Top 10 Tools and Guides to Learn Front-end App Development On The Go

Top 10 Resources to Learn Front

How they make it? This is the common question arises each time when we see an eye-delighting app with functions decorated with stunning graphics. App development beginners always keep their eye on successful developers so that they can make something like them. But they each time fail wandering what make successful apps actually successful.

Front-end and back-end both are essential for a smooth working app. But we have assembled here to learn what makes front-end of apps so extraordinary that people can’t curb to have them in their smartphones for a lifetime.

It is nothing but long hours of constant learning which makes app developers creative enough to build something never existed before. Developers have their own resource-selection through which they learn, even after achieving a pro position. This is the thing that keeps their apps ahead of others.

“What if I get access to their learning sources? I will also be able to create something close to their creativity.” This must be running in your mind right now. And I am going to push it more by giving you access to favourite front-end learning resources of successful developers.

1. GitHub

It is the choice of millions of app developers who want to learn front end app development from scratch. You can also call it a “hub of app developers”. For front end part, Github has another website popular with the name “GitHub Gist”. From introduction to practical learning, you will find everything here.

2. jQuery Cheat Sheet

Yes, it is actually a cheat sheet. It gives you a quick sheet of jQuery full of filters, attributes, and much more to solve your syntax of different front-end programming languages.

3. BugRex

BugRex is a community of developers helping each other sort out programming issues or to share code snippets or to exchange their technical information. You can learn a lot from BugRex’s community of skilled developers.

4. Touch Keyboard Types

It is a collection of HTML5 codes and demos especially for ecommerce app builders. You find here various demos helping you build different parts of an ecommerce app.

5. HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Another cheat sheet, but this time it is for HTML5. Like it names, it gives you a quick sheet of various codes to teach you depths of front-end app development.

6. Babel Handbook

Consider it a “bible of JavaScript Compiler” written by James Kyle. It has everything to teach you JavaScript Compiler from scratch with the facilities of chatting sessions and forums as well to clear your doubts.

7. The A11Y Project

Being a beginner app developer, you must have tons of “How-Tos” in your mind. Let them come out with A11Y project introducing the answers of “How-Tos” commonly asked by developers. It also has list of myths and tests to give you a clear vision.

8. JS Tips

Grab short codes or short but worthy tips on JavaScript through JS Tips. It is a land of small codes to implement each function flawlessly.

9. ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

ES6 is a part of JavaScript language. Tools, assignments, classes, or you will find everything to learn this updated language with all necessary sources.

10. WPO Stats

Some apps are always going through various changes. Instagram, Whatsapp, or any news app, they all pass through frequent changes. WPO stats will keep you updated with changes took place in popular apps and also let you know the results of changes. So, you can have a better idea of which changes you should make to front part of app to make it more effective.


Frontend – a part of app viewable to users, a part interacting users with the app. An app developer knows how important it is. Back-end is also as important as front-end because whatever action users perform on front-end, it will take place only when back-end is able to receive the query. So, for now, focus on front-end part. Next time I will be back with back-end learning resources.


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