How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Transforming the World of Mobile Application Development?

IoT has already entered our lives in the form of drones, smart watches, health monitors, smart home appliances, etc. There are going to be many other similar innovations IoT Developers develop in future which is going to change our lifestyle, for example, driverless cars, or a fridge that tells you that you have forgotten to shut its door.

Business Insider estimates that global manufacturers will invest $70 billion on IoT solutions in 2020. That’s up from $29 billion in 2015.

IoT importance in mobile app development

How Does Internet of things Work?

IoT consists of small devices which communicate with the smartphones in terms of sending notifications, alerts, exchanging data, interact, and allowing some adjustments. The sensors and devices collect the data, send it to the cloud, data is processed and used for the user’s benefit.

For example, your bike has an in-built IoT and Bluetooth enabled lock which can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone within a specific distance. With few taps on your Smartphone, you can lock/unlock your bike lock because the Smartphone can communicate with your IoT enabled bike lock.

So, this is interesting, right? But, the IoT powered mobile apps are significantly different from other mobile apps as they require connectivity with the sensors, and support IoT as and when required.

Let’s dive into further how IoT is changing the way mobile apps being developed these days –

Applications Connectivity

The advancements in technology have brought in a drastic change in how the applications connect with each other. In the world of wireless connectivity, it becomes important to develop the apps which are compatible with the latest devices and platforms available. The apps which connecting seamlessly with IoT devices have become popular and highly usable.

Would you like to get an app developed for your business, which is using old technology and failing to connect with required devices? Of Course, not. Choose a mobile app developer wisely who believes in keeping pace with the latest trends pertaining to mobile app development and IoT.

Hire Mobile App Developers

Enhanced App Security is Required

In the case of IoT app development, security becomes the prime concern. When so many devices connecting and communicating with each other, the chances of confidential data being hacked becomes high. The mobile app developers need to ensure that the security level of the IoT based application should be high and in any case, the sensitive data should not be leaked.

IoT is being used in many industries these days like healthcare, military, etc., where sensitive information is usually transferred using mobile devices and sensors. Developing an IoT app which is not secure may be a huge problem in these highly confidential areas.

Experience in IoT App Development Becomes Significant

IoT is an innovative approach and thus requires experience and special skill set to develop IoT enabled apps. The software development company you hire for your mobile app project should have professionals who have studied this technology in-depth and have experience of developing apps which can incorporate IoT and stay competitive in the market.

Future-Ready App Development Skills

The IoT app development requires scalability and the ability to keep pace with the changing technology. The mobile applications having connectivity with IoT devices need to be ready for the technological changes in this sector. The apps which are not future-ready cannot sustain in the market and out of audiences’ vision very soon.

Evolving Trends in Mobile Application Development

The emerging technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, etc., the consumer demands are changing and based on that the trends in mobile app development are evolving. The use of personal assistants like Alexa and Siri has brought in many smart devices supporting these innovations in our homes and offices.

IoT App Development Company

If you are planning to avail mobile application which can sustain this competitive environment, getting cross-platform IoT enabled mobile app would fit in the demands of your consumers and help your business to move steps ahead you have always desired for.

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Top 5 E-commerce Platforms And Solutions To Start Online Business In 2019

What is an eCommerce Platform

Nowadays, the eCommerce platform runs on software that combines front-end and back-end functionality. There are plenty of platforms divided into two paths of development that are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and open source platform. This platform is currently becoming more popular over current market trends and will continue to grow. Here in this article, we will have a look at the top 5 custom developed eCommerce platforms for 2019.

Top 5 eCommerce Platform for Business in 2019

List of Top Ecommerce Platforms Of 2019

   1. Magento

  • Magento is an open source CMS platform which provides unique featured services to business owners and helps them to expand their business operations digitally in the eCommerce world.
  • Magento has powerful functions, system, flexibility, easy customization, and scalability.
  • This CMS platform is the best option for those who want to expand their businesses for long-term goals.
  • Magento Development Company helps you to convey your best online shopping experience to your customers you will inevitably end up with loyal customers.  
  • It gives you complete control over the services by providing comprehensive tools.Magento Development Company

Advantages, And Features Of Magento:

  • Easy to use platform that entirely focuses on providing simplicity services.
  • It gives you extended plugins options, which helps in developing custom made designs.
  • List out unlimited products and categories.
  • It allows you to combine the design with the SEO services for gaining the optimal search engine results.

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   2. Drupal Commerce

  • Drupal Commerce has flexible and unique functionality of handling complex payment models efficiently.
  • It readily integrates with numerous third-party apps.
  • Through built-in CMS Drupal makes a powerful content marketing eCommerce strategy.  
  • Drupal Website Development offers some great deals over digital marketing support which can help you to a lot through its eCommerce system.Drupal Development Company

Advantages, And Features Of Drupal Commerce:

  • Safe and secured eCommerce platform
  • License-free
  • Marketing enabled
  • Payment card industry data security standard

   3. WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce is an open source platform which is free to download and offers to WooCommerce developers with an enormous amount of extended features.
  • It is a WordPress plugin that has user-friendly features and functions to provide a better eCommerce experience.WooCommerce Development Company

Advantages, And Features Of WooCommerce:

  • Diverse customization options
  • Simple and professional
  • Great flexibility
  • WooThemes

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   4. WP eCommerce

  • WP eCommerce is another platform which is filled with WordPress plugin options.
  • WP eCommerce platform has been in demand and has been downloaded more than two million times.
  • This platform boosts up the eCommerce solution through WordPress functions.
  • WP eCommerce coding is simple even after being an open source eCommerce platform.WP eCommerce Development Company

Advantages, And Features Of WP E-Commerce:

  • One can easily add products to the catalog
  • White-glove customer support
  • Configure shipping and taxes
  • Industry-leading payment gateways

   5. Shopify

  • Shopify has an easy setup, with a handy dashboard area for quickly adding products and customizing the look of your site.
  • During the signup process, Shopify app development asks you if you plan on moving from another platform.
  • It provides a link for importing products from your previous store.
  • Adding a product is clear and comfortable, with fields like product descriptions, titles, price and more.
  • The goal of Shopify is to make everyone to launch their eCommerce store, even without having any design or development skills.Shopify Development Company

Advantages And Feature of Shopify:

  • Unlimited products, orders, file storage, and bandwidth.
  • Web-based website builder with drag-and-drop option
  • Automatic carrier shipping rates
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile commerce ready
  • Use your domain name


The selection of the right platform can genuinely unlock the performance of your business. The eCommerce platforms can help you in engaging your customers with your brand. Your business can get mobile optimized sites and fully customizable eCommerce platform, which can lead to a considerable growth of your business. There are eCommerce website development companies like OpenXcell in the market who can build a secure and seamless e-commerce website for your company.

6 Preeminent Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools 2019

With so many mobile devices proliferating mobile apps are no longer a luxury but have become a necessity of day to day life. The increase in the use of mobile phones has increased the demand for mobile apps that can work well on multiple platforms.

Curating cross-platform mobile app development for any number of systems is not an easy task for mobile app developers. That is why the demand for cross-platform app development tools is increasing day by day.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Tools

According to a survey by Forrester, more than 60 percent of enterprises are already working with cross-platform development by using these tools.

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Best Cross-platform Mobile App Development Tools 2019

In this article, let us have a look at some of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools that can help in designing cutting edge and productive apps that can work efficiently on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

      1.  Xamarin

  • Xamarin is the tool that allows developers to design native apps for multiple platforms using c# code only.
  • This tool allows developers to use the same language, IDE, and APIs everywhere.
  • Big companies like Microsoft, Dow Jones, IBM, and Foursquare, have adopted Xamarin cross-platform development.
  • With Xamarin, mobile app developers can work on Ruby or C#, as it is one of the most suitable development platforms for these programming languages.
  • Xamarin platform allows the mobile app developer to share code, which means an app can be created in less time and at a lower cost.

     2.  Sencha Touch

  • Sencha Touch is a cross-platform mobile web app framework that can build efficient apps by using hardware acceleration techniques.
  • Using this tool one can build top quality apps with well-tested, tightly-integrated UI components and libraries.
  • It can even build large business apps with ease.
  • It supports iOs, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone.
  • For every major platform, this tool offers built-in native-looking themes.
  • It supports PhoneGap and Cordova integration for native API packaging.

    3. PhoneGap

  • PhoneGap is a cross-platform app development tool owned by Adobe.
  • It comes with the best features and is free.
  • With PhoneGap, it is easy to translate code from HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • PhoneGap has a feature called Hydration that makes debugging process speedy for the mobile app developers. This feature even gives updates to the users about the most recent versions and tool updates.
  • This tool is best suited for mobile apps that do not make substantial use of the phone’s native features.
  • It allows you to deploy a single code base to different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, and more.
  • It enables you to make use of in-app, integrated payments via the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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     4.  Codename One

  • Codename one is the leading cross-platform app development tool that supports rapid app development.
  • The mobile app developers can write the code in Java.
  • This tool can test and verify the mobile app using Codename One’s simulator and test automation tools.
  • Codename One supports popular IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • One of the best features of this tool is that mobile app developers can develop native iOS apps as well as native Windows app without having a Mac Or Windows PC.

     5.  RhoMobile

  • The RhoMobile framework offers application tools for developing native mobile apps, multi-platform apps, and enterprise apps.
  • It comes with a free Eclipse plugin.
  • The mobile app developers can develop, debug, and test apps using this tool even in the absence of an emulator.
  • The tools of RhoMobile framework can make offline data access.
  • It allows mobile app developers to integrate offline data synchronization into apps.

     6.  Monocross

  • Monocross is an open-source tool that allows you to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Windows Phone, Webkit- enabled devices and tablets.
  • This tool uses .NET, C#, and the Mono framework for developing multi-platform apps.
  • Monocross gives full access to the native devices APIs while coding in C#.
  • For app’s continual development and maintenance activities while using Monocross only requires C# and .NET compatibility.


While developing a cross-platform mobile app, picking up the right development tool is a very critical decision. These tools allow quick and easy to capitalize more audience of both iOS and Android users. There are mobile app development companies like OpenXcell that develops cross-platform apps for its clients by using various cross-platform app development tools according to the project needs.

6 Secrets to Help your Software Development Project to Succeed

The bad news is – 75% of businesses and IT executives anticipate the failure of their software development project. But, the good news is that we have the 6 secrets to help your software development project to succeed.

6 Secrets to Help your Software Development Project to Succeed

Before we work towards the success of your software development project, let us understand the possible reasons for it to fail –

  • Poor project management practices
  • Lack of communication within the teams
  • Project requirements not clearly defined or changing frequently
  • Insufficient human resources
  • Technical problems
  • Unavailability of latest tools

Failure of a customized software can be a great financial loss to the company, so how should we overcome this challenge and ensure the success of our project? Here are the secrets –


Thorough Business Analysis is Required Instead of Focusing Only on Technology

Whenever the requirement of software arises, the first question that comes into mind is which technologies should be used. Instead of that, a thorough business analysis should be conducted with brainstorming on various aspects.

Business analysis means asking questions like why is this software required? Who would be using it? Whether it is solving the purpose for which it is being created? And many such similar questions.

The answers to these questions would determine the features required in the software being developed. Thus, business analysis before software development starts is quite crucial. Sometimes, the business analysis may change the entire feature list of the software to be developed.


Stepping into the Users’ Shoes is Important

Once you have gathered the requirements of specific software to be developed, the next step would be analyzing the negative consequences those features might have after being developed. For example, in an inventory management system, if you have created a facility which notifies when the stock of a particular item goes below a threshold, you will also have to instruct the software to notify particular users only for the security purpose.

Some features of software might seem to be innovative and out-of-the-box but turn out to be uncomfortable to use. Before developing software, it is very much necessary to step into the shoes of the users and check which features can be painful for them.


Communicate Well and Be Ready for the Change

This secret can help in overcoming the challenge of the frequent changes in project requirement. If you communicate regularly with the team of software developers, and everyone else associated with that particular project regularly, you can avoid the delay in the completion of the project.

Sometimes, it happens that the project manager has changed and he or she has a different vision altogether about the project, or there is an external change happening within Government rules and regulations. In that case, the one who knows how to manage the change in a systematic manner is likely to succeed.

Keep the communication strong with your client and involve them at each step of the project, so that you know if any change is required in the project while developing it. Managing change after completion of the project might delay the delivery of the project, and also turn out to be a financial loss.


The More, The Merrier Is A Myth

As per Brook’s law, the more is not at all merrier. Adding more features to a project may confuse the users and result in the failure of the project. Keep the clutter out of your project. Include only useful features in the software whether it is for web or mobile.

To make your software development project successful, focus on what exactly your users want and will be using most of the time – Quality matters and not the quantity. Your software should not only look good, but it also should feel good. User experience matters a lot when it comes to software development.

Use analytical tools and research about users to find out their preferences relating to your software, or call a group of end-users and acquire their feedback and suggestions in order to build a successful software used by many.


Trying Before Buying Is Mandatory

Before you buy a car, you check whether the model is having a good look, enough leg space, useful functionality, pickup, dashboard, etc. by taking a test drive. This is done so that you can take buying decision with confidence.

Same is with software development. Ask for the prototype from your software development company, once they have understood your requirements. The prototype would convey things like how is your software going to look, feel, and work.

By checking the prototype of your software development project, you would be able to detect bugs at a very earlier stage, identify missing functionality, and get a better understanding as per users’ point of view.


Not Testing Can Prove To Be More Expensive Than Testing

The fact is that you can’t afford to skip the testing of your software project. Before going live, your software should be thoroughly tested, after all, your company reputation can be at stake.

Choose a software development company; you can depend on for bug-free development with in-depth testing, Testing can help in detecting bugs before your project goes live, and thus can help you in launching exponentially successful software taking your business to new heights.



The crux of the matter is to develop a user-friendly and error-free web app or a mobile app which can generate maximum ROI. That is possible, only if users have a comfortable browsing experience and solves their purpose in terms of exploring unrealized potential within their business and getting tasks done seamlessly.

In that case, hire a custom software development company passionate about their work and can deliver high-quality services with excellent customer support.

Software Development Trends in 2019

Currently, the software development is revolutionizing at a rapid speed. The demand for software developers in custom software development company is increasing with each passing day.

software development trends in 2019

As the work of a software developer touches almost everyone, more people are moving into the development sector and selecting the trending technology.

Software development is the most rapidly growing profession. There is an excess of an advanced version of brilliant software tech solutions which we are already aware of.


Therefore in this article let us look at the current trend in software development market which will continue to grow in 2019.

1. Rise Of Blockchain Technology

Due to the popularity of Bitcoin, Blockchain is a rapidly trending technology. It has its own apps beyond the cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain is actually a peer-to-peer network of different interconnected systems for storage of information and data which is unchangeable by anyone. It is a distributed ledger technology which removes the need of a mediator.

The blockchain development is creating its base as a lot of companies are either adopting or even trying to adopt it in the near future. According to a 2018 report by Forbes, about 10 largest companies in the world are now exploring Blockchain.

The blockchain technology also allows the companies to authenticate large-scale transactions within lesser time along with the removal of various expensive intermediaries.

With the development of blockchain apps, Offshore IT services can benefit a lot.

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2. Cybersecurity

According to a survey by Alert Logic, 18% of questioned organizations stated at least one security incident within the span of 1 year.

For the cybersecurity professionals, the biggest concern is protecting data loss and leakage followed by threats to data privacy and breaches of confidentiality.

All size of businesses are concerned about the cybersecurity and they are increasingly looking towards the software development industry.

This opens a new path of opportunities for a custom software development company.


3. Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

To compete in this market, the majority of the businesses now consider the entire digital transformation as an essential part of their business strategies. Generally, business leaders consider AI as the leading driving force for digital transformation.

AI is getting everywhere rapidly. As per the latest research, the revenue of the AI industry will increase by billions of dollars in upcoming years. This shows that the AI is going to considerably become a great trend in the upcoming years.

AI is useful to automate the businesses of large companies. The large-scale companies can implement AI for execution purposes of the different task to provide high-quality services.

AI-based apps consist of voice-activated smartphones, big data, home assistants, and many more. As a software development company, one must keep a keen eye on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

According to Gartner, PWAs is a software development trend that is likely to maintain high status in 2019 as they are less complex to apps in terms of development and maintained in comparison to the conventional mobile apps.

PWAs are web apps that load like regular web pages but can offer the user functionality such as push notifications, working offline, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native mobile apps.

Big giants like Microsoft and Google have been supporting PWAs heavily in 2018. Google called it the future of app development. Even Apple finally accepted PWAs.


5.Emergence of Chatbots

Chatbots fits into the list of the rapidly growing software development technologies which are in great demand. Chatbots can assist the software to develop customer-friendly bots.

Nowadays, chatbots are emerging as the easiest and fastest way as a complete solution for establishing custom communication.

As the entrepreneurs are certainly growing in huge numbers along with their businesses, there is a definite requirement of impressive chatbots.

The chatbots help customers to easily contact a representative of the business on the phone. There are high chances that we will witness an increase in chatbots development trend in the future.

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6. Introduction Of Google Go

Google Go is a particular new programming language which will certainly attract programmers as well as developers in the future.

According to the people involved in the software development field, Google Go is similar to another C language. Google introduced this new language for the purpose of cloud-based development.

This language takes the benefits offered by multicore programming.



The software developers with the right experience and set of skills do have huge opportunities. These software development technology trends will certainly dominate in the years 2019, and the overall demand for basic development skills will continue to rise. Especially, Software Development in India is seeing a substantial rise in recent times. There are software development companies like OpenXcell Technolabs that provides provide offshore software development services for startups and enterprises.

Top 5 Android App Development Trends That Every Business Must Consider In 2019

Adoption of Android app is growing by leaps and bounds and is knocking out competitors in the race of innovation & market share. With each passing year, Android is coming up with new tools and techniques in mobile app development.

Top 5 Android App Development Trends In 2019

It aims at simplifying the development process, as well as incorporating the best practices in design and user experience. Day by day, Android is becoming a major platform for developing the most advantageous apps for smartphones across the globe. In upcoming years, the expected CAGR of Android is about 2.4%, with shipments approaching 1.41 billion in 2022.

Here, in this article, we will have a quick round-up of Android app development trends that every business must consider in the year 2019.


Table of Contents

1. Cloud Based Android Apps

  • With the increase in the Android app users, the demands and expectations for Android apps have also increased.
  • The inflation in the demand of Android apps makes android app developers put heavy and complex features to their apps.
  • However, the complex programming requires more space and make the application slow.
  • In order to solve this problem, Android app developers began to move towards Android apps based on the cloud.
  • These apps are compatible with cloud storage and eliminate the burden of heavy data.

Cloud-Based Android Apps

  • On top of that, the cloud-based Android apps also assure business owners that they can access the data anywhere and anytime.
  • In addition, this technology gives security solutions to developers.
  • When it comes to protecting the confidential data of the users, Android apps based on the cloud are more secure than apps with local storage.
  • Benefits Of Cloud-Based Android Apps:
    • They provide high data security for business apps.
    • Apps run fast on all the android devices.
    • Data streaming is more convenient with cloud-based Android apps.
    • Reduction in hosting and equipment cost.

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2. Internet Of Things Apps

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) creates an appropriate environment for mobile app users by connecting all electronic devices.
  • Therefore, mobile app users can control a number of different electronic devices using their smartphones. Nowadays, this has become an integral part of our life.
  • According to a survey by Gartner, there will be around 20.4 billion IoT connected devices across the world by 2020.

Internet Of Things Android Apps

  • In fact, there are many home automation manufacturers that are continuously working on the system to create smart home technologies that a smartphone or an Android app can control.
  • Android apps equipped with IoT compatibility are huge in demand.
  • To lead the mobile app market, every businessman must ensure that their Android app must use the IoT to capture the attention of the users.
  • Benefits Of Internet Of Things Apps:
    • End-to-End Affordability and Connectivity
    • Easy Tracking Facility
    • Simultaneous Monitoring and Reporting of manufacturing of products.

3. Instant Apps

  • Google introduced Insta Apps in 2016 at its annual developer conference. From that time onwards Instant apps have transformed the traditional approach of the modern Android app developers.
  • The mobile app developers can provide a certain part of the app in the store that can allow the app user to interact without downloading it.
  • With this new technique, the users are now able to experience the product without wasting their mobile data and time.

Goolge Instant Apps

  • Instant Android apps eliminate all obstructions and offer the most convenient option for users.
  • After accessing the app, the user can download it to use the full version to use it in the future.
  • In recent times, apps that have the version of the Instant app, has a great opportunity to attract users.
  • Benefits of Instant Apps:
    • Social sharing is one of the powerful advantages of instant apps.
    • The users’ feedbacks are completely spontaneous.
    • Instant apps provide more exposure.

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4. AI and Machine Learning Based Apps

  • In recent times, AI and machine learning are the two major technologies that are revolutionizing the modern business world.
  • With the integration of these two technologies, Android apps are easily dealing with the complex processes along with extra skills.
  • With the help of AI & machine learning, the Android app developers can make their apps smarter than ever before for the users.
  • Chatbots are already using these technologies to understand human behavior and improve interactions.

AI and Machine Learning Based Apps

  • Capsule networks, Automated machine learning, and deep learning theory are some of the major trends under AI and machine learning android app development.
  • The assimilation of AI & machine learning produces a great user experience and gives way to many new features.
  • Apps like Uber is already using these technologies to serve customized user experience.
  • Benefits of AI and Machine Learning based apps:
    • Personalized Experience
    • Advanced Search
    • Predicted User Behavior
    • Improved Security
    • Deep User Engagement

5. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initially started with the common action of Google and Twitter.
  • It is the smaller version of HTML that makes mobile pages faster and lighter.
  • This technology allows Android app developers to create complex web pages that can be loaded faster on all mobile devices.

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Web pages of AMP tend to load 85% faster than non-AMP websites.
  • The reduced loading time improves the user experience.
  • Benefits of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages:
    • Lower Bounce Rate
    • Better User Engagement
    • Higher Search Ranking
    • Higher User Retention


The year 2019 signifies a major transformation for the Android app development industry. Google’s OS is now moving toward a fast-paced delivery of customer expectations. On the other hand, the Android app development trends continue to come and go. But it is important to evaluate the latest technology updates to identify the opportunities for your Android app development companies to create a competitive advantage. Mobile app development like OpenXcell, are always ready to seize such opportunities and develop the best apps for its customers.

Top 5 e-Reader Apps For iPad in 2019

While few people still buy dedicated e-reader devices, many readers have moved on to tablets and smartphones. Apple’s Books are already doing a great job as stock apps, but the specialist reading apps can support odd formats, add numerous extras, from highly configurable settings, and read the subscriptions.

Top 5 e-Reader Apps For iPad in 2019The large screen of iPad provides an awesome way to read your favorite books, magazines, and other content. In this article, we will check out top 5 e-reader apps, for convenient, all-in-one marketplace-reader combinations to feature-packed and highly customizable standalone readers.

Best 5 iPad Book-Reading Apps

     1. Bluefire Reader

  • Bluefire Reader is a perfect app for those who are looking for an e-reader app that can access your Adobe content.
  • On top of Adobe DRM content, Bluefire Reader can handle PDF and EPUB files. This allows you to transfer your own files from different places and have them conveniently in one place.

Bluefire Reader book-reading apps

  • Bluefire allows users to easily highlight text, bookmark locations, use night mode across all your iOS devices, and make annotations.
  • It is cleaner and more minimalist than other reader apps.
  • This makes Bluefire Reader a perfect app for people who do not care about all the fancy bells and whistles.

     2. Apple Books

  • Apple Books app released in September 2018 has a quick start section called Reading Now which has much better library management, and automatic night theme than its previous versions.
  • Reading Now brings together the titles that are currently in use and makes it easier to resume reading than before.

Apple Books book-reading apps

  • But Reading Now from Apple offers full support for in-app purchases, not only free samples.
  • Therefore, under your purchased books you will see titles of the books that are in your wishlist.
  • This app gives recommendations from Apple’s bookstore in a few popular categories.
  • The homepage of Apple Books includes lists of trending books, plus top charts in free and paid categories.
  • The biggest improvement in the latest version of this app is the introduction of the Auto-Night mode.
  • It is like the dark theme, that enables automatically when it gets dark.

     3. Kindle

  • Kindle is the most progressive book-reading app in Apple’s iTunes App Store.
  • Kindle offers features such as Page Flip in-book navigation, X-Ray reference tool, Send to Kindle iOS Share Menu button or access to library ebooks.
  • Kindle for iOS is now extremely well connected to Amazon’s subscription-based services such as Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle book-reading apps

  • This app offers a wonderful feature, Whispersync for Voice.
  • One can read an ebook and listen to an audiobook with this feature.
  • Whispersync for Voice technology allows you seamlessly switch between listening to its audiobook version and reading a Kindle ebook.
  • Two best benefits of Kindle are that it is an advanced reference tool and Whispersync feature lets switch between reading and listening.

     4. QuickReader

  • QuickReader is a well-designed book-reading app with many customization options.
  • It has a built-in access to thousands of public domain books from such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, and Internet Archive.
  • The customization feature in this app allows speed reading options and display.

QuickReader book-reading apps

  • Besides setting the speed goal, QuickReader also allows you to personalize the look of the highlight box.
  • One can read each book in this app can in two modes i.e; Normal and Guided Reading.
  • The app also provides a simple speed reading test, that checks out before you set the speed goal.

     5. Kobo

  • Kobo is a user-friendly app that offers an experience that can make the most of social reading in the digital age.
  • With this app, besides reading the book, you can also join a conversation at any time.

kobo Book Reading app

  • It helps you to simply share your own notes, thoughts and highlight the passage by adding a comment to it.
  • Kobo’s set of social features, Reading Life allows you to connect to your friends’ on Facebook and enables you to see what they read, as well as view and compare their awards.


There are hundreds of thousands of iPad apps in every category at the App Store. This gives users multiple options for a single type of app and therefore, there is no need to limit yourself to a single app. Especially when this app does not meet all your reading needs. One can use additional apps to improve reading speed, get extra features, or listen to audiobooks. There are iPad app development companies like OpenXcall, that makes such reading apps for its customers.

Top 10 Android Apps To Bring The Best Out Of Your Smartphone In 2019

There are a ton of amazing Android Apps in the market developed by Top Android App Development Company. The Google Play Store is full of apps and games, all organized according to what Google thinks will interest you the most. There are multiple apps that offer similar functionalities. According to the top android app developers, these are also some of the essential Android apps that can bring the best out of your smartphones 2019.

Top 10 Android App 2019

Top 10 Android Apps Developed by Android App Development Company You Should Use In 2019

  1. Google Drive Suite

Android App

  • Google Drive is a cloud storage solution where all new users get 15GB for free permanently upon signing up.
  • The Android apps attached to Google Drive makes it more special.
  • They include Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Keep, and Google Photos.

Google Drive Suite = Top 10 Android Apps 2019

  • Some of the features of these apps include deep sharing features, compatibility, live collaboration, and deep sharing features with Microsoft Office documents.
  • Microsoft Office has a similar setup with OneDrive. But Google is just an easier solution to use.

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     2. Google Assistant

Android App

  • Google Assistant is a powerful app. It also works on the majority of the devices that supports Android.
  • You simply download the app and then enable Google Assistant.

Google Assistant - Top 10 Android Apps 2019

  • This app simply supports a variety of commands. You can ask about the population control, can do math problems, and can control lights.
  • There are various types of like Google, Home, Chromecast, and Bose QC II Bluetooth headphones that can extend the functionality of Google Assistant.

     3. LastPass Password Manager

Android App

  • This is one of those must-have Android apps.
  • LastPass is a password manager that allows you to save your login credentials in a safe, secure way.
  • This app can help you generate nearly impossible passwords that you can use on your accounts.

LastPass Password Manager - Top 10 Android Apps 2019

  • There is a master password that controls everything in this app.
  • LastPass has cross-platform support which allows you to use on tables, computers, and mobile devices.
  • There are many similar apps but, LastPass is a little more friendly and secure, especially with its extra authenticator app.

     4. 1Weather

Android App

  • 1Weather is undoubtedly the best weather app in the market.
  • It consists of simple, pagination design that shows the current weather, the forecast for up to 12 weeks, and a radar.

1Weather - Top 10 Android Apps 2019

  • This app allows you to set a lightly customizable widget.
  • The best feature of this app is its minimal design which just shows you the weather.
  • The free version of 1Weather has all of the features.


     5. Google Music

Android App

  • Google Music can read both your local files and the music you like online.
  • You can upload songs to the service for free.

Google Music - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • Google Music includes news videos, music videos, educational videos, and reviews.
  • Google Music has the best music and video streaming package on mobile.

     6. Pocket Casts

Android App

  • Pocket Casts is the app for those who enjoy podcasts.
  • It is an insanely stable and good looking app that allows you to download or stream various podcasts.

Pocket Casts - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • Pocket Casts has both audio-only and video podcast support.
  • It comes with a light and dark theme.
  • A sign-in feature in this app can sync your podcasts across devices.

     7. WPS Office + PDF

Android App

  • WPS is a free Office Suite app that consists of all-in-one features.
  • It is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and combines spreadsheets, Google docs, PDF, presentations, memo, etc.

WPS Office + PDF - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • WPS office comes with a free PDF reader, converter, editor, with file sharing abilities, data encryption, supports multi-window mode, etc.
  • You can also connect this app to the Cloud Drive to automatically save your documents to the cloud platform.


     8. Solid Explorer

Android App

  • Solid Explorer is as good as it gets in the file explorer apps field.
  • This app supports features like Material Design, archiving, and cloud services.

Solid Explorer - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • It looks great and it just works well.
  • Solid Explorer has a 14-day free trial.

     9. TickTick

Android App

  • TickTick covers the basics like various organizational features, recurring tasks, pushes notifications, gives reminders, and categories.
  • It also lets you share tasks and entire categories.

TickTick - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • This to-do list app is full of excellent choices.
  • TickTick strikes a perfect balance of functional while still being easy to use.

     10. Zedge

Android App

  • The last but not least android app on this list is Zedge.
  • Zedge is an app for wallpaper, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones that gives you options to customize the most basic parts of your device.

Zedge - Top 10 Android Apps Development

  • Zedge also promotes various items during holiday seasons that makes it easy to theme your phone up for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.


These are the top 10 android apps which can bring out a change in the smartphones. These android apps are than in other platforms and it is an easy task to integrate these apps with the popular social networks. There is an android app development company like OpenXcell, that develops android apps. Also, hire android app developers that can make your daily tasks easy in an innovative way.

Why Prioritizing Your Mobile App Development Is Essential?

Mobile app developers are in a constant rush to keep up with the trends of the tech world.  Every time something innovative arises, the demand of people shifts towards it. With the increase in trends and innovation, businesses realize the importance of mobile app development services.

mobile app development services

Every new innovation contributes to the demand of users or clients. For instance, if you are a programmer, you may put your energy in wondering which trend, in particular, you should be looking at and which programming skills should be your top priority.  

Importance Of A Mobile App 

Mobile App Importance

  • Gather Insights On Your Customers

Mobile apps can even gather information about the preferences of the customers by the actions they perform. This information can be useful in showing the users the personalized content so that they can make more prompt purchase decisions.

  • It builds brand awareness

A mobile application is helpful in creating brand awareness. Mobile apps are useful for marketing your products and services whatever the way you want. More the involvement of the customers in the app more the sale.

  • The Mobile App Is A Direct Channel For Marketing

A mobile app allows you to reach your customers directly. Be it special sales, new product, or promotions, your customers will have access to all the information. You can even communicate with them closely via push notifications. You can keep on promoting your products and services, to the users whenever necessary.

  • You Gain A Competitive Edge

A good mobile application can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. For instance, you have lots of competitors in the market who are offering services and products that are quite similar to yours. With a mobile application, you can get an edge.

  • Improved sales

These days mobile apps are changing the way people view your products and services before purchasing them. It’s a unique and engaging way to market your products and to drive more sales. The easier you make shopping, the more people will buy from you.

  • Mobile Apps Are Accessible

A great thing about mobile apps is that they are all time accessible. Customers can use them on any device from any corner of the world. That is exactly what customers need.

Reasons Why Any Business Needs A Mobile App

Reasons Why Any Business Needs A Mobile App

  • Mobile App Allows Use Of New Capabilities

The mobile app development services grasp new, creative and innovative technologies. It comes up with tools and strategies to position your business in the most prominent part of customers’ brain. The mobile apps captivate methods like IoT, AR, VR, AI, location detection, to take your business app to another level.

  • Mobile App Is A Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app is the most preferred marketing channel as it connects you directly to your target audience. The handy and easily readable information is the most influential thing on the audience, no matter where they are. New launches, new offers, and promotions are right there at the customers’ fingerprints when they access your business app. Through mobile apps, you can send out push notifications and get closer to interacting with your customers, whenever it makes sense.

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  • Mobile Apps Improve Customer Loyalty

The long-term relationships with the users of your app help in converting them into loyal customers. Besides all the different marketing platforms like billboards, Facebook ads, Instagram promotions, YouTube videos, and newspapers advertisements, a mobile app is a game-changer for any business. The mobile app is a true and sincere connection with the consumers as it connects you with your customers easily. All these things make your customers become a loyal user of your service or product.

  • Mobile Apps Offer More Value To The Customers

The mobile apps cultivate an effective attachment between you and your audience. The mobile app is a decentralized platform that connects the consumers with your brand. Mobile apps collect more value in the form of loyalty points, discounts, rewards, and festive coupons in the consumer’s personal accounts. This helps you, to record the number of downloads and returns in your success analytics.


How To Prioritize Your Mobile App And It’s Features?

  • When you begin to prioritize your mobile app or its features, the first question you should ask yourself is that what value does your product offers to your users? What features and functionalities your app should consists?
  • During the planning of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) process, that identifies and validates the highest-risk assumptions about your mobile app, it is critical to limit the number of features you are prioritizing and to focus on only what is necessary to take your app to the market.
  • To identify the features that can support the core functionality of your MVP process, it is necessary to create a wishlist of all the features you want your product to offer.
  • A common best practice to determine the necessary features for a mobile app MVP is to use the MoSCoW matrix.
  • MoSCoW is a prioritization method that stands for should, could, must, and won’t. This method determines the status of features completion.
  • The MoSCoW method keeps a track of your project.

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In this world of mobile development India, mobile apps are giving power in the hands of customers. By the end of 2019, the number of mobile phone users will pass the count of 5 billion. There is no doubt that the consumers are using their smartphones to search for places they want to go, the food they want to eat, things they want to buy, places they like to go and lot more. Majority of the customers don’t like opening websites from their computers, they like to purchase it from their mobile apps. Therefore for any business developing a mobile app is the most significant step. There are mobile app development companies like Openxcell Technolabs that can help your business in developing profit making a mobile app.

Use Of The Blockchain Technology In The Real-Time Supply Chain Management

The blockchain technology is no longer a digital image. It is now a real mechanism that businesses use to implement some powerful solutions to the most pressing problems of the  Commerce. You can apply the blockchain technology to many challenges of the Supply Chain industry such as tracking of products and complicated record keeping. Through the blockchain technology, the companies gain a real-time digital ledger of movements and transactions for all participants in their supply chain network.

blockchain development companies

In this article, let us go through the different ways you can use the blockchain technology for the real-time supply chain management and many more.

  1. Cost Reduction

  • With the help of the blockchain technology, the real-time tracking of a product in a supply chain can reduce the overall cost of moving items in a supply chain.
  • According to a survey by APQC and the Digital Supply Chain Institute, more than one-third of the people cited reduction of costs as the topmost benefit of application of Blockchain in supply chain management.
  • In the supply chain, when you apply the blockchain technology to speed up administrative processes, the extra costs occurring in the system are automatically reduced.
  • The elimination of the intermediaries in the supply chain reduces product duplication issues, saves the risks of frauds, and saves money too.
  • The customers and suppliers can develop the payment process in the supply chain with the use of cryptocurrencies rather than relying on EDI.
  • More than anything else, blockchain technology improves efficiency and reduces the risks of losing products with the help of accurate recordkeeping.


     2. Provenance Tracking

  • Large organizations and companies have a lot of factors in their supply chains. Because of this, tracking each and every record is a difficult task even for multinational corporations.
  • This may cause customer relations issues and lack of transparency which ultimately dilutes the name of your brand.
  • While in the blockchain-based supply chain management, provenance checking and record keeping become easy as one can access the product information through the help of RFID tags and embedded sensors.
  • The blockchain technology has the capability to trace the product right from its origination to its position at the present time.
  • Moreover, this type of accurate provenance tracking is useful in detecting the frauds in any part of the supply chain.


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    3. Establishing Trust

  • To have trust in complex supply chains which has many participants is necessary for the operations to run smooth.
  • Having trust plays a vital role when it comes to regulatory compliances such as custom enforcers.
  • The immutable nature of the blockchain technology in the supply chain is well-designed for establishing trust and to prevent tampering.

Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology In Real-Time Supply Chain Management

  • When you use the blockchain technology for data it allows the data to be more interoperable. This makes it easier for companies to share information and data with its suppliers and manufacturers.
  • The transparency that blockchain technology gives is helpful in reducing the delays and disputes while preventing goods from getting stuck in the supply chain.
  • The real-time tracking of the products gives fewer chances of its displacement.
  • The blockchain technology has the potential to connect different ledgers and data points while maintaining the data integrity among multiple participants.
  • Transparency and immutability are the properties of blockchain technology that makes it useful for maintaining the integrity of the system and eliminating frauds.
  • The blockchain technology offers scalability which allows the access of any large database from multiple locations from all around the world.
  • It gives the ability to customize according to the data feed and also supports higher standards of security.
  • Besides improving inventory management, blockchain technology also minimizes courier costs, reduces the delay from paperwork, identifies the issues faster, and increases consumer and partner trust.

2 Major Industries The Uses Blockchain-Based Real-Time Supply Chain Management

  1. Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain

  • Simulated medicines are becoming increasingly troublesome as the global black market has been providing such drugs to people.
  • The blockchain technology can resolve this problem as it is becoming significantly popular in terms of applications relating to supply chain management.
  • The blockchain can securely keep the records of the drugs after it being can be tagged with barcodes and scanned, in secure digital blocks.
  • You can observe real-time updates of these records as the drugs move from one entity to the other in the supply chain.
  • The unchangeable nature of blockchain technology provides drug traceability from manufacturer to customer and it also allows customers to check if the system has an issue or not.
  • The blockchain technology can even help to overcome the financial issues faced by smaller retailers along the supply chain.
  • There are blockchain developers in the industries that are making blockchain-based apps for tracking the drugs and its supply chain.

    2. Food Supply Chain

  • The food safety issues like cross-contamination identifying and the spread of foodborne illness are worse due to lack of traceability and data.
  • The consumers are increasingly becoming aware and are demanding transparency in terms of the food they consume.
  • The blockchain technology can resolve the issues of a complex supply chain by providing neutrality in the platform.
  • When you use blockchain technology in the food supply chain, there is no involvement of a third party in the transaction authorization and everything works on the basis of a consensus.
  • This technology brings huge advantages to all the actors in the food supply chain.
  • The food producers can provide the originality of their supplies by tracking the attempts of tampering as the food item moves in the supply chain.
  • If there is any kind of identity fraud or theft, the blockchain-based supply chain will help to notify the retailer even before the food item reaches to its destination.
  • With the use of blockchain, the consumers get a complete transparency and openness when they need assurance for the food products that they consume.


The real-time supply chain can span over hundreds of stages, multiple geographical locations, a multitude of invoices, and have several individuals. The use of blockchain technology can give a complete transparency to both manufacturers and customers in all these stages. The blockchain-enabled supply chain solutions can improve the efficiencies and reduce costs for the massive supply chain industry through various applications. There are blockchain development companies like OpenXcell that develops blockchain-based real-time supply chain management apps.