Challenges You Will Face While Redesigning Your App


With every changing season, changing year and changing trends, our app also need a change. If you continue with those old, earlier designs for a long, your app will look outdated in front of newly entered apps. Don’t be mistaken that no one can create an app like yours. One can create alike app or even better than the current one to steal your users. Hence, it’s time to redesign your app to make it competitive with current trends.

To change the app is not as easy as it seems. It is actually a challenging as well as risky task
(the risk of losing existing users). For first-time app developers, it’s quite easy to select a design or layout as that was their initial stage where they like to keep all simple to see the results. But when it comes on redesign, it takes more-than-usual time to cop up with below given challenges.

Navigation Challenge

It’s time to redesign; it’s time to think beyond simplicity. Previously, it was a simple, understandable navigation. Now there must be a blend of animations and transitions.

Let’s take an example of Cruise Ship Mate Android app by Cruiseline.


I know the second one is more inspiring and eye-delighting. You can barely notify the difference between the old navigation page and the new one. Cruiseline has beautifully described the main navigation page to its users. First one is looking formal and straight while second one is user-friendly – a pleasing blend of information, images and location animation.

From this, you must learn how to upgrade from simplicity to animation without losing the charm of straightforwardness.

Keep in mind: Animation can surely enhance the user experience, but only if it is done right and well. Something which is too much can be annoying and tedious as well. Animations must feel like natural.

Structure Challenge

It’s time to gather paper, scissors, glue, scales, colours and other stationery, because you are going to design the structure of app on paper. Remember something like prototyping – making images of screens (app, web) with pen and paper. In short, it is called preparing rough work on paper to get an actual idea.

App makers often skip this part thinking that they had done it before and don’t need it with redesigning. Not at all – even redesigning needs a tough prototype work. To renovate the whole structure of app, you have to first get an idea of what it should be lookalike.

At first time, it must be a simple jump from one to another. But as your app is already famous, you must give something extra-ordinary to your users. Integrating some transitions and animations during progression from screen to screen will add four moons to user experience. It is challenging, but it will be worth if used in a right manner.

Something like given below:


By clicking that “+” button, I will get option to jump on another screen. Quite fun and easy as well.

Content Challenge

How will you show app’s content? That old only-words way or something decorated with images or videos. Showing content in a different way other than words is an effortful matter. First of all, you have to think how your users will love to see your content. These days, on Facebook, video content is going viral. You have to analyze whether your will like to see words in images or video format. If yes, then you have great options like the Cruiseline did. Here’s the example.


From Words to images with smart detailing.

User Profile Page Design Challenge


Even your users deserve a good change in their profile page. You can offer them customize options like they can change the theme, add background image, etc. Or make changes to users’ profile like shown in the above image.

Needless to say, your work is going to be twice than it was at first time mobile app development. Keep following your users while making another app for them; this will minimize your fear of losing them due to redesign.


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