How to Put Your Apps in Secure Mode within BYOD Environment?

How to Build a Secure App Environment with

BYOD makes the things a lot easier than ever before. Employees don’t need to stick with their computers to receive messages for their upcoming work or to get inform about meeting. They don’t need to worry about work when they are having fun outside the office as their work-connected device and enterprise apps help them stay updated with what’s going on and when their virtual presence will be needed.

But a coin always had two sides. If there is a good, there is bad too. Today, after reaching to the stage where a mobile device and apps are compulsion, many enterprises are still afraid of BYOD. According to them, BYOD will break the safety walls and leak the data to those from whom Enterprises are afraid of like hackers, competitors, etc. That doesn’t mean enterprises will steer clear of BYOD. Avoiding BYOD means ignoring to accept the advancement that may turn into a barrier between company and its progress.

So, instead of avoiding BYOD, accept it, embrace it and take following measures to put the security walls.

1. Build Your Own Antivirus

Oh yes, antivirus from third party are doing well and protecting well. But they don’t about each of your system and up to which extent your apps and devices need security. Better to build your own covering all important areas.

2. Different tools for different threats

You need a scanner to scan each ins and outs of your system. Who enters in, who enters out, who remain how much time, etc., you need to know all and keep an eye on. You need a malware removal tool to clean your apps time to time and an online engine to put an eye on outsiders who try to break in your corporate world. Likewise, you need tools for different needs.

3. Hire Security Experts

You need to handle other important business tasks, due to which you don’t have time to look after for hackers all the time. Not either your top app developers or employees as they are busy in fulfilling clients’ requirements. Better to hire security experts who love to trap a rat.

4. Encrypt Your Information

Of course, your antivirus will remain there to save it all, but encryption will keep it blocked from hackers who want to sell your precious information to third parties. Encryption is an added layer of security that your extremely sensitive data need to stay behind the walls.

5. Stay Aware of Online Scams

Tools, checked…..
Antivirus, checked…..
Security experts, checked…..

But what about those mails, online unwanted ads, or others that come without warning from online sites and make a hidden place in your apps or devices. Viruses like this come with all strength to break your security walls. So, security experts will take care of them and you should get acknowledge about them. Knowing a little will keep your device away from threats.


With the increasing capability of devices and apps, the security issues are also growing harder to stop. Take as many steps as you can and stay updated with latest viruses and measures to defeat them. Never stop to take care if you found no one peeking within your BYOD system because you don’t know what hackers are building next to break the walls.


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