Top 10 Weird but Useful Apps You Should Try Now

Check Out Top 10 Weird but Useful Apps

Admit it. We have tried tons of apps till now. Some remained with us while some replaced by better apps. Check out some glimpses of apps in flashback. You will find yourself with apps that either useful to you or entertain you. Have you ever tried an app that is quite weird, but using it for you is a compulsion? This happens in rare cases.

Many app lovers or app writers exist who download apps with a purpose to know what the app does. They don’t have any intention to download an app just to fulfil any task. Playing with various types of apps is a part of their life. They have record of all apps – all apps means all apps including the one that sound weird, but can be useful in many ways.

Would you like to know more about such apps?

Here is the collection of apps having strange features, but touched a million hearts and proved to be useful in real life.

Run Pee – Next time You won’t Miss the Best Movie Scenes

The title itself sounds like the app must be something related to pee. Yes it is.

Have you ever found yourself in a need-to-pee during mid-movie? You hold it to avoid missing the best scenes of movie. No more you need to hold it as Run Pee will tell you the best time to pee during mid movie. You can manage your peetime without losing a single best movie scene.

Available for iOS and Android

Paper Racing – Fun way to release your pressure

Not that depression type of pressure, I am talking about pooping pressure.

Yes you heard it right.

Paper racing turns your pooping pressure into a fun. You have to make scores in it by dragging out toilet paper at a fast pace. You can join with other friends to make it a challenge – who runs out paper first?

Available for Android

Bowel Mover – Resist Your System from Blockage

Your internal system that often hits a blockage when you eat something unhealthy.

This pretty app tracks all your digestion and consumption habits to keep your internal system clean.

Whenever you hit a blockage, this app tells you the possible reasons to which you can easily find possible cures.

Available for iOS


Have you got tired of annoying activities of teens? Now, it’s time to annoy them back so that next time they won’t dare to annoy you again. Annoy-A-Teen app lets you deliver specific sounds that will be heard by those annoying you. It won’t hurt you.

Available for iOS

Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now!

Got tired of typing excuses each time when you would not be able to attend social event? This app makes your work easier. With just a few clicks, the app creates fake excuses and sends the same to the one you selected from your contacts.

Available for Android

Crack My Screen – Prank Fun

That’s truly a fun. May be your friends don’t care if they found a crack on your smartphone, but you can bring a flood of anger to their faces by taking their smartphone and install this app. The app will leave a crack on their smartphone which make them believe that you had broken it.

Available for Android

Toothbrush Timer – Next Time You Brush Teeth On Time

How long you brush your teeth? A minute or two. This app lets you brush for 2 constant minutes. Not only this, it will also suggest you to brush on different sides of teeth within mentioned seconds.

Available for Android and iOS

Watching Cute Girl – Your Virtual Japanese Girl Friend

The app gives you on-screen Japanese girl that behaves exactly like your girl friend. She is sensitive. If you touch her, she will be upset. She will make her presence feel by talking to you at any time you want. Don’t talk with her in front of your real girl friend; otherwise she will be jealous of your extremely cute virtual girl friend.

Available for iOS

iNap@Work – Fake Your Work While Napping

You will always hold your sleeps in office because of those who might get signal of your naps with your silence. This app keeps your work alive while let you have a nap.
When you are in a no mood to work or your sleep-needs resist you to work, put this app on work. The app produces sounds that fake your work and also drag you out of naps after specific timings.

Available for iOS

iFart Pro

Featured in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Venture Beat and other big magazines, the app caught attention of many when entered the market.

The name does suggest something relevant to fart, but it is not the way you are thinking.
In fact, it’s a security app. Whenever someone try to snatch your phone, the app generate shocking fart sounds that surely put the thief in confusion. And your phone will be saved from being stolen.

Available for iOS


And there are many apps, you won’t believe, still exist. Some are useless while some sounds funny but serve their purpose at least. Which one you like the most? Let me know through comments.

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