You are Just 3 Steps Away from Building a Student-Driven App

looking-for-an-app-to-help-students-this-guide-may-help-youMaking an app for students is like an extra advantage for teachers because they have students to tell them which type of app they should build. Building an app for students doesn’t put developers in worry of failure or success as if it proves to be a failure, you have pretty chance to correct your mistakes or remake it as per users’ demand.

Before you start your research on top Indian app development companies who can make an app keeping teachers and students in mind, you should take some cues from Colorado Technical University (CTU). First of all, CTU took some clues from top channels having a large base of young generation users like Facebook, Angry Birds, Uber, TEDTalks, etc. This helped them come up with ideas interacting well with student generation. Next, they placed a conversation between students and teachers to discuss matters like features, facilities, education, etc., they expect from an app. With the help of all such efforts, CTU came up with three basic ideas necessary to make a student-driven app.

Here they are:

1. In-Depth Research on Education Apps and Student Users

App store is full of education apps, but these apps are not as popular as others like Candy Crush or Prisma. It doesn’t mean that students don’t like education apps, it is an indication that students are still devoid of apps that actually fulfil their education needs.

CTU drilled a deep research on available education apps to acquire pain points denying users to use them. Additionally, the university performed thorough analysis on Students and their needs, online surveys, faculty feedback sessions, etc. to understand the needs of students and teachers.

  • They got below given insights from all of their meticulous analysis:
  • Students need ability to attend classrooms from anywhere at any time.
  • They need staff support and regular school updates
  • They need tools to manage a perfect balance between education, health, play and family activities.
  • They seek motivational support and improvement tips on their progress reports.

2. Integrating Education, Passion and Creativity

Once done with analysis, CTU build a vision to create an app combining education, passion and creativity. To insert all these in one app, CTU focused on below given core functions of app:

  1. Classroom: to provide real time education to users from anywhere
  2. Service and support: to avail all services and support online
  3. New Student Onboarding: to save users from extra efforts
  4. Motivation: to keep them motivated for further progress

3. After Launch Consistency and Maintenance

Education is not all about gathering some information and putting student-driven features within app. The app shows its magic when it is given proper maintenance and consistency especially after launch to keep students and teachers stay focused which is possible only by providing constant flow of:

  • Classroom engagement
  • Easy access to services and recorded lectures
  • Recording attendance on app
  • Keeping track of engagement level and total number of users
  • Measuring user satisfaction
  • Delivering real time notifications, alerts and updates


Only if you are ready to pay constant attention on your app and measure things like student’s engagement, total number of users, their daily presence in app, etc., plus keep improving your app, then you are ready to walk on educational path. And if you are not willing to follow such rules, make sure your app will disappear in thin air.


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