vain. For better results it is good to hire professional developer. Android app developers use Android SDK and Java programming language to build applications. It provides the component re-usability feature such as, Email, SMS, calendar and etc that facilitates developers utilize more time on developing unique and bold features. This app development platform provides useful tools with large variety of libraries to build up creative and unique mobile applications.

Today’s users do not keep patience when it comes to Smart phone; they need user-friendly navigation phone with more ease and less setup. The capable Android app developer will understand this need of the user and make the app in a way which not only has swift motions but core in-built functionality.

Variety of applications such as Game, communication, business, Wi-Fi and GPS enabled apps can be built on this platform. And importantly, applications made on this platform are comparatively less with full ROI, which has gotten better market and it made user choose Android.

Android is a mixture of both creativity and technicality. Those who think building Android app is not a tough task will understand reality sooner or later. And those who think they are creative and having potential to build applications should give a try with Android development tool; their art undoubtedly come to a sparkle.

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