New Challenge for App Developers: Blend of Smart Fitness Devices and Apps

Blend of Smart Fitness Devices

It’s growing tough to maintain a good gym routine consistently. Thanks to extremely busy life. But gyming is necessary at the same time. Because if you miss the gym routine, you won’t achieve that elite level of health and fitness. And all that money and those days that you’ve made through gym will go in vain. This isn’t something a fitness enthusiast wish for, I thought.

To give fitness-conscious people a sigh of relief, tech people emerge with a new technology bringing new challenges for app developers.

Fitness apps are not new to us. These apps made it easy to track daily calorie-consumption habits and to keep fat in check. However, something is still missing. One cannot stay healthy, fit and in shape without some exercise. Exercise is must, not only for fitness purpose, but also for health and a relief from stressful life.

To save people from back and forth gym journeys, at-home exercise tools were made available at affordable price. But, users need a mentor to guide them for proper fitness plan. So, the idea of at-home exercise tools was not proved to be a good one.

This time, tech-inspiring people brought something new with the mixture of old, to make users’ fitness dream come true. It is a blend of fitness apps and smart fitness devices. Check out Move It to see the real example of this.

“Move It” offers four exercise tools and apps to track your each exercise move and guide you just like a fitness coach.

Back to the topic, how this new technology brings new challenges for app developers? Today, it’s the one (Move It), tomorrow there will be hundreds and more. It is obvious, next time developers will be busier to make fitness apps that sync well with smart fitness devices. And the challenges they will face on will be:

1. Data Challenge

All the four equipments of “Move It” are assembled with extra sensors to detect users’ workout type. Push-up stands detect downward and upward movements through its sensors, for instance. Now the question is: why these sensors are tracking each workout move? To guide users how much and how tough workout they need based on your weight scales.

It seems that “Move It” has collected lots of information before introducing this device and its apps. When developers think of making a fitness app, they also have to do their homework of collecting data before releasing app and also they’ve to make an app that collects real-time data of users to keep them on fitness track.

2. Accuracy Challenge

Accuracy is given a lot of importance when it comes to health. Data collection is a good deal, but it will be of no use if an app fails to collect accurate data. For instance, an app has to provide accurate details of how much weight a user can lose with the help of smart fitness devices, apps and low calorie consumption. If after one month of following the suggested schedule, he couldn’t achieve the state he was promised for, he will lose trust from fitness devices and promise itself not to return back.

3. Real-time Guidance Challenge

Technology can’t replace humans utterly. No matter how far it goes, at some stage, users need an instructor to guide them for further steps. At this state, app developers have to tie up with fitness coaches who can be available at any time on demands of users. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity for developers as they can charge price for personal consultation.

4. Entertainment Challenge

“Move It” is a fully fledged tool for fitness conscious people as it incorporates exercise with fun. It connects users with other workout buddies and encourages them to challenge each other. For instance, when you are not in a mood to exercise, pick up a one minute challenge where you’ve to make some push-ups. Send the same request on app to your friend and bet for who push ups the most in that particular one minute.

Most of fitness apps fail to motivate users for exercise purpose. One key reason is those apps just concentrate on fitness part. They forget that fitness without fun is like a zoo without animals. At first, users will visit the zoo, but without animals, they won’t continue to visit it again & again for a long. Similarly, fitness app without fun is a place where users don’t like to visit again & again. Inserting entertainment part with fitness apps is of course like a challenge, but it is necessary at the same time to make an app worth.

Needless to say, smart fitness devices are waiting for challenging apps that can increase the value of devices and become an essential part of users’ constant gym routine. App developers have to come up with ideas that keep users hook with the app in a fun way.


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