Everything About Android-Auto App Developers Need to Know


Hello app developers,

It’s time to extend your android app development skills.

Don’t tell me you didn’t hear about android auto. And if you really did, it’s time to turn motions into actions. Now, your next target is app development for android auto which will totally be a different (and a tad similar) experience than making apps for smartphone.

Android Auto is a collision between Android smartphones and cars. Or call it a connection between Android OS and cars build by apps. Something similar to Apple Carplay. The technology was introduced back in 2014. Till now, the idea has developed well in 2016 with APIs available to make apps for Android auto.

Back to the point, we were talking about making apps for Android auto. For this, you need to know some important things which we are going to discuss in this article.

There are Two Types of Apps

Not only apps, you have to focus on two types of apps when you are making them for Android Auto. One is Audio App and next is Messaging app. Audio apps are made with the purpose to let users hear anything they want on their travel like music, podcasts, news, etc. And messaging apps are going to alert users about arrival of notifications, messages, etc. With messaging apps, users are even allowed to send replies using their voice which will keep them focus on road. APIs to make these apps and starter’s guide is already available at Android centre.

Not All Versions are Supportable

To make apps for Android auto, you have to start from Android 5.0 (or above version) starting from Lollipop and Marshmallow. Older versions like KitKat or Jellybean don’t have any access to Android Auto. Seems like users have to buy new Android smartphones if they want to form a strong interaction between their cars and smartphones.

Supportable Cars

Don’t you dare to think that you can make app for any car. Like Android’s versions, you also have to check out cars having system shaking hands with smartphones. The car must support Android auto to interact with your auto-enabled apps. At present Android Auto has 38 manufacturers to co-operate including Audi, Ford, Mercedes Benz, VW and Volvo.

Sharp Connections

Connection between apps and cars can take place in any form like via bluetooth, USB or may be internet. So when you build apps, make sure your app can connect easily without any risk of breaking down at any point.


You have to keep all the above details in mind while making apps for Android Auto. Also, don’t forget to follow your excellent android app making ritual which includes better user experience, user interface, inspiring designs, easy to understand navigation or everything that is considered as a sign of perfect app. When you make apps for Android Auto, you have to take a good care of things that keep users focus on road while enjoying such features.


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