Limitations of Ready-to-use App Development Softwares

Challenges Plugged with Ready-to-Use App Development Softwares

Cook a whole food with ingredients or just nuke a frozen food. Make an app with coding or get it ready with app development softwares. Yes, you guessed it right! Making an app using app development softwares is similar to heating up a frozen food.

Oh, yes, it will take less time to cook a frozen food than to make food by chopping each ingredient. But accept the fact that frozen food is less tasty or it may harm your health. Likewise, you surely get an app ready with app development softwares, but it may prove to be dangerous for your app’s health. Let’s find out how?

Limited Capability

The problem with Frozen food is if you wish to eat something else, you have to kill your wish as you have to eat what is available. That’s the case with app development softwares. You can make your app with elements availed by softwares and you have to kill your own vision. You may achieve something closely relevant to your app dream, but you have to compromise at some stage.

Lack of Customization

Eating a frozen food means eating something which is already. No customization. You are not able to add anything extra otherwise it will spoil the food. Similarly, with ready-to-use app development platforms, you have to go with what is available. Adding something extra can mess up with elements and their coding availed by software makers. If you are lucky enough you will get some help from customer care.

Lack of Flexibility

Android, iOS, Windows – hundreds of devices with thousands of screen resolutions. Huh, it’s hard to cover all. And it’s tough to cover such a huge market with app development softwares. A flexible app, that adapts itself according to smartphone environment, is not easy to achieve with app making softwares. Somehow if you make a flexible app, testing part is necessary to approve it.

Possibilities of Future Issues

There is no end once app reaches to the app store. In fact, that’s a beginning. What if users found your app incompatible to their device? What if they demand for more features? What if they request you to remove certain features that are not of any use? You can’t rely on app making softwares for all such things. Of course, they work, but only up to some extent.

Key Takeaways

Many start-ups agree to shake hands with app development softwares, despite of their limitations. Their intention is just to start. Later, when they become able to afford app developers, they switch on immediately to make a customize app based on their own dreams. You can also walk on a same path; after all, app making softwares are not that much bad. At least they give you a cheap and easiest way to go mobile.


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