Top 4 Platforms to Help You Make Suitable Chatbots

top-4-platforms-to-make-chatbotsChatbots are no less than a Godsend for brands and marketers – can’t say the same for top app developers. In the age of app, where users don’t want to step out of their app circle of five, Chatbots held a helping hand to those fighting hard to get handful of users.

Just because Chatbots are new to field doesn’t mean that “Build it and they will come” strategy work. Competition is still tough as with lots of messaging services and a different taste of users in terms of messaging apps, you have to first analyze which platform you should target first and then start making bots for the same. For e.g. if wide range of your targeted audience come online often on Facebook, then you should start creating Chatbot first for Facebook.

Once you are done with selecting messaging platform, turn your attention towards platforms that help you make Chatbots based on your users’ and business choice. The below given 4 platforms may help you reach the final decision:

1. Howdy Botkit – For Slack Chatbots

If your users are more on Slack – let’s say they must be employees or professionals – then you should go for Howdy Botkit. The kit allows you to first learn and understand the basics of making Chatbots for Slack. It shows you how exactly a bot works with Slack. And finally, gives you a whole kit to start making your own bots for Slack. From basic to advancement, the kit has all to keep you going without interruption. Howdy also offers kit to make bots for Facebook Messenger.

2. Gupshup – For SMS, Twitter, Slack, WeChat and Others

Gupshup is the most recommended platforms for those who want to create chatbots for multiple messaging channels. For e.g. teenage users are mostly found in Twitter, Facebook, Viber, etc. If your audience is also live within multiple platforms, you need Gupshup as it supports famous channels including Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Hipchat, Skype, etc. Not only for multi-support channels, Gupshup is well known for its Bot services from building to testing to managing services. After this, you won’t look forward to another platform for Bot creation.

3. Chatfuel – For Facebook

For Facebook-only Bot, Chatfuel is a perfect choice. Facebook is wide. For some, it is a news channel, for some it is a way of connection between people living far away, some consider it a way to be updated with what’s going on, and so on. Facebook must be something for you also. That is the reason, why many users start their day with checking Facebook. For this beyond-the-limits platform, you need a unique platform that can create a bot to reach different demands of your Facebook users. Chatfuel is the one offering services based on your needs from business to media, it offers all to fit in your tiny Chatbot.

4. Flow XO – For Messenger, Slack, SMS and Telegram

If your key purposes are to share content, perform surveys, and offer customer services, Flow XO is a go to platform. It avails all such services with Chatbots for Messenger, Slack, SMS and Telegram. You don’t require any coding skills with Flow XO.


Now, you have platforms on hand and you are just a click away from what you want to build and who will help you build the same. Go ahead, pick the one, develop your chatbot and notify users that you are available on their most convenient messaging platform.


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