How This App Earned 1 Million+ Downloads on First Day?

How This App Reached No

This is truly an inspiration for people with restaurant business.

At this app era, where users prefer to stick with their top 5 or less apps and not looking for other apps for their smartphone, this app named Chick-fil-A got more than one million downloads on first day.

Chick-fil-A, an American Fast Food restaurant, recently launched an app with the same name of its restaurant. And what caught attention of top app developers is its way to reach the top charts of iTunes store which is no less than a hit as many are trying hard to reach that position.

So what’s the secret of this app? How it got to the top that is also in iTunes which is full of 2+ million apps? How even this app made it to the surface?

Some common answers to these questions are stunning user interface, well-developed designs, marketing, etc. But this is something most of all app developers are inserting in their app. So what is actually making a difference? A master’s trick to grab users instantly and hook them with the app.

Here’s how Chick-fil-A applied the trick:

Free Meal for First Time App Users

Who don’t want to eat a free chicken sandwich? The app offered this delicious meal only to those who are ready to download the app. This works just like “claim your prize”. A free chicken sandwich, in return you have to sacrifice a little space of your smartphone which seems a small deal.

Leave everything aside, and focus only on this little trick which is enough to grab thousands of downloads on day one. What you have to do is spread the word for prize your app has for first time users. And you are all done.

No Space for Wait-in-line

You can’t hook users forever with your app, once your first-time-app-user-reward trick ends up. After all, you are not going to offer sandwiches for free. So, next step is hooking the users with the app without offering food for free. Chick-fil-A took this step very carefully with the app’s mind-boggling user experience.

Chick-fil-A app allows customers to place order and make payment through app. After that, as soon as they reach to the store, their order will be served. No need to wait long in queues. This user experience will hook users with the app for long time.

Free Food Rewards

After giving them a reason to hook with the app, it’s time to reward them for their loyalty. Chick-fil-A app rewards its loyal app users with free food. Those, who constantly hook with the app and continue to order most of its stuff using the app, are considered as loyal users and get rewarded with free food based on their purchase history.

Location Services

One more hack to stunning user experience: location services. Chick-fil-A has multiple branches and app users can take full advantage of it. The app has in-built location services helping users to locate nearby branch. It encourages users that the store is nearby and it’s easy to grab the parcel as they don’t need to wait in queue.

Customize Order

Something like Starbucks. You can place order and you can choose ingredients as well. Everybody has its choices when it comes to food. Chick-fil-A allows users to pick up orders based on ingredients they would like to have – like icy lemonade or no ice lemonade, salt free waffle fries, chicken sandwich with bacon, etc.

Good Space for Food Allergic People

Anyone allergic to dairy? Chick-fil-A has a good space for allergic people and there is an option named “Allergens Filter” within the app. This app allows users to eliminate things they are allergic to and they can easily browse through non-allergic things. Another shot of caring user experience.


Now, you got the point for why this app got the no.1 stage on iTunes top free apps. A trick to grab users towards the app, next to hook them up and the cycle goes on till the users are happy with the food as well as services.


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