5 Mobile App Designs Trends You Should Not Ignore

Want your users to enjoy a front view of your mobile app? Want them to perform more actions and less thinking? Want them to spend more time doing multitasking in your app? Then give them an app design that let them do more than said.

Do you know what makes Airbnb and Grubhub stand out of other apps? Their ability to increase the ability of users. They provide the bandwidth of multi-tasking while minimizing the process of thinking.

You can too, if you incorporate the below given trendy designs in your app to hike up the users’ capacity.

1. Space Conserving Menus

The more menu consumes app’s space, the less room users get to interact with app. It’s time to put menus consuming less space and give more room to users.

Refer some examples of space saving menus:

Hamburger Menu: Hamburger hides everything in its 3 small lines to give a whole screen to users for easy app interaction.


Image Source

Tip: Put immediate options on first screen and hide all the others in hamburger menu

Sticky Menu: Sticky menu is the menu sticks with you as you scroll down or jump to another screen. It gives an ease to perform actions from all stages of app – the multi-tasking menu.


Image Source

Tabs Menu: All-time visible menu that lets you switch from one screen to another with extreme ease. It is quite similar to Sticky Menu.


Image Source

2. Gesture Moments

Swipe, tap, point, click or if these are not enough, create your own gestures. Gestures put your users in multi-tasking mode. They have fun to do activities with app if gestures are there to make things easier.


Image Source

3. Highlight Micro-moments

What are micro-moments, by the way?

  • Your best friend updated his Facebook status
  • Expenses you made in April
  • He/She is visiting his/her favourite City.

These are micro-moments that affect majorly to app users

App developers have observed that these unnoticed, wee moments matter a lot to general users. They noted improved connectivity of users with app when micro-moments are highlighted.


In short, notify users whenever such moments take place in their connected circle. And for your reference, here is one example of highlighting micro-moments.


4. Mini Card Generation

Those teeny-weeny cards are getting smaller yet effective enough to make us click. This is the mini card generation as users’ like to receive updates in small text and image format. Still confused!!! Let me show LinkedIn Example:


Image Source

Now, you must get the idea of what I am talking about.

Mini-cards are best friends of small screen devices. They are the effective way to organize content in tiny doses, so that users can consume it well. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn had already started bringing mini-cards on mainstream of app development.


Image Source

5. Blur Background

One of the best way to offer unbeaten experience to users is give them a blurred background while putting focus on important content. Just like the weather app did.


Image Source

Key Takeaway

Now, you are ready with designs that take your app a step forward. These are just few, you can learn more from big brands like Facebook walking along with users and their frequently changing behaviours, choices and demands.


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