Android Instant Apps – Save the Shrinking Future of Apps and App Developers

Android Instant Apps Bringing a New Hope for App Developers

According to Forrester, users spend 84% time of each month in five or fewer apps. According to comScore, most of users aren’t looking for new apps.

That means the five or fewer apps are the one existed since years and users don’t bother to replace them with new apps as they are satisfied with the existing ones. This data is a serious matter of worries for apps and app developers. Even after making a high profile app and putting approved app marketing tactics, app developers barely make a space on app store surface.

But soon this big problem turns into a smaller one due to the lights of hope thrown by Android. I am talking about one of the Google’s biggest announcement made on Google I/O Keynote. No, no, not the Google Home, not either an Allo App, my words are for Instant Apps.

What is Instant Apps?

Instant Apps are something that redirects you from website to mini apps which you don’t need to install to see the in-app contents. It works like: when you open URL of any website, you will reach to the app of particular brand instead of website and you don’t need to install that app. Something like web app, but again I repeat you don’t need to install it. The app will open instantly just like a website or faster than this, that’s why they are called “Instant App”


Now the most important questions: how these apps save the future of apps and app developers?

1. Never-Used Apps will Become Handy

Some apps are permanent like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Email apps, while some or many apps are temporary. Of course, users need temporary apps, but only for once in a month. They never keep or install apps that have a little use. That is the reason why many useful apps remain untouched.

With Instant Apps, users don’t need to install least use app, still they are able use it once in a month or whenever they need. This is how even untouched apps becomes useful for users.

2. Preventing the Need of Websites

Mobile Web browsers are not yet able to provide best mobile user experience. This thing is only covered by apps. But to install each and every app for minor purposes is also not a preferable thing for users. Here is where Instant apps seem so useful with best-ever user experience, eliminating the need of websites and app installation as well.

3. A Lift to Mobile Ads

Pop-up insecure websites are ruining the mobile experience while Ad Blockers are blocking the way to earn through mobile ads. And Google makes a lot of money from its ads. Android Instant Apps can turn the things normal again. The app won’t redirect users to any other insecure website. Also, Instant apps are able to provide web experience to users with ads alongside. This is a huge earning opportunity for Android app developers.

4. Good News for Older Android Platforms

While making apps, app developers focus on the recent or latest OS versions. According to data, only 4.6% of Android smartphones has the latest Marshmallow OS. That means most of Android phones are still using the old OS versions. It also means that the old platforms won’t take the advantage of new apps.

The case is not same with Instant Apps. Google’s Instant Apps are addressed to support even the oldest platforms back to 2012’s Jelly Bean.

Google has taken the Instant App move at the right time. To convince users for new app download is a back-breaking task because of which many app developers started losing the hope to earn anything from their apps. Instant Apps brought that hope back while providing a high earning opportunity for developers. Let’s see how developers master the art of earning through Instant Apps.


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