2017 Top Mobile App Development Trends

top-mobile-app-development-trends2016 is drawing to a close. And as a mobile app developer, I guess you already have an idea on the trends that will dominate the app development space in 2017.

Yes, it’s IOT, AR and VR, bots, DIY apps, to name a few. For a change, even DIY app development will catch the attention of the mobile app development companies.

Wish you to read more on the upcoming app development trends? Go on, here’s an elaborate take on the 4 top app development trends of 2017.

#1. App-enabled IOT devices

Turns out by the end of 2016, people all over the world will use almost 6.4 billion connected gadgets. Even Gartner predicts $2.5M per minute in IoT spending and 1M new IoT devices sold every hour by 2021.

Well, this means Internet of Things (IOT) will have a dominant role to play in the app development landscape, given that IOT solutions typically operate through an app. And the best part of it is, developers don’t have to put their money or mind where their mouth is because development of an IOT gadget is not unlike the usual app development process.

But then, what could plunge the IOT market into crises is the need for third-party services or special devices required specifically with IOT apps. This could lead to mobile app security breaches, in the health care IOT.

According to Gartner, 75% of mobile app security breaches happen because of misconfigurations. With regards to the healthcare market – which is considered to be the most potential IOT markets, with revenues expecting to touch $163 billion by 2020, chances of breaches are higher.

For instance, Johnson & Johnson discovered a loophole in their OneTouch Ping insulin. The Insulin Pump and meter-remote, besides checking the blood sugar,  calculates how much bolus insulin you body requires and then pumps to deliver the dose. Now given that the pump is not even in view, hackers could easily increase or decrease the amount of hormone injected into a patient’s body, killing thousands of patients.

So, while building a custom IoT solution, make sure that your vendor conducts multiple security tests, provides Proof of Concept, and also encrypt communications between the hardware and software levels.

#2. Messengers apps boarded with bots

People spend 85% of their mobile time in apps. And the fact is only 5 messengers apps were heavily used in 2016, of which these three were highly popular – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. In light of this situation, brands have been developing bots for messenger apps in their effort to engage with customers on a new platform. Though quality brand apps may never die out, but then again, it will be messenger apps boarded up with bots, which will gain a lot of traction.

#3. AR and VR Gadgets Run on apps

According to Gartner, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets and apps will be more in demand compared to enterprise apps in 2017.

In fact, 2016 saw several brands unleashing their VR gadgets. In fact, Pokemon Go, an AR-driven mobile game, became a flag bearer of sorts for the AR industry when millions of gamers worldwide went berserk chasing Pokemon all around the globe. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of the game, several industries will be using it to add value to their business and will embed them particularly in their apps.

The VR-driven retail app will give buyers a complete walk-through of the store and at the same time will help buyers browse products through a VR-enabled transmission.

#4. Do-It-Yourself apps backed by citizen developers

The citizen developers, in other words, non-developers who wish develop their own apps, could make use of Microsoft’s PowerApps facility. PowerApps help you build custom apps effortlessly…thanks to some incredible features such as drag-and-drop functionality, ready-made project templates, prebuilt components and so on to boost low code DIY app development. The trend is picking up in a big way and, in all likelihood, would capture the fancy of the businesses, moving forward.

With mobile apps becoming an everyday affair, businesses both big and small who wish develop simple apps could leverage this technology.

Rounding Up

Sure, these app developments are going to catch fire in 2017. If you wish to have a slice of the app development pie, start developing apps in line with above-mentioned trends.

Over to you

I have come up with just a handful of app development trends. Sure, there are many that need a mention here. Go on. Add to the list via comments.


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