Four Non-Negligible Ingredients of Enterprise App Development Recipe

Four Non-Negligible Requirements of Enterprise App Development

Enterprise mobile is still as confusing as it was since the beginning of app era. No doubt, the market has demands for enterprise apps, but the budget is shrinking, according to Gartner.

According to survey reports, 31% of average growth was expected from 42% of organizations. But the actual growth is only 10% – down by 2% from 2015.

Where is this leading? Not on the way of expectations. Some puzzles are hard to crack when it comes to enterprise app development. Top App development companies of India are trying their best to go through the process without any glitches.

If you are also one of those who want to skip the pressure of making an enterprise app, then you need to know about the 4 most important elements creating a strong base for a flawless enterprise app.

1. It must be Native

When it is enterprise, it must be native. Hybrid app doesn’t have access to all features of mobile device while native does. Native app attains strong support from camera, GPS, sensors, and other essential features. Besides, simplicity is the best part of native app as it requires at every stage of enterprise app development. Overall, native and enterprise are a best match.

2. Interactive Features

An enterprise app seems like incomplete if it is devoid of conversational features. If it is an enterprise, doesn’t mean that it is only for work or business purpose. In fact, even business apps are full of social media features like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., then why not your app too. Your users need something interactive to be attached with the app. If they have friends on app to talk with, to share with and to have advice with, then it grows quite easier to hold them for a long time.

You should indulge conversational features for everyone like users, customer support, information, etc. All with a promise of safety.

3. Agile Development

Every now and then, a new OS version releases to fit for users demand. Every now and then, a new device with new features comes into existence to give users more fun than they are already having. To experience new ones, users leave their old smartphones on corners. All such seems great, but leaves your app with a few choices of old devices. Agile keeps your app ahead of the surface no matter what comes in future. It gives you freedom to reuse the development assets to make you save hours wasted behind developing same thing again for different services.

4. Analytics Tools

You need to know where your app is, where it has to go and how you will reach the goal. All such things are only possible when you start tracking progress of your app. Analytics and reporting tools make it happen. They can’t assure success, but they can show you the way to success which is actually you need to make your app work and to grab attention of maximum users.


Finally, these are ingredients you can’t avoid to mix in with your enterprise app development recipe. They are as essential as your app. Missing one of them will decrease a chance of success for your app up to a good extent. So, never think of avoiding any of them, not even because of budget matters.


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