4 Things Users Necessarily Expect from an App


Today, every business is thinking about app, amateur Indian app developers are thinking of making their own app and even those who don’t know what it is like to make an app are also dreaming of having an app with their brilliant ideas. But before all of them proceed to walk on app-way, they get aware of some facts about app world: competitive app world, almost impossible to catch users’ attention unless you have something different to present like Pokemon Go, etc.

Of course, users’ don’t have time plus smartphone memory for extra apps. That doesn’t mean they are not interested at all. After all, apps like Pokemon Go and Prisma are the best examples as they made their way through competitive crowd. These and other successful apps have something in common that unsuccessful apps always lack.

Before you start making an app, you must acknowledge the difference between successful and unsuccessful apps. Think about what your app must have so that users’ can’t afford to ignore it? Talking about which, I have found 4 core needs of app or you can name it 4 essential things every user wants from an app to give it some space in smartphone:

1. Life Raiser

From taking care of health to making progress in work, users are surrounded by too many things to achieve in one life. That’s why they don’t get time to look after for new app arrival. Well, you can steal their precious life moments by giving them useless apps, but yes, you can become a part of their life by giving them a resource to ease their busy schedule. For e.g. Nike+ Running app helps runners to keep track of distance, total calories burned, total time taken, etc. The app is simply helping users to know how much health they have maintained so that users can improve more. And this app has 10+ million downloads.

2. Boredom Eradicator

When users get bore, first thing they look for in is smartphone. Next, if your app is full of entertainment, make sure it will be one users will consider first in their boredom stage. So, make sure you have the most entertaining app of the world. At least you should try to make something like this. For e.g. anyone can turn to Candy Crush if he/she wants to eliminate boredom for long hours.

3. Day-to-Day Simplifier

Ordering food, daily home-to-office travels, going gym, etc., are daily activities. What if you give users something that can help them organize their daily routine activities just like Time Saverz App. The app helps users for booking services like cleaning, handymen, pest control, repairs, etc. With this app, users’ don’t need to run errands which are disturbing them to focus on core tasks.

4. Communication Enhancer

One doesn’t get easily bored of talking with old and new friends or scrolling through Facebook to check out updates from friends. If anything you had in mind related to communication, you can think of different ways you can improve users’ communication. No need to give example here as we are well-aware of miracles apps like Whatsapp and Facebook are doing.

Final Thoughts

Well, you can pick any one from the given four based on type of your app. These are major details like a foundation of your app that you have to take care of. And also don’t forget to look after minor details like purposeful, easy-to-use, not a battery drainer, etc., are like bricks of your app. Now, it’s up to you whether you want them to be stronger or weak.


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