See The Future of App Development Through the Eyes of ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon Go

‘Pokemon Go’, this game doesn’t need an intro. Right!!! So, leaving the intro part aside we are directly jumping to the topic. Pokemon Go, as you all know, is a winning example of collaboration among real world, virtual reality and augmented reality. With this game, you can feel the power you hold to control the world, to play with the real world which was not possible with console games or mobile games. But now, it is.

Pokemon Go has successfully proved the unlimited potential of augmented reality in future. And the response of users towards this new world is impressive to the heights where brands and app development companies have actually started thinking about indulging in VR/AR to get their hands on maximum users.

Let’s see how brands, app development companies and other techies can see the future of App development through the ‘Pokemon Go’ Eye.

Assured User Engagement

Oh yes, this one is the field where you can be assure of engaging user with your brand. Pokemon Go let the users run through their surroundings, called Poke-stops, for the sake of catching some Pokemons. If users want to win, they have to run through the stores without having any other choice. Here is where brands have 99% chances of users must coming to their store to catch the Pokemons. Call it a no-alternative situation for users and advantageous situation for brands.

Everything Turns into a Game

Everything and every spot will turn into a game. In Pokemon Go World, users walk in different directions and visit different places – this is called travelling which is now turned into a game playing. They don’t visit to enjoy, instead they visit to play, to win. Indian app developers are working on coming up with more ideas so that the whole world turn into a spot of gamification.

Boredom is at Bay

Generally, mobile games don’t last for long. Users are playing with games and got bored of it within few days. They keep the game until they find another alternative – which happens pretty fast. Mobile games are like “the more you play, the faster you get bore”. Not with Pokemon Go. Here, the scenario is quite reverse – the more you play, the more you get engaged. The game grows complicated, challenged and rewarding as well when the levels go higher. So, there is almost zero chance of getting bored of it.

Real Social Bonding

There it is. After a decade with Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media networks, people again come in contact with each other in offline mode instead of online. Yes, Pokemon Go has a different approach than social media to connect with others. There is no option of connecting with friend online. Instead, you have to find friends within your region and get together for Pokemon hunting. Future is full of apps that connect users with each other offline again.

Final Thoughts

At last, I would like to talk about unlimited potential of AR, VR and Real world. They can do amazing things when combined with tech. It is easy to see what the future holds via Pokemon Go, but things are yet to come. There is more than what we have imagined.


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