3 Ways to Manage After-Launch App Development Cost

How To Manage After-Launch App Development Cost

People often drop their idea of making an app due to getting scared of after-launch app costs. App makers never have a sigh of relief even after their app reach to app the store. In fact, an app demands more money to be maintained and marketed over a long haul.

These expenses are no less than a horrifying dream for mobile app developers who can’t afford it. If you are also the one looking to make an app but afraid of after-launch costs, you need to learn some app cost management skills.

App Marketing Cost

Marketing cost – one of the biggest matter app makers are worried about. Skipping this cost means skipping the chance to make your visible to those who need it. But before jumping in marketing grounds, you have to learn how to spend on app marketing. Some pay higher rates to get quick results, while some prefer to attach with freeways having long term values.

Limitations of budget lets you follow both the ways: one is spending low on paid marketing campaigns while concentrating more on free ways like social media and others. To avail real, organic results for your app within budget, these two ways are mandatory to follow.

Feature Update Cost

App users are maturing at a fast pace, along with which their demands and expectations are also growing. App development companies who take a good care of increasing demands of app users are touching the sky while those who don’t care about users, their apps are thrown out of the sight.

It is obvious, if you want your app to be a superhero of app users, you have to keep it updated according to their demands. And update is costly.

To save yourself from update cost, you have to list down the features your users need. Give top priority to those features which are most demandable and which you can afford. Make updated app avail to users with a promise that you will insert more features in future.

Testing Cost

This one is inescapable. I mean what’s the meaning of updated app if it catches a bug when enters to users’ smartphone. So, one can’t escape testing just for the sake of saving money.
Now, the problem is there are multiple app versions for multiple platforms. You have to insert each update to all versions of app which means each app version have to pass app testing. Overall, it all leads you to a huge cost. At this point, you can either ask for bargain from testers or you can search for zero-to-little paid app testing tools.


Marketing, testing and updates are indispensable part of app. Without these, an app can’t survive for a long. Out of almost no options to skip any of these costs, you can minimize them up to certain extent to put yourself within budget.


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