How You Can Earn Money From Dating Apps?

3 Prove Ways To Earn Money from Dating Apps

Match Group, an American Internet Company owning various dating apps including Tinder, OKCupid, and, generated $888.3 million revenue last year and $483.8 million in the first half of this year.

  • Online dating users are spending 12 hours a week on computer based online dating activity.
  • 1 in every 10 Americans are using dating sites or dating apps
  • 66% users have gone on a date with the one they have met on dating site or app
  • 23% have claimed to met with spouse or long term partner on dating sites or app


Trust for dating sites among users is growing at a fast pace. Users began to think that they have more chances of meeting their soul mate on dating apps than in real life. With this trust, more and more users are turning to dating apps to find the exact match instead of waiting for a long. This is how Dating apps are connected to users’ life as well as their emotions.

More interesting thing is dating apps actually works for True Matches. Here are some true Tinder Stories that make users believe in love. So, this is not fairy tale that never comes true.

Back to the topic, how app developers can earn well by making true matches through an app.

As I said, dating apps are connected to users’ heart. And when something is connected to heart, it becomes easy to convince users to pay money for what they love.

Without further ado, let’s see how you can make money with your dating app.

1. Put Barriers and Charge Fees to Remove Them

Tinder remained revenue-less for 2 long years. Later, the company released subscription model and Passport feature. Tinder dating app lets you swipe left or right based on choices. Once you made the choice, you have no option to undo it. This is the limit of Tinder which users can remove with subscription model where they are allowed to undo their choice or check back what they have missed.

Another limit is Tinder offers dating options from your region only. It never offers dates outside the limits of your physical location. Users can remove this limit as well by paying for Passport feature that allows you to look for matches beyond the limits of your location.
When Tinder launched its paid model named “Tinder Plus “, the dating app jumped from No. 969 to No. 26 in iOS highest downloaded apps chart.

All in all, put limits and remove them by being paid.

2. Let Them Select Based on Their Choices

Everybody has its own choices. First suggest matches based on users’ location like Tinder. But make them switch to premium account if they want to receive suggestion based on their own interest like age, height, education, location, etc.

3. In-app Purchases to Reveal the Secret

Amanda, one of the top-earning dating app in South Korea, grab users’ attention based on their worth. New users put their desired characteristics and the app spread the same information to the existing users having a good match with the details. The app charges a fortune (in the form of in-app purchases) to reveal the identity of new user who is looking for similar characteristics the opposite person has.

In short, first excite the existing users by saying that someone is looking for him/her and then, make them pay to reveal who is the one.


These tricks are prevailing well in the market as the apps with such tricks are making real money while earning blessings from those who found their match on apps. However, you can extend such tricks with your own as the market is still looking for well-earning opportunities through dating apps or you can simply adopt the existing ones to make a good fortune.


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