What Do Users Look For In An Android App?

what-do-users-look-for-in-an-android-appGoogle play hosts millions of Apps. Android App Developers upload their apps on Google Play for users. Users discover the apps in Google Play by different means but they download very few of them. The smartphone of a user is a prime space and very few apps are downloaded and used. Android App Developers have constantly wondered about this. They want to know what goes through the user’s mind when he browses the Google Play store for apps. What makes him download an app?

We have been in the app development landscape for long and have a few pointers for app developers. We studied a good numbers of apps and have a list of factors that make an app sticky. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


Android users are very price sensitive. The first thing they look for is the price of an app. Google Play provides most of its apps for free. These apps have their own monetization strategies. Majority of Android App users do not want to pay for the apps. They want it to be free. So if you are an Android App Developer and you have put an app on Google Play, ensure that it is free and have good monetization strategies to see you through for its success.

# Security

Security is one of the major concerns. Users want to stay away from apps that ask for too many permissions and do not seem secure. If you are developing an app for Android users ensure that it is secure and don’t ask for too many permissions.


Your app’s shelf life on user’s smartphone depends on how useful it is for him. It has to fulfil a need which could be anything from providing entertainment for a few minutes to delivering traffic updates. The app should serve a purpose. If a user finds your app really useful, he will stick with it.

# Size of the App

Users prefer Apps that are smaller in size. Big apps take too much space and slow down the device. Bigger apps consume too much data. This is the reason why Apps like Facebook have  Facebook Lite version. So as a developer, if you want people to download your app ensure that it is not too big. If it is big, make a smaller version of your and launch it for users who you know would not go for the bigger version of your app.

# Reviews And Ratings

Positive reviews and good ratings are oxygen for your app. users get influenced by them. They want to go for apps which have been tested and proven to be good. Very few users want to take a chance on apps that have poor reviews and ratings. So, as a developer your best strategy is to launch your app  only when you are sure that it is ready. Test with your beta testers. Launch the app when you know it is good and stable, else you would have to deal with unfavourable reviews.

Winding Up

These are the factors we feel affect the life of an app in a big way. If you want to design and develop an Android App, you should pay attention to its size , security, price and usability. Good apps get good reviews and ratings which sustains them. We at Openxcell have more than 7 years of experience in developing successful Android Apps. If you have an idea for an app, give us a call and our team will get back to you to discuss the viability of the app. Remember – Good apps are successful apps.


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