How and Why Your App Should Get Featured on App Stores?

What it Takes to Get Featured on App Stores

Ever got featured on Apple app store? Or ever noticed the benefits apps receive being featured? Among iOS app developers, being featured is really a big thing especially in five countries including Brazil, Japan, South Korea, UK and USA.

Featured apps grab attention of countless users. Featured apps generally have more downloads than others. Games receive 4 times more benefit of getting featured than other apps. Being featured for 7 days only will get you an immense number of downloads from the day third. Apps of South Korea are receiving the maximum benefits of getting featured on Apple app store. What else you need to get encourage for getting featured?

But wait, before you directly jump into the pool of “how to get featured on Apple App store”, this is what you need to know first.

If these are earlier stages of your app, these are earlier stages for getting featured too. You have to wait until your app gets mature enough to hook users for a long time. And if after a certain period, your app couldn’t get success in terms of users, make sure it is not the app that hits the featured list. So, wait, analyze and make necessary changes until you get satisfactory results from app and its users. Once you reach that stage, you are ready to take further below given steps for getting featured on Apple App Store.

1. How it Works

You have to first understand the process Apple App store follows to select apps for featured list. The selection is not based on algorithms; instead featured apps are hand-picked.

Michael Ehrenberg, a former Apple App store marketing manager, shared the Apple’s process of feature app selection. According to Michael, Apple has 155 app stores serving different countries in their native language. Each week, local app store editors identify the most relevant and best apps among local users which later submitted to feature list.

So, first of all, if you want your app to get feature, you should have some targeted audience from different countries and make sure your app is serving them well in their preferred languages. In short, localize your app among your targeted audience.

2. Make it Universal

You can increase your chances of getting featured, if you can avail your app for all types of Apple products like the main three iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

3. Up with Latest Technology

When Apple announced its Pencil, the company used an app named “Paper” built by FiftyThree. This is how you too grab instant attention of app pickers if you keep up with latest technology. For e.g. right now, 3D touch is more into a buzz. If you build an app compatible with 3D touch, you can easily have upper hand than others.

4. Introduce Frequent Updates

According to BI Intelligence, in 2013-2014, apps that received above-average ratings are found to be updated for 9 times a year. Frequent updates, you can call it. Constant app updates are more tend to capture attention than apps without updates. Hence, consider updates as an important part of getting featured.

5. Be Seasonal

Christmas offers, New Year gifts, Thank You deals, and a lot occasions are taking place giving you an opportunity to earn some extra from users. This also puts your app in the feature list if you can provide something worth of users’ holidays.

6. Show Your Love to Apple

Use your Apple device to create a promo video of your app. It reveals how much you love Apple that you are using the brand’s device to feature its app.

And, there you are, I am sure you are well-aware of marketing part, so I didn’t mention it here. It’s common. Keep marketing and keep engaging new as well as old users.


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