4 Reasons Why Google and Apple Turned into Big Brands

4 Reasons Why Users are Fond ofWhen it comes to search – Google, when it comes to smartphones – iPhone and Android, when it comes to tech future – Apple and Google. We never consider anything further than these brands. They are all we have in mind when we are thinking of searching, buying smartphones, etc. For this, we give credit to brands they have become today. But, in this article, we will focus on reasons for why they are so big and why we consider them first…

1. They Adore Users

First and foremost reason is they take care of users like their own children.

Remember the days when Google launched the tablet-only version of Android – ver 3.0. It was not the hit like other Google products and also received a bag full of negative reviews. But it didn’t stop Google to launch another great set of tablets highly praised by all. Google embraced the criticism and launched the product loved by its users.

They are brands doesn’t mean that they haven’t made any mistakes. Like others, they have pass through lots of mistakes before making a perfect pleased-by-user product. They embrace the criticism, accept it and work on it. They never left the ground no matter how many times they fail.

2. They Nurture their Partners

It was at the time of Apple music launch (last year) when Apple and Taylor Swift had a dispute regarding lack of compensation – Apple music was offering on newly introduced music streaming services. To this, Apple promised to compensate Artists well considering them as a key partner to bring Apple music services up.

That is how they treat their partners.

3. They Treasure their Developers

Google feed its developers with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee and juice bars are always there to keep employees awake, refreshed and active. Working at Google is no less than living a life of future because Google always work for future while remaining in present. Here are some comments from Google Employees:

“Google facilities save time and money, and helps build relationships with customers.”
“Never in life have I met so many people with a Wikipedia page than in last year” – Quora Comment by Google Employee.

4. They Constantly Collect User Data

Collect user data and recognize what users want in which way – this one is a precious trick to get close to customers. Google and Apple are always serving the things that users’ want. Of course, they sometimes fail to do the same, but oftentimes, they have what users’ need. They called as masters of users’ need because they constantly collect data to recognize changing habits, behaviour and daily life of users on basis of which they keep on introducing products that could ease the life.

Final Thoughts

Users, developers, partners and data, these four are the centre of brands. If they take care of all the four, they can confidently take successful steps. And if they fail to reach success even after cherishing them all, they try harder to keep up users demand, but they never quit.

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