A Webinar On Amazon Redshift: Data Warehousing Service

We believe in using the best tools to serve our customers. Our team of experts are always in search of innovative ideas and innovative products that can help them be more efficient. Amazon Redshift commanded attention of everyone in the house. It is a pretty impressive and useful data warehousing service.

“Our data analysis platform collects tens of terabytes of log data each day from a variety of internal and external sources. Migrating to Amazon Redshift two years ago allowed us to scale to over ten petabytes of uncompressed data with a ten times performance improvement over our prior on-premises system,” said Mick Etoh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Innovation Management Department, NTT DOCOMO – Japan’s largest mobile service provider.

“Customers such as Amgen, Boingo Wireless, Electronic Arts, Hearst, Lyft, Nasdaq, Scholastic, TripAdvisor, and Yahoo! are migrating to Amazon Redshift in droves because it leverages the scale of AWS to analyze petabytes of data with ten times the performance at one-tenth the cost of old guard data warehouses,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President, Databases, Analytics, and AI, AWS.

Source: A Webinar On Amazon Redshift: Data Warehousing Service – OpenXcell


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