Why Swift is a recommended language for iOS app development?

why-swift-has-more-potential-forSome popular swift myths are: the language is not mature, it is hard to learn than other languages like objective C, it is not popular, it has less community, etc. These are not myths, actually these are facts, but that doesn’t mean Swift is an incompetent language.

Swift comes with great potential; after all it is called as an upcoming language of iOS. Being a new programming language, Swift is not receiving much attention from iOS app developers plus Objective C is doing better in iOS world. These are the reasons why developers are not ready for Swift, but this language comes with a great potential that you all need to know to take your initial steps with it.

Here are some unelaborated advantages of Swift:

1. It’s Simple, but Innovative

Swift takes half the time than others in app development. It’s simple to understand and learn. Additionally, being a new programming language, you will learn new things to take a step further in app development world. Swift is considered as most interactive and friendly language which can be learned easily by professionals as well as amateurs. That means those, who are new to app development era, can give a fresh start to their career with Swift.
Quantity of citizen developers increasing day by day as many have dream of making a successful app, but due to lack of money they can’t hire top app developers. For them, Swift is a welcoming language because it is an open source language and easy to learn.

2. It comes with an Opportunity to Explore

Swift is a flawless combination of old programming languages and modern concepts. It gives you opportunity to develop an app with new approach. You have access to create something which is yet not exist. Even if you have any app idea which is already there on the app store, you can present your idea with a different design and features if you develop it with Swift.

All in all, Swift brings something new to integrate with your app so you can present old concepts with new approach.

3. It can create Flawless Product

Swift is made to eliminate some critical mistakes related to unsafe codes. It possess qualities to make you able to create a more safe and user-friendly app. In bonus, it automatically manages its memory.

Key Takeaway

Of course, Swift is new to market, but approaching a modern concept can open the close doors of app development success. Swift brings an opportunity to create something new which hasn’t yet hit the market. You can quickly learn it and also, quickly start developing app with it.


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