4 Ways Virtual Reality Can be a Big Help to Grab Maximum Consumers

4-ways-you-can-indulge-virtual-reality-with-your-businessFirst, let me define you what it is, in case you don’t about Virtual Reality: VR is a digital creation of real world. That means you can experience any world digitally using VR technology.

Virtual reality is gaining grounds in almost all industry. Various industries are inventing different ways to use VR for giving users the experience they want and convert them into their customers. With the help of Devices like Oculus Rift, it has become easier for brands to give consumers digital experience of connecting with their business.

You should also find out the way to impress your users through virtual reality and you should learn such lessons from below given brands and their VR tricks.

1. Marriott Oculus Get Teleported

Marriott Hotels give a virtual tour to its hotel guests with the help of Teleporter – a virtual reality device built by Marriott Hotels. Using this VR device, they give their customers a tour to the different places of world. But only VR device is not playing the role here. Before I explain you other things, you should have a look on a video below showing how Teleporter is giving a virtual tour to Marriott’s Guests.

As you can see in the above video, people are actually having fun in their virtual tour. Along with VR device, they are also leveraging the power of air, smell, spray and a moving ground. Based on this new concept of Marriott’s, it is clear that only a single device is not enough to give users experience of visiting a different world. Along with seeing and hearing, users must feel a different place and a different environment. Mixture of all this is called Teleporter created by Marriott Hotels. You can also call it an unbeatable way to impress your customers.

2. Within Game of Thrones

Game industry is the first to take leverage of Virtual reality devices. Framestore VR studio did the same with Ascend the Wall Campaign. In this campaign, visitors have the chance to feel the grounds of Game of thrones. They will get themselves in-between the battle ground of Game of thrones. I think the below video will explain you better.

3. Bring Words to Life

Heard about Magazine that made it easier to customize the vehicle as per your need and also see how it rides that is also without leaving your comfort seat.

Vespa’s scooter ad allowed user to have VR experience through a magazine. In this magazine, you can customize your scooter and also have the experience of its riding.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-cola is distributing VR devices along with drinks. Using this device along with mobile, users can visit various corners of the world from the comfort of their home.


As you see, all the above mentioned are top brands who used Virtual Reality as a way to give their customers a different and real experience. They are brands, they don’t need to attract customers, and still they are inventing new ways to impress their customers. You can also implement something like this to get a good hold on your targeted audience.

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