How Prisma Got its way to Success without marketing


Where top Indian app developers are trying hard, considering everything from development to marketing to turn their app a success, Prisma got its way easily without marketing. At least, this is what I heard from rumours. But being a writer and a constant reader, I know that app success is not an overnight thing. Users look at app success as childs play while only the makers know how they have achieved it.

Back to the topic, it is reported that most of credit for Prisma’s success goes to its work, not any marketing or promotion sources. And it is true, because users claim to like Prima because of its art work, not any promotional strategy.

With this in mind, we will discuss here things that got Prisma and its makers a favourable result.

Photoshop-like Work

Where Photoshop fans are working for hours to create an artistic version of real world, Prisma does the same with a simple click. Not exactly photoshop work, but it is the best option for those who want to create an art that looks close to photoshop created. That is the prime reason, why Prisma is a favourite of many.

Real Art

Not Photoshop, but close – right. Prisma is not just a random app to turn your photos into a fun. It actually creates an impressive art version of your images. Prisma is not only a work of developers; it is an exertion of world’s renowned artists including Marc Chagall, Edvard Munch, Vasily Kandinsky, etc. With Prisma’s magic, you are not getting your random cartoon images; you are actually getting an art of world’s great artists that is also for free.

Works from Scratch

Prisma not just transforms your image; it literally works on your image from scratch. Just like an artist do. An artist will paint the image from scratch, same goes with Prisma too. As you know, there are loads of image-editing apps floating at the app stores, but none of them got immediate attention like Prisma. According to Moiseyenkov’s (Prisma Creator) statement, Prisma received 1.6 million downloads in less than two weeks of it launch date (June 11, 2016). As difficult as it is to grab users’ attention for app, Prisma proves that users still care for worthy apps.

AI Integration

How Prisma creates a new image from scratch? The answer is: Convolutional Neural Networks. These complicated words have deep meanings if you search a little bit deeper on them. For now, the simple meaning of this technology is it enables app to build a whole new image instead of covering an existing image with layers. The technology is a part of Artifical Intelligence. This technology is the base of app due to which users like it the most.


Basically, Prisma is a well-blended mixture of modernization like AI and real art of world’s famed artists. These two things along with perfect development is what caught attention of many. Marketing must be a part of it but only a little because the idea is capable enough to grab a lot.


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