How a Nonprofit Can Go Through an App-way?

What it is to Go App-way for Nonprofit

Not all things are developed for profit purpose. Same way not all apps are build for earning purpose. Yes, I am talking those who work for nonprofit organizations. Just because apps have potential to draw billions doesn’t mean that they are reserved for For-Profit organizations only. Nonprofits organizations also have equal right to develop an app. The only difference is: For-Profit earn for the growth of their organization while Nonprofit gather money for taking care of their responsibilities.

But money collection is not the only reason why a Nonprofit organization need an app, there are more one should know:

  • For creating awareness
  • For giving your donors a way to pay
  • For giving your members an easy access
  • For sending alerts/messages/notifications to your members
  • To communicate with your members
  • To be in contact with your members during emergencies
  • To spread photos/videos of your programs across the world
  • To increase support for your charity

So, now you have every valid reason of getting an app. What’s next? – A mobile strategy, a mobile app and some marketing tactics – and how?

How to Put a Nonprofit Mobile App Strategy?

1. List Your Member and their Work

Put a list of members or whoever is connected with your organization directly or indirectly. Categorize them as per their duties like clients, donors, members, workers, managers, online users, etc. Now define the way they should be contacted. For e.g. donors should be contacted when you need them, workers should called when duty arrives, clients should be approached when work in their interest appear, online users should be ringed up when you want to spread some news and so on.

Your mobile app will be developed and designed on the basis of all the above information.

2. Collect Your Content

Each piece of information from pamphlet to programs, collect everything that needed to reach any of those associated with your organization. Later, you have to decide which information should reach to whom.

3. Distribute Your Collection

How your content will reach to particular user? For e.g. you need social media to spread your news/programs or any promotional information through online users, you need a gateway to contact donors whenever the need arise, you need a payment way to receive your donation directly to your account, likewise define all your activities and how you have to achieve them.

Once you are done with the above activities, search for best app development companies of India and find the one that can understand your needs and make you a desired app. If you can’t afford a company, you can also go for online DIY app development tools, but there you have to make app on your own basis while an experienced developer will help you organize each and every feature on its perfect place within the app.

Final Thoughts

Once you are done with garnering and hiring process, have a look on Nonprofit organizations having apps and how they work. This will boost your knowledge regarding how a nonprofit should be like and how it can serve the purpose.



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