Top Tips to Get Your Retail App Christmas-ready

top-tips-to-get-your-retail-app-christmasChristmas is round the corner and I believe your to-do list is ready: Decorations for the living room, additional groceries for the kitchen, Christmas gifts for kids and so on and so forth.

But then, how about a to-do list for your retail app?

Nope! Still in works…buckle up then.  We’ve got just a few fortnights at hand.

Given that holiday seasons are the best times to skyrocket your sales. And that 70% of holiday shoppers are planning to shop on mobile, and that, holiday season drives almost 20 to 40% sales,  compared to the entire year, so, it’s more important, now than ever before, to gear up your retail app for holiday sales.

Other online holiday metrics that matter from Adobe:

  • Online holiday sales to reach $91.6B
  • 53 percent of shopping visits happening on mobile versus 47 percent expected to happen on desktop
  • Christmas time would witness 66 percent of shopping visits on mobile, while Thanksgiving would witness 59 percent on mobile.

Here wade through some top tips to ensure that you retail app doens’t miss out anything that crucial from holiday viewpoint:


Source : MarketingLand

# Add a holiday theme to your app

Well, if you wanna accelerate app downloads during the Christmas holidays, mobile app developers need to  ensure that their app is decked up in a perfect Christmassy theme.  Get your streamers and mistletoes and Christmas trees out of your living rooms to deck up your app walls as well. Also, come up with a new title and description that’s in sync with the festive mood.  Plus, ensure that you are not just about mind-boggling promotional discounts and sales, ensure that your app is equally alluring to the new users.

#  Make it iOS 10 friendly

With the recent roll of iOS 10, adding cool new features to your app should be a piece of cake for you.  This would generate word of mouth publicity for your app and in turn more downloads. Also, ensure that your app is in tune with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

# Install mobile payment option

Embrace it. If you are really keen on pleasing your customer. Go on and embed Apple Pay or Google Wallet features to make payment processes prompt for the user.

#  Focus on fetching more positive reviews

Yeah! This is inordinately important. More positive reviews mean, better app ratings, which means your app will be more and more noticeable in the app stores, thereby increasing chances of download.

But then, how to attract more positive reviews for your app?

Simple….request your happy users to go ahead and post happy reviews of your app. Mobile app development companies could even think of launching special holiday campaigns and suggest satisfied customers to leave a positive review about your app at the app stores.

#  Launch your holiday email campaigns with focus on your apps

Surprised! But the fact of the matter is email are popular even in this age of push notifications. So make sure you introduce your discount offers, exclusively meant for apps, via your old-fashioned emails. Why? Because according to Adobe, emails was the best way for users to touch base with their mobile apps.


Source: MarketingLand


Go on and implement all the strategies immediately. The app store might shut shop in between Dec 22 to Dec 29. In other words, you won’t be able to  make updates in your app during these days. So make it fast and get your app to app store now.


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