Facebook’s Top Announcements for the Sake of App Developers

Top Announcements by Facebook For the Sake of App Developers

Facebook’s recent F8 conference popped up with new announcements for both the users and the developers. This time, the social giant has taken a big step for those who rely on apps to earn their own bread. From developers to marketers, updates are for all to make their skills more effective and to increase their ability to earn more revenue.

Let’s have a quick glance at each feature introduced for the sake of app developers as well as app marketers.

Direct Sign Up Option

Facebook introduced an Account Kit which allows developers to insert a direct sign-up option for users. This means from now it will be easier to grab users by shrinking their sign-up process. With this Kit, developers will insert a sign-up feature where users are require to put number only, instead of name, email, password & other information, users will get a code confirming their number and they will redirect to main page in a span of few seconds.

Easy to Catch Quote

Users are keen to share quotes with their links. Developers can make their quote-sharing habit easier to achieve by giving them a plug-in that automatically grabs the highlighted quote – eliminating the process of copy and paste.

Effective Push and In-app notifications

Facebook goes beyond the general users’ information. Not only it gets you aware of users’ age, gender, country and language, but also it reveals likes, interests, education, job and much more about users. This feature helps developers and marketers in personalizing their push and in-app notifications making it tough for users to avoid.

Live Video API

With billions of Facebook users, it doesn’t take much time and efforts to announce live video concept. In its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced the release of Live Video API allowing app developers to plug into Facebook Live concept.

Videos on Profile Pictures

Profile pics are taken a step ahead than images-only. That means, users can put third party videos at profile pics, if they are not in a mood to post another image. This feature brings extra benefits to developers as whenever they post videos on profile picture, their users get an instant notification on news feed.

Bots in Messenger

Bots is big news for developers and marketers. By inserting bots in messenger, users become able to send text messages directly and receive auto-respond like further information, location, buy buttons, etc.

React Native For Windows

React Native is not a new thing as 500+ companies used it for building apps for Apple App store and 200+ for Google Play Store. This time React ecosystem continues to grow with Windows and Samsung as well. Microsoft and Samsung committed to carry React Native with Windows 10 and Samsung Tizen.


The tools and their enchanting features are creating closeness between app developers and Facebook. The day seems near when app developers earn good sums of money from Facebook just like they earn from Apple app store and Google play store.


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