Oculus Rift App Development: How much it requires?

Oculus Rift App Development Takes More than Usual TimeWith Oculus Rift, virtual reality generation is now and here. However it takes a little more time in reaching all over the world, but it is here – no more in the future. You can read the reviews of those having brief experience with the Oculus Rift.

Users must have imagined things they would like to do when Oculus rift finally arrive to their hands. Can you guess their wishes? Playing a 3D game, sitting on a virtual beach while looking at babes, studying in a virtual classroom or anything else. Each app user has its own wishes and expectations from VR headsets. But could app developers (you) fulfil their insatiable virtual reality desires, this time, just like you did when smartphones entered?

Oculus Rift entered with pre-installed games not apps. VR headset apps are yet to develop. So, it’s impossible to get your app inspiration from already-entered apps. In short, you have to start from scratch without any clue.

As it’s your first lay, you should know what it is to make apps for VR headsets like Oculus Rift.

Everything is 3D

With Oculus Rift, users are not interacting with device; they are interacting with environment given within the device. As it is a VR headset device, all things within must be in 3D. So, to make apps for VR headsets, you have to make 3D apps with more engaging content that can put users in real-like world.

Not only 3D views, to make your apps or games feel real, you have to insert 3D audio as well. 3D audio adds an extra layer of realness when incorporated with 3D views.

A Good Match with Head and Hand Movements

While making an app for smartphone, you are trying your best to make a good match between users’ fingers and app’s touch features. With VR headsets, you have to focus more on head and hand movements of users. To view your in-app content, users will roll their head on three dimensional views. And to touch that in-app content, they run their hands on virtual material.

Overall, you have to make an app that tunes fine with head and hand movements of users.

Frequent Breaks

Your app must be not something that users necessarily require to attach with for more than 30 minutes because a consumer technology writer said “The Rift has other consequences for the mind and body. I felt mentally drained after 20-minute sessions. My eyes felt strained after half an hour, and over a week I developed a nervous eye twitch”

Oculus itself recommends not to use device for more than 30 minutes.

When you start making apps, make sure they are not apps that users necessarily require to stick with for 30+ minutes. Let the users feel your app full of freedom.

Long Development and Testing Time

Oculus Rift has 6 GB+ sized games. You can imagine how much it took for app development companies to such a long 3D game for the device?

Obviously, an app that possesses everything in 3D must take more than expected time to get ready for app stores. And, as it is a new device, it will take some trials and errors as well to reach the final script.

Bottom Lines

So much work to do. First to learn, then to implement, go through trails and errors and finally get ready to build another masterpiece for virtual world. One thing give you a sigh of relief: Oculus confirmed in-app purchases to its toolkit. This will work for both payments for usable items and downloadable add-ons. Now you don’t need to worry about ROI.


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