App or Not? Should You Really Ask This Question When it Comes to App Development?

Should You Really Ask This Question When it Comes to App Development

Should I develop an app or not? This is a forgone question. You don’t need to ask it. Because by all intents and purposes, you surely need an app. An app is as necessary as your website and your brick-and-mortar store. What app developers should actually ask for is: Should I develop this app?

If you are looking for building an app, whether for your business or other purpose, you must be having some app idea. You should care more about whether you should build your app idea or not. What if it doesn’t work? App failure is not a sign of “drop off your app idea”, it is a sign of change your app idea.

But how could you know about the success and failure of app without making it available to users? Like you, I am also here to discuss the same:

First of all, stop your mind from thinking that you can make an app and spend a fortune just to know that your app hardly grab a few users. Next is, you don’t need to make an app to get your approval. You need a prototype, works like a carbon copy of your app, through which you can get users feedback to confirm your app idea. If your users like it, then hurray… you have a great idea to spend money on. Or if they don’t, congratulations, you saved a fortune and now, it’s time to discover another app idea for another trial.

What is the Prototype of App?

A prototype is a copied version of your app where you can use or test all functions of app without wasting much time and cost. Simply, it is just like a Xerox copy of your app. You will use it to test whether users like your idea or not.

The below given image will tell you what prototype of app exactly looks like:


Source: Worry Free Labs

Now your next question is how to develop a prototype of your own app.
Well, thanks to internet and the companies availing tools for almost everything. There are many tools to make an app. Just like that there are many tools to make a prototype.

Top 5 Tools to Make Mobile App Prototype give you access to design good number of prototypes for all almost all types of devices. It has a free to chargeable package as per your needs. Whatever a real app has like smart touches, taps, scrolls, swipes, buttons, and much more, gives you all to insert in your prototype and test it as per your convenience.


Along with taps, scrolls and swipes, Justinmind hand over a gesture control in your app prototype which you can use to see what the results are. Like may be users also appreciate your gesture controls as well. It offers user-generated pre-built “widgets”, but if you are not satisfied with them, you can make your own as well.


Do you want to learn on the way to your app prototype development? If yes, then UXPin is a perfect spot to start experimenting with your app and learn some useful UX design principles simultaneously.


Apart from having powerful prototyping tools, InVision is a community of clients, team members, and stakeholders. These guys will give you feedbacks on your designs, so you can improve your design.


Pop is popular for quick within-minutes work. It saves your time and money as well while giving you excellent paper-like mockup. You are also allowed to upload your app design paperwork on Pop.


Next time, don’t ask yourself whether I should build an app or not? Instead, ask whether I should build this app or not? And the most proven way to validate your app idea is to design a prototype and let the users tell you about your next move.


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