What Led Apple App Store Earn More Revenue than Google Play?


Google play receives twice the number of downloads than Apple App store, still App Annie reports has the results opposite the expectations. According to App Annie, Apple App store generated 4X (75%) more revenue than Google Play Store. That is good news for iOS app developers and a period of alert for Android app developers.

Now, as we all know, Google Play has more users than iOS store because of worldwide popularity of Android Smartphones and free junk of apps. Yet, it failed to go ahead of iOS in revenue industry. Not a long time ago, we heard a decline in iPhone sales. Somehow, Apple managed to put itself on the surface when it comes to revenue.

Bottom line is what put Apple at top of ladder if it’s not iPhone sales this time.

Strong Support from China

iOS games are responsible for 75% of total revenue in which China, US and Japan has a fair share. It was the US – first for Apple in generating iOS game revenue, but China surpassed the US generating highest iOS game revenue. Apple got a strong support from China which lifted the revenues of iOS app store to the new heights and has more plans to get going with the same pace. But don’t forget that the US and Japan are not going to play the role; they still hold the same importance for iOS games.

Rapid Growth of Music and Video Streaming Services

After games, next things iOS users are willing to get entertain by are music and videos. During last two years, music, videos and other entertainment services experienced a rapid growth in generating revenues. The popular ones Netflix and HBO are receiving highest in-app subscriptions from iOS users. These channels are considered as “main driver of revenue growth” for Apple app store.

Where iOS is getting showered with huge revenue from entertainment channels, Android users are seem to save less interest than iOS users. The below chart displays is a proof of it.

Apps are Base of Apple

Apple is all about apps. Apple already has strength of iPhone and other iOS devices to lavish its users with delightful experience where Apps are like icing on the cake. No one would dare to deny this delicious flavour of devices and apps that are perfect match for users who are hunting for flawless experience. Apple app stores receives a good amount of revenue from different apps, not just only entertainment ones.


Apple is not relying only on apps for a stable growth of revenue. The company has announced Swift as its new language in 2014 and availing all sources to learn the new language for iOS developers. Next, Apple has put its focus on other smart devices including Apple TV, Apple Watch and surely more in future. Apple is about to open its own retail store in India instead of letting third party sellers to sale its devices. Looks like a big plan to takeover others.

Let’s see whether Apple could win the war of smart devices just like its services.


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