Top 8 Codeless Skills Considered as an Essential Part of App Development

Top 8 Codeless Skills App Developers Can

Do you think that app development is all about coding? Of course, coding is a key part of app development, but many other things are also exist without which there is no meaning of making an app. Such things have no relation with coding, but considered as an essential part of app development process.

Here are top 8 Codeless skills every app developer needs to stay on grounds.

1. Data Studies

Before going for app development process, it’s necessary to analyze everything from app budget to app market. These are not days where you develop an app and things will work on their own. Before building anything, you have to first inquire whether your idea will work or not. Whether the market needs your app or not. Whether users are looking for app relevant to your idea or not. All such needs studies of tons of data as it saves your dollars which you may waste behind an app that has zero market value.

2. App Testing

App testing requires some programming skills, but not necessarily. You can test your app without programming skills using various tools like TestFlight, TestFairy, and others. These tools help any developer (without testing skills), test the app, make it flawless and fit for all devices or at least the devices with targeted operating systems.

3. In-app Support

In-app support can be for internal use like for employees and for external use like for customers. If your app is for customers, then they will ask you for support of any feature which might be not working in their device. To solve this, you can guide them, but it won’t require teaching customers any coding language. Likewise, if your app is for employees, even they won’t ask to teach any java language. Through in-app support, app users just need guidance not coding skills.

4. Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping, the subcategory of UI/UX field, can be as easy or as complex as you make it. Prototyping is possible without coding with the help of already available designs, a sketch or some suggestions from your users.

5. Adobe Stock

Adobe has huge number of products for mobile app developers as well non-developers. With Adobe products only, one can make an app that serves it purpose at least, if designs are not well made like they look with some codes.

6. A/B Testing

This part is far away from coding. What works better than the other? This is decided by users, not by developers’ coding skills.

7. App Marketing

It requires marketers, not developers. App developers, who can’t afford app marketers’ charges, must get aware of basic app marketing skills, otherwise, no one or very few will get aware of their app.

8. Writing

Difference between writing and programming is like the difference between the earth and the sky. Being an app publisher, you need write-ups at every stage to spread the word of your app through blogs, press releases, app reviews, and others.

Tech industry has a huge space for those looking to make their footprints in tech world. Nomatter whether you are a skilled developer or a non-developer with a great app idea – you are living in a world full of tools, techniques and tricks. A tad of smartness with available sources takes you on the way of your dreams.


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