5 Ways to Save Your App Before it Vanishes from Sight

how-to-save-your-app-from-a-trash-canFirst 3 days, after your app launch, are enough for your app to go unnoticed and vanished from the surface. App retention rates are 20% during first ninety days of app that means 80% apps are forgotten totally within three months. Is your also the one? Or are you afraid that your app will also end up in the dark?

If your app is connected with your business, then this data actually matters to you because you are not creating an app to entertain users, you have created it to grab users towards your business. And if you don’t want to end up like majority of apps, you should follow the below give 5 tips to save your app from trash.

1. Throw the Trap on Downloader at the Perfect Moment

You already know that every user comes from different sources like some come from search engines, social media, friend recommendation, etc. What you don’t know is their source can be your trick to make them fall for your app. For e.g. if user come from Facebook, first you will greet him/her in a friendly manner like “Hey Kylie” and along with it offer them a coupon that they find worth to try for. If they come from search engine, they must be looking for something. You have to find out what they are looking for and you have to offer the same thing with discounted price.

2. Be Chatty at First Meeting

Make users feel like friends. Ask them or guide them for the app. Don’t instruct them like a teacher, instead talk with them like a friend. SlackBot does the same thing.


You can see how SlackBot greets first time users with an intention to help them out. At the same time, it acts like a new friend curious to ask questions.

3. Never Ask Without Need

I have seen apps start bombarding pop-ups asking for access to different areas of users’ smartphone. This single reason is enough for users to get rid of your app as soon as possible. Only ask them for permission when they actually step up to use the feature. For e.g. if they want to make a call using your app, ask them permission to get access for contacts. This will create trust among users for your brand and app too.

4. Challenge Them

Give them a task to accomplish within a limited time period and promise them a reward at the end. This will at least keep users attached with your app for first few days.

5. Don’t Put it All At Once

If you are the owner of any news app, that doesn’t mean you should overwhelm your users with tons of information from all over the world. Believe it, they stick with specific news they care about, not the whole world. So, before you flood them with news, must care for what they care about and give them the only-information they want to hear. If they are willing to dig more, they will explore it all by themselves.


With the above tips, you are giving every reason to users to stick around with your app. All you are doing is taking a good care of them, in exchange; they will take a good care of your app. Right now, that is all you want.

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