3D Apps are the Near Future of Property Buyers and Sellers

Property Buyers and Sellers will be Happy with 3D features

It is not going to start, it has already started. Yes, you heard it right – property sellers are taking steps towards app development companies that can make it easier for property buyers to choose a property on the basis of their own needs.

One of the India’s popular classified platforms, Quickr is a best online place to buy or sell apartments. Quickr offers comfort to buy or sell anything via its website and app. Another most exciting thing it offers is 3D view of apartments. When I visited the site to purchase an apartment in my city, I chose the one I was interested in and here is what I experienced: I was able to see the surroundings, nearby places, parking area, garden area and much more. This experience made me imagine well for how my apartment should lookalike.

This is just a beginning. Being a property seller, you can avail much more to your buyers via your app.

Inner-Outer View

For offline buyers, it’s difficult to imagine what their new apartment will look like. They are also afraid of whether it will look the same they have thought of or it would be different. Not all are lucky enough to get what they want. It’s time to make everyone feel lucky.

To make them lucky and to assure them that they are getting the same they have dreamed of – give them a 3D view of what you are offering. Let them see the surroundings including the inner, like bedrooms, balconies, and outer, like parking lot, gardens, view of apartment. Just like Iconic of Waterloo where buyers experience 3D view of their most dreamt apartment.

Mix Some Ingredients

Property buyers are of a dreamy type. They don’t only need a home, but they need a home decorated with their favourite furniture, paintings, carpet, and other things. Here’s where virtual reality (VR) will help you out. Insert a VR technology in your app which can allow users to set their favourite things on each corner of the apartment virtually. This will give a boost to their imagination as well as their property buying decision.

Offer Personalized Experience

Apartments nearby the place where buyers live or nearby their workplace or nearby by a lake/beach or anything else – Buyers have different choices based on their needs and moods as well. Ask them and then, offer them according to their choice. Send them push notification whenever you find an apartment closely relevant to their demands. Put a filter in your app asking buyers what they are exactly looking for.


Today, it is 3D only. Tomorrow, the real estate industry will fit well into 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. It will happen tomorrow when we (the property buyers) wearing glasses to explore the apartment from all angles and also to see whether the apartment is eligible to store our favourite things. This definitely would be a next step of imagination where we can make it 99% possible to get what we want.


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