How to Keep Your App Up-to-Date with the Trends?

How to Keep Your App Up

Tech world is full of trend. Each day comes with a new trend full of excitement and expectations as well. Whether we talk about new devices or new apps – flood of updates is everywhere. Due to such competitive updates, it’s difficult to keep up with current users especially the app users. A new app launch to the market means probabilities of losing users. According to Statista, on an average, around 40,000 apps are submitted to iTunes App Store per month. You can assume the level of competition.

To come up with the competition along with your app, it’s essential to penetrate your app according to new trends. Gone are the days, when app development companies were staying on the top of the world once their app hit the app stores. Now the days are: no matter your app reach on top charts, you have to maintain it to keep it going like the same for a long. Here’s how you can do so.

Shape it According to Users


The above image is a screenshot of reviews on imo app, a popular app offering free video calls. You can see here the demands of users through review-way. One has demanded for good audio clarity, one has demanded the reduction of notifications, someone is asking for Bluetooth support while one wishes for ringtone changes. If imo app makes these facilities available to the users, for e.g. if it avails Bluetooth support and ringtone changing options – it means the company is shaping its app according to users demand. This one is the best way to keep users engaged for a long.

Shape it According to Trends

You are not unknown of daily introducing updated versions of app. Also, you must be hearing news of devices other than smartphones like Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, VR devices, etc. Shaping an app according to trends equals to making it compatible with all newly introduced OS versions and devices.

Don’t let your app down just because it can’t work on a trendy, popular device. Make your app able to work on every upcoming device especially if the one is gaining attention of your targeted audience. Also, as the users keep their OS updated with the current version, making an app updated for OS version is a compulsion.

Introduce Frequent Updates, But not too frequent

Most of us are using Whatsapp. And most of us are updating Whatsapp version each in a while. Having updates with new features is a good thing to keep your app up for the competition. But doing it too much can irritate the users.

Here’s a screenshot of review given by one of the Whatsapp users:


Bring Up Regular Content

“Hey, a new in-game car is waiting for you to drive it out” “You will get 2 extra lives if you play today” “30% discount available valid for today only”. If I read something like this, I never think twice to enter the app from where the message arrived except I am too busy with my work. Apps bringing constant content for the benefit of users can climb the ladder of success.

Surprise Users

On the Run” is my favourite game these days. Whenever I get time, I don’t forget to play it. What’s more inspiring is whenever I check in, the game rewards me with coins or extra fuel to play. What’s more I need to keep it in my smartphone.

Users who check out app on a regular basis are loyal users. It’s your duty to keep them happy so they keep your app over a long haul. Surprise them often time when they come to your app.

Don’t Forget to Promote

If you are making updates as per users demand or as per trends demand, don’t forget to tell your users that their favourite app is going to receive their most demanded feature – alert users through notifications or message. I am sure your users will say thank you indirectly i.e. by providing good reviews and 5/5 ratings. Not only users, but tell the whole world about each update your app is receiving through promotion like press release, articles, blogs, social media, etc.

Suffice it to say, all you need are updates according to users and trends. Keep going with the trend to make your app’s way in the world.


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