App Developers and Their Friend Circle of Best Programming Languages

Top 5 Favourite Programming Languages of App Developers App development world is full of programming languages. There are many to choose from or you can also go for no-programming work with the help of no-coding app development tools. But no-coding tools are not capable of building everything like coding. No wonder why top app developers always opt for coding despite of having low-coding tools. And when it comes to top app developers, they have their rich choices in terms of coding. They don’t adopt any language to make a masterpiece. Their choices are rare and to list yourself one of the top app developers, you need to know about programming languages toppers are generally fond of.

Here they are:

–  Objective C

This is the first choice of those who want to jump in iOS to grab a fair share of revenue. Objective C is a base language of iOS serving iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and almost all devices of Apple. Objective C is a rich source of graphics, display and I/O, so you can clearly think of what makes iOS looks so different than others in-spite of having same apps like Android. But this is not the only language Apple has. Swift is trying to replace Objective C.

– Swift

Sticking with C for a long time, Apple finally shifted to Swift, not fully. Swift is making its place in iOS slowly, but still, it relies on Objective C to make the users feel familiar with iOS. Swift works along with C. Where C is determined to make iOS as beautiful as it can, Swift is known for building protective layers to save precious iOS assets.

Apple announced Swift as an open source programming language which allows Swift to connect with Windows and Linux. According to rumours, Swift have fat chances of being the language of Google as well who is now working with Jave-based platforms.

– Java

There comes the holy grail of Android. Java is filled with lots of qualities. It can run in a browser or in browser-less virtual machine. It gives access to reuse codes so you don’t need to waste time in creating same assets with different coding language. When it comes to cross-platform app development work, Java is considered as primary language.

Java works great with HTML 5 creating exceptionally useful features for web pages. Java is a first choice of enterprise app development because of its steadfast nature and an ability to work with or without browser.

– HTML 5

HTML 5 is an all time solution for big data, consistent performance, hoards of screen sizes, seamless work across different browsers, input parameters, and cost-effectiveness. You hardly found lots of characteristics in a single language. No wonder, why many app developers fall in love with HTML 5. If someone wants to start with low budget, HTML 5 is the most preferable and comfortable language to go for.

– C#

This one is favourite of Windows App developers or call it a base language of Microsoft. When you are looking for a replacement of Java, C or Swift, consider C# as a perfect alternative. C# is a pool of compelling features including lambda expressions, nullable values, enumerations and direct money access.


It is for sure that future holds a lot more languages as apart from app development; other things are also coming into the limelight. I am talking about virtual reality, augmented reality and others. Right now, focus on app and wait for the hour, when we will talk about the favourite languages of virtual world.


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