Lean UX Or Agile UX: Which UX Strategy is the Best?

Which UX Strategy is the Best

New York is going to be the next big tech hub for startups and established companies. The reason, it has seized numerous businesses that combine technology with the services the companies provide. Consequently, top mobile app development companies in New York are diving deep to comprehend the nuances of the business domain and implement the solution that increases their growth rate 5X.

Yes, developing an application with finesse is the biggest challenge but designing too has its own challenges. Hence, various mobile app development companies in New York have adopted a Lean Agile UX form of strategy to deliver a perfect mobile application.

Lean UX and Agile UX are two different methodologies to create a remarkable mobile application that delights the clients.

Nitty Gritty Of Agile UX

You use Agile Methodology for Software Development. Don’t You? Agile UX is similar to it. It is just a fusion of agile software development approach with UX design followed by simple steps.

Today, end-users are more concerned about the app experience. No doubt technology also play an important role. But if the experience is poor how can you hold the app users for long? Think about it.

Agile UX is good at pointing the issues and help app developers solve. The downside of this rigorous strategy is, it does not tell you what to develop, it only guides you the ways to develop the app faster with reduced risk.

If you go for Agile UX methodology, the requirements are listed in the form of a to-do list or a short-form of stories for app development tasks. From this list, you can pick micro-jobs and create sprints that are to be worked on for days or weeks.

Such division of tasks help you develop and deliver high-productive apps without releasing the builds often.

The Basic Facts of Lean UX

Lean UX combines product development and business through continuous measurement following Build-Measure-Learn concept.

Basically, this concept is introduced to cut down the waste and optimize the operational task efficiently. It focuses on creating a minimum viable product and release it in the market as soon as possible. This allows you know the users viewpoint about the product and how much efforts you need to put in to enhance it.

The main objective of Lean UX is to discover faster options to complete the task and deliver the product on-time.

The plus point of Lean UX is it is not rigid. It prefers faster utilization of resources and helps you achieve end-results in a more efficient manner.

Hence, if you have a new feature for your app to test and iterate it by releasing early and releasing often then Lean UX is the best option.

Over to You.

Either you pick any of the two or combine both these strategies to make your app look WoW. Agile is rigid while Lean is flexible. Agile guides you how to build faster while lean guides you what users are looking for in the app. Don’t you think combining Lean and Agile together will benefit you?


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