Make your App A Brand With These Useful Tips

The desktop and computer days have gone. These are replaced with pocket-sized devices which are easy to access and use. Smartphones have changed the game of businesses and increased the significance of mobile apps. Considering only America, Pew Research Center records that smartphones are ubiquitous among the people and roughly 77% of them owe it.

California has a huge app economy as many startups are opting the app route to expand their businesses. Wherewithal, various mobile app development companies in California are helping startups achieve their goals and success in the business world. But the question here is, how to make an app a brand that creates a boom in the app market?

As we know, a brand represents a company’s products and services. And, with the immense use of smartphones, the startups and enterprises have opted mobile as a brahmastra to entice users to use their services. Therefore, the above asked question is feasible.

Here is the solution to the question.

1. Clear Vision: This point defines clients’ goal. Before starting the discussion you should be clear with what you are selling to the audience.

Once the vision and mission are clear, it becomes easy to explain it further. This brings out fresh and innovative ideas for implementation and pre development research becomes easy.

With the millions of apps rolling in the market, it is impossible to come up with new concepts. But yes, one thing is possible. The USP. No business uses the same approach. For instance; Airbnb has a number of clones but most of the users have this app installed only in their smartphones. The reason is simple. Its unique selling point and the information it provides to the users.

2. Logo, A Must: How logo helps in branding? Logo is a graphical symbol that promotes business services. And, branding is a practice to create a unique presence of the company in the market in order to attract and retain loyal customers.

For instance; the Nike logo indicates the motion and speed. The logo is embedded on the shoes and is used in various promotional activities.

Hence, using a logo in mobile application builds a trust factor among the app users and it becomes easy for the company to sell their services.

3. End-User Is the King: The days are gone when we focused only on development and the design was not in the count. With the passing time, things have changed. User Experience and User Interface is as important as the app functioning.

It’s not the UI/UX designers who decide the app UI. It’s the users. They look for the unique things that is enticing and at the same time simple. Hence, the main concern of the designer should be what components to add to design an app?

Instagram is the epitome of simple UI. The team has designed the UI nicely considering the points users want in the app.

4. Responsive App Design: It’s good that you are investing your time in developing a mobile app. But prior to this step, it is important to have a mobile optimized website that promotes your app.

Here is the example of the responsive website specially designed for promoting the app.


Having responsive website increase the visibility and drives users to install your mobile as they get a complete knowledge of what the app does, how it works and why to download.

5. Soothing Visuals: Visuals captivates users attention. If your app has awesome user experience but is not visually appealing, the possibility of download decreases. Hence, your app should contain appealing visuals that entice users to download the app.

Zomato app is visually appealing and it is wrapped with exciting features that resonate the foodies. Touring the app you will feel like ordering the food and enjoy the pleasure.

6. Keep it Simple and Spacious: You may have heard “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

If you go on adding the UI components, you ended up messing it. No space for users to click, read the content or add. However, the UI should be simple with fewer UI components that give users a space to perform required action and enjoy the simplicity of the app.

The UI of Flipboard is simple with a grid layout that features the recent article at the top followed by the rest in the separate columns. Still, the UI does not look messy. What’s unique about Flipboard is, each page layout is like a magazine. Flip and read.

7. Social Connection: Users have become social by using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a few to name. Users get influenced by the designs and the simplicity but what holds them for long is the social connection.

Make sure that when you think of designing an app, it should be integrated with Facebook, Twitter or popular social media app. This is actually a good way of promotion.

For instance; When any user registers your app with the integrated social media apps, a welcome message gets displayed in their social feed which is an indirect way of promotion.

8. Personalization: As said above millions of apps are rolling in the app store and not every app is successful with a great number of downloads. Personalization is the feature that differentiates your app from the crowd. “Just For You” concept is fascinating users and has garnered good attention.

Hence, personalizing your app will increase the likelihood and users will use it regularly. Further, to gauge the tactics like discoverability, performance testing, app personalization is the best way. This helps app developers to develop an app that users love to harness.

Zomato is a personalised app where foodies have their own space that lists their followers, counts of visiting a particular restaurant, photo collection, reviews and more.


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