Is Offshore Development Team Hard to Build?

Is Offshore Development Team Hard to BuildToday, the major problem of entrepreneurs is finding experienced and knowledgeable engineers. They are really expensive and hard to get. On the top of high salary, yearly bonus, peaceful working environment and perks are the additional benefits to influence them.

Software development is not the work of a single person. It is a task accomplished by the combined efforts of the business developers, business analyst, project manager, team of software developers, UX/UI designers and quality analyst.

We are a custom software development company offering offshore development services to the organizations looking for better return on their investment. Many organizations count on us as the best partner for outsourcing software development. And, they find our value shore model to be the best fit for planning software development quickly and efficiently.

However, it is noticed that companies that opt for outsourcing agencies fail to meet the development needs by repeating the same mistakes.

Who said it is an easy task? It is certainly hard to build an offshore development team but not impossible. Being a startup to make things doable at your end, you need to put little efforts.

  • Meet them in person: Going offshore means dealing with an unknown culture. It is next to impossible to work with a team you don’t know. How can we in our professional lives if we don’t follow the same in our personal lives?

    Relax! If you want a team of engineers to remotely work for your project, you need to put a step forward; travel, meet them in person and build a rapport. This way you can easily be able to work and get mixed with their culture.

  • Offer Fair Salary: Yes, it is understood that you are outsourcing your project and not hiring in-house engineers. Have you heard of this quote by Richard Branson? “If the person who works at your company is not appreciated, they are not going to do things with a smile.” As a consequence, the product that you have asked them to build may not be of quality and you may lose your customer over bad service.

    The ball is in your court… Either hire giving fair price or simply flush off the idea of developing a product from your mind.

  • Don’t Rely on Agency: Hey it’s not at all risky to go for an outsourcing software development agency but the concern is quality and on-time delivery.There are a few outsourcing agencies that offer quality services at fair prices adhering the timeline.

    The term outsourcing has evolved with the passing time. Now, the outsourcing agencies also have a team of intelligent and experienced engineers willing to help startups with their products.

    But it’s better to build a team rather than going for an agency as a) you are not directly connected to the team of developers. b) The project manager act as a mediator between you and the developing team. And this may welcome a chaotic situation if your product is developed as per your expectation.

    Being a startup you may look for engineers who contribute their creativity and innovation so that the product enhances and functions smoothly. These factors you may not get in the third party agencies.

  • Let Engineers Explore Your Office: Client meeting is the best way to understand each other’s working methodology and build a friendly relation.Yes, of course, the engineers you’ve hired will better understand your business but you as their client will understand how they ideate things. Hence, bringing your team from different parts together at one place will bring out more ideas and increase knowledge of how the product will get implemented in the coming months or days.

  • Treat them better: Your behavior is one of the biggest factors which makes or breaks your project. If you treat them badly, be ready for the worst. People don’t choose to work with the company that treats them badly.They may leave your work incomplete if you continuously treat them as third-class citizens.If you really want to build an outstanding offshore development team, treat the developers the way you treat your company employees. Nice and friendly.


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