Top 4 Reasons Why Chatbots Can Lead Apps to Graveyard

4 Reasons Why Chatbots Can Dig a Grave for AppsMessaging platforms are home of 1.4 billion users who spend 23 minutes a day on chat. They have got tired of installing app after app and prefer to remain stick with their top five social networking apps. Chatbots are giving them a push to stay connected with their favourite apps and they are not giving any reason to install any app.

For your reference, Chatbot is an AI-powered service interacting with you via your favourite social networking app like Facebook, Slack, etc. For e.g. if you want to book a room, you don’t need to download an app. Simply type your query on your chat app and you will get options to book right way.

Chatbots are gaining a lot attention of these days. Not only they provide immediate service, they also eliminate the need of downloading app again and again to find a solution of non-routine problems. They are just like a godsend for those who got completely tired of downloading apps for minor tasks. At the same time, chatbots are a threat to top app development companies and Appreneurs who rely on apps for their income.

App-dependent entrepreneurs are afraid of Chatbots because they have 4 reasons that can lead apps to graveyard.

1. Users Don’t Want More Apps

With the hoards of apps and a couple of few for a single task, it is tiresome for users to download apps for tasks they don’t perform daily. They don’t need to book a flight on a daily basis unless daily travelling is their business. As per Fiksu Index, 88% users spend their maximum time with only five apps which are generally social networking apps. So, the need of apps is nowhere to be seen. And it is pretty clear that users are no more hunting for best apps. They are waiting for solution that keep them away from app installation and that solution is Chatbot.

2. Chatbots are Easy To Reach

Facebook reports the development of 11000 chatbots for its messaging platforms while Kik, a popular messaging platform for teens, ended up with more than 6000 chatbots in one month. It’s a clear sign of how much users are getting fond of chatbots and how close chatbots are easier to reach than apps.

3. Chatbots Offer Less Worries

Not even users, but brands are also finding Chatbots easy to handle than apps. Apps are competitive. You need a good useful app with perfect marketing strategy including ASO, SEO, etc. And you are not done here. You have to pass through a lot more hurdles like App store approval, app updates, maintenance, etc. Yet, you can’t guarantee the app success. Chatbots are free from all those worries which make them liked more by brands.

4. Chatbots offer Massive Opportunities

As I said, users stick to their top 5 bunch of social networking apps, it is almost impossible to distract them for other apps. It is difficult to reach, but not with Chatbots. Chatbots are meant to interact with users via their favourite social networking app. This might look like challenge, but it is an opportunity for which brands are looking for. Instead of focusing on apps, brands are solely focusing on Chatbots so that they can reach to users as soon as possible through the chatting apps.


Soon, we will see the days when our mouths keep saying that “there is a bot for that”. And our fingers will be tingling to put the query on Facebook messenger. Other meaning of this is also that we may not find the app to do our task or we don’t need it ever. Looking at the above reasons, it seems like Chatbots have the power to end up App generation.


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