Is Hiring Custom Software Development Company A Problem?

Is Hiring Custom Software Development Company A ProblemHiring a custom software development company is like solving a mathematics problem. You don’t believe it? But it is. However, you can solve it by avoiding these common mistakes and turn your dream into reality.

1. Low Cost, High Quality: Price is the biggest factor that service seekers look into while hiring a custom software development company. It is worthless to hire a company quoting less price and assuring high-quality software solution.

You are paying for the efforts they have put in to implement a remarkable solution that increases the efficiency of your business. Then why you want to pay less?

It is impossible to get high quality software solution at less price. Thus, if you want to develop a remarkable solution from your concept, the deal should be fair.

2. Company’s culture: The second factor in the list. It is obvious that you won’t work with the stranger. No company has the same working culture. It is just that how you adapt and walk.

If you cannot adapt the culture, it’s better not to proceed further. But if you still go with the company and regret working with the team, it’s you who is at fault.

3. Not Clear with the Goal: This can lead to chaos and confusion.It becomes difficult to deal with the business having unclear goals. What they want and are expecting is like a roller coaster ride. You require patience and a lot of research work to understand their requirements.

Thus, it’s indeed important for a company to be crystal clear with the goals and objectives. This helps the partner company to bring out innovative ideas to achieve them and develop productive solution efficiently.

4. Inferior Contract: Penning down each and every detail in the contract is a tedious task. This actually contains the dos and don’ts of the development partner. There may be possibilities that a) the app cost may increase with the additional features. b) The development is not completed on time. Therefore, maintaining a contract make things transparent between both the parties.

Today, with the advancements in technology, we come across with the new trends and techniques. This makes it critical to manage contract that lists the minute details to avoid hassles in the future.

5. No Signing Of Non-Disclosure Agreement: Before even signing the contract, NDA is a must. This ensures the client that whatever discussion is taking place and will take place will be confidential. Further, it also includes the software rights to the client. Not signing NDA can cause you trouble in future. The choice is yours.

6. Not the Owner of the Source Code: Definitely you owe the license of your software but it is also required for you to have the source code of your product. What if, a ) you don’t want to assign your project to the same development company? b) you want to hire an in-house developer and re-design your product? c) the development company steals your idea. There may be various possibilities.

An agreement granting the rights of the source code keeps your app idea safe and allows you to further develop it with other IT company in the near future


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